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Sunday, September 8, 2013

Gucci Mane's Brick Squad Movement Deteriorates After New Twitter Attacks

Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka, Frenchie and Whooh Da Kid trade multiple shots on Twitter. As observed by Complex, it seems the trouble in Brick Squad paradise has come to a head. This comes after months of disagreements from within the label, mostly between Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka Flame. It all began yesterday morning, after a tweet from Gucci that simply read: "Fuck bricksquad im. Sucka free. 1017". This was apparently brought on by accusations that Gucci paid for rapper Young Vito's lawyer fees during his trial for the murder of Brick Squad artist Slim Dunkin, of which he was eventually acquitted. Understandably, the Brick Squad Records CEO went on to seriously deny this claim, and a long exchange ensued on Twitter throughout the day. Waka and Gucci took shots at each other first, and were eventually joined by Waka's cousin Frenchie (who took his side) and Wooh Da Kid, who took the opportunity to attack both Gucci and OJ Da Juiceman. Frenchie accused Gucci of stealing money from him that was owed after his signing with Brick Squad (via Warner). However, Gucci claimed the money had in fact been taken by his former manager, Debra Antney, who is both Waka's mother and Frenchie's aunt. Needless to say, this didn't go over well. Near the end of the exchange, Frenchie announced a Gucci diss track that'll be included on a new Trapaholics mixtape titled "Trap Music", which apparently drops today. Subsequent responses are a guarantee. At this point, the future of Brick Squad is uncertain. Waka Flocka claims to own a stake in the label, as well as owning its subsidiary imprint Brick Squad Monopoly. Also, Chief Keef, Young Scooter, and Young Thug have all recently signed to Brick Squad 1017. They have yet to comment on the situation (Scooter is currently incarcerated). Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 Bricksquad is a name and so is gucci. I am real 100 percent 1st and foremost 1017 my grandaddy house in Bessemer Alabama zone6 myhood Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 Fuck bricksquad im. Sucka free. 1017 4:48 AM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 I did not pay for a lawyer for guy who killed slim dunkin. Thats a, lie. I luv dunk. 4:39 AM - 7 Sep 2013 Waka Flocka Flame ✔ @WakaFlockaBSM Self explanation is a form of guilt. I’ve helped many careers along the way, now it’s time too help my team and I. #HopeYouMufuckasReady 6:47 AM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 I cant rep Bricksquad. Every artist I bought a bricksquad chain. Let a nigga rob them for it. Every chain. Pitiful fux bricksquad 7:41 AM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 Guwop dont get robbed. All. Bricksquad members been shot. Think abiut it every1 but Ceo 7:43 AM - 7 Sep 2013 Waka Flocka Flame ✔ @WakaFlockaBSM Niggas like #IceCreamCone make the trap look bad #35yearoldKid lol 11:10 AM - 7 Sep 2013 Waka Flocka Flame ✔ @WakaFlockaBSM The Internet is one thing. But the streets know #IceCreamCone got more security then the president #StudioThug 11:24 AM - 7 Sep 2013 Waka Flocka Flame ✔ @WakaFlockaBSM When I met #IceCreamCone he was wearing cowboy boots and clear Jordan’s #Rns 11:26 AM - 7 Sep 2013 Waka Flocka Flame ✔ @WakaFlockaBSM Them Detroit nigga had #IceCreamCone shook ask #Sweets&Trick save to puss ass #StudioThug 11:32 AM - 7 Sep 2013 Wooh Da KId ✔ @WoohDaKidBSM Fuck @OjDaJuiceman32 to you a Bitch Niggah, you was just crying to me about this Niggah. Stand ya grounds pussy Niggah. #Facts 2:04 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Wooh Da KId ✔ @WoohDaKidBSM @OjDaJuiceman32 Gucci been treating u like a bitch making songs about u and all. YouLike Smokey To Debo When He come Around lol #Facts 2:16 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 Waka signed to Gucci. Scooter signed To Gucci. Thugg signed to Gucci. Everyone else I don't even want da money back I invested. 4:16 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Frenchie @FrenchieBSM @gucci1017 you fucking stole money from us being a lable you fucking snake 6:47 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Frenchie @FrenchieBSM @gucci1017 waner Bros gave you the sack for BrickSquad and you blew the money fagot rickross got the same deal for his artis 6:49 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Frenchie @FrenchieBSM @gucci1017 you ain't a Boss you a thief WE MAde BRICKSQUAD nigga 6:51 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 @FrenchieBSM I gave. D whole bricksquad advance to deb to split with yall ask Wooh. It got him out of jail. I swear I got not 1 cent 8:00 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 Ask french montana. He probaly never had seen 60. My Lil boy 6 yrs old frenchie he can. Wipe his ass. Wut a 60. She stoke 500kfrom oj 8:04 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 If. U believe I payed 4. Vito lawyer. U a bitch. Fuck Vito. Fuck nigga Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 All. My artist I sign I give 200k or better ask scooter ask waka. All my niggas up 8:27 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Frenchie @FrenchieBSM @gucci1017 that shit hurt my heart to here you payed for that nigga lawyer I never say shit fucked up to you but now enuff is enuff Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 @FrenchieBSM you know I didnt pay 4 lawyer for buddy he a stranger I rock wit gz. U hurt cuz. U hungry and homeless prove I did sum 8:35 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 U aint signed to bricksquad Waka iz trash. What album frenchie drop? 8:37 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Frenchie @FrenchieBSM @gucci1017 nigga I just beat my GUN charge they just gave me back my passport I got a show overseas before you pussy you never left the USA Frenchie @FrenchieBSM Tomorrow official @gucci1017 diss record dropping on @TRAPAHOLICS new Trap Music mixtape stay tuned #BSM pic.twitter.com/Bzhj9v7RGh 9:01 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 He kno his momma So he sign with me the Lil nigga was smarter than juice tho but Where u at waka flyin to Antarctica 4 what kod pay d WOP Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 Atlantic offered 250 to me 4 waka. I fired my lawyer for passing me dat dumb ass message. Honest 9:54 PM - 7 Sep 2013 Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 1017 Started in Bessemer Alabama rip Walter Davis Sr my grandpa and bigups my favorite uncle Goat… http://instagram.com/p/eAaL2uy6uB/ Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 @FrenchieBSM you know I didnt pay 4 lawyer for buddy he a stranger I rock wit gz. U hurt cuz. U hungry and homeless prove I did sum Gucci Mane ✔ @gucci1017 I dont know. Vito. Period. Fux him. Haters spread rumors. Let Dunk rest in peace b4. Sum1 join him Squad 1:17 PM - 8 Sep 2013

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