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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Z-Ro Confirms Split With Rap-A-Lot & Changes His Name

Rap-A-Lot records CEO J. Prince has lost another artist from his roster, as the artist formerly known as Z-Ro has confirmed his split from the label. z-ro-jprinceIn a recent tweet from Z-Ro, who would now like to be referred to as “The Mo City Don”, the rapper made a very revealing comment about his situation with Rap-A-Lot Records. “I read some hilarious sh*t yesterday that said Im still signed to rap a lot… N*gga please… It’s One Deep Entertainment over here. It’s alotta people SCARED, and the fear they have is so strong that they will let another MAN get paid for their hard work. “Guess what? I ain’t scared” I ain’t a scared of nothing on this earth exept not standing up and defending my manhood” with that said, I’m ready to die right here right now, for what I believe in. Ain’t nobody takin nothin else from me. And this is me talking, by myself. I ain’t got no army to call, but I don’t need 1. I got GOD over here so the odds are even. Anybody come fuccin with me/ that’s gone be your last fucc. #deathbeforedishonor” According to a recent interview uploaded to the rappers YouTube Channel, J. Prince has issued a “cease & desist” on all Z-Ro related music, and distributors were told to remove music containing features from the rapper. Despite the recent name change, The Mo City Don said that the decision to change his name had absolutely nothing to do with his situation with Rap-A-Lot. z-ro-trae“I ain’t gonna lie. . . Z-Ro Dead. . . My own personal and professional moniker will be the Mo City Don. . . I keep coming across a problem in my career, no matter how much success I get. . . People still keep me in the box of the l*ttle n*gga from ‘Look What You Did To Me’…. Like look at the broke n*gga in the rich sh*t. . .I did not change my name. . . because J. Prince sent me a cease and desist letter. . . I was already playing around and thinking about changing my name” he stated. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE MO CITY DON ADDRESS HIS NAME CHANGE & HIS FALLOUT WITH J. PRINCE & RAP-A-LOT In the same interview, The Mo City Don went on to address alleged beef with long-time Guerilla Mob & ABN collaborator, Trae Tha Truth, who he says he has no problem with. “There ain’t nothing going on at all with me and Trae. . . There ain’t nothing going on with me and Trae in the future ever again. . . He’s doing his thing permanently. I’m doing my thing permanently. . .”

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