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Saturday, July 27, 2013

French Montana Says He Knows "About 1,000 Trayvon Martins"

French Montana weighs in on the Trayvon verdict, indicating that he's seen the same injustice many time before. French Montana has been through a lot growing up in The Bronx, even suffering a near fatal gunshot wound to the head. The rapper spoke to TorontoRappers.com about the Trayvon Martin verdict, and how he has seen similar situations play out in his neighborhood growing up. "Things like that happen almost every day where I'm from," he revealed. "He was just the first one that got public, the people standing behind." French spoke of how these type of crimes rarely see proper justice. "I’m used to not getting the upper hand in the court of law. That’s the system we’re dealing with." he argued. The Coke Boy did express optimism toward the strong reaction toward the verdict "It’s a sad situation, but it’s strength in numbers," he said. "The way everybody is reacting to the whole Trayvon situation, you can't get a better outcome." French is certainly not the first rapper to comment on the Zimmerman trial. With many members of the hip hop community sending their condolences to Trayvon, and voicing their discontent with the criminal justice system. Watch the full interview below.

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