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Monday, September 2, 2013

Pusha T & Jae Millz Beef Over Lil Wayne's "Dedication 5"

Jae Millz went at Pusha T on Twitter yesterday, after he seemingly dissed Lil Wayne. Pusha T certainly has a history of sneak-dissing Lil Wayne. So when he made a comment that could easily be read as a shot at Dedication 5, Young Money rapper Jae Millz stepped in to call him out on it. "I think it's safe to say, you really lost it..." read Pusha's tweet, more than likely a reference to the quality of Weezy's latest mixtape. Jae Millz quickly responded, seemingly challenging him to a battle, and in a later tweet joked about how we was going to "break up some loud" on Pusha's latest mixtape (you can do that on MP3s?). Pusha has yet to acknowledge Millz' remarks Read the full exchange below. PUSHA T ✔ @PUSHA_T I think it's safe to say, you really lost it... 12:33 PM - 1 Sep 2013 JAE MILLZ ✔ @JAE_MILLZ And i think its safe to say, YOU cant fuxk wit me! #CallingYouOut RT @PUSHA_T I think it's safe to say, you really lost it... JAE MILLZ ✔ @JAE_MILLZ Somebody tell @PUSHA_T that JAE MILLZ is on that vintage NY calling niggas out sh!t.. Classic HipHop shit.. No violence, just BARS! 1:00 PM - 1 Sep 2013 JAE MILLZ ✔ @JAE_MILLZ Bout to go break up some loud on @PUSHA_T #WrathOfCaine mixtape.. Lmao 1:02 PM - 1 Sep 2013

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