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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Scott Storch Robbed In NYC

Scott Storch filed a police report saying he was robbed and threatened by two men in New York today. Scott Storch ran into some trouble in NYC today, and had to head to a police station. Although usually when we hear about the producer he's the one who is in trouble with the cops, this time he was the one who filed the police report, looking for two men who robbed him. The producer says that he was robbed at gunpoint outside the New York Palace hotel on Madison Avenue. As the report says, Storch was approached by two men with guns while he was waiting inside an SUV. The men told him, "Give us all your jewelry and cash or you're dead." Storch handed over his suitcase which contained $4,000 to $5,000 in cash, as well as several pieces of jewelry. On top of this, the robbers also asked the driver to hand over the SUV keys so that they weren't able to drive away. Storch says that the two guys eventually ran off and didn't open fire, and although Storch ran after them to see where they were headed, they got away. The producer is in town for the MTV VMAs, which take place this weekend. He went to a nearby police station and filed a report following the incident.

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