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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Young Buck Says He Has "Classic Material" With Game & Waka Flocka

Young Buck reveals he has collaborations in the works with game and Waka Flocka, in his first post-prison interview. Young Buck was released from prison last month, and the rapper is definitely taking advantage of his newfound freedom. Buck, who spent 2 years locked up, recently sat down with Fox News to speak on his new outlook on life. “At the end of the day it’s about getting the music out there and giving back to the fans, touching base with these children,” he explained. “Trying to show them a better direction. Show them that they can make things happen. All you have to do is believe in yourself and work hard.” The former G-Unit rapper spoke of a few of the big collaborations he has in the works. “Game, he’s a longtime friend of mine,” he said, confirming new music with the Compton rapper is on the way, before revealing a new creative partnership with one of Atlanta's stars. “Waka Flocka, we’ve always wanted to make music together." he said. "As soon as I came home he stretched out and was like, ‘Come on man, let’s do it.’ We just got together. Make classic material. I’m not putting a release date on nothing." Buck was very thankful for all of those who have helped him along the way, and even acknowledged former collaborators who may have turned on him. “I will say I am in the process of being all the way free from my current situation. I wish the best for everybody who was ever involved in anything dealing with Buck, even from a negative side of things,” he said, quite possibly referring to 50 cent. “When you go through what I’ve went through it definitely humbled me to a lot of different areas in my life. One thing it didn’t do was take away from the music.” Watch the full interview below.

Lil Kim Reveals Tracklist & Features For "Hard Core 2K13" Mixtape

Lil Kim has revealed the tracklist and features for her new project, "Hard Core 2K13". Lil Kim was supposed to drop her new mixtape, Hard Core 2K13 on Black Friday, but it looks like it will be suffering a delay. The good news is that the project now has an official tracklisting, so chances are it'll be coming sooner than later. The tape will feature guest appearances from fellow New Yorkers, Jadakiss and French Montana, as well as Yo Gotti, and the ever-divisive Miley Cyrus. No word on a new release date.

Gucci Mane Ordered To Surrender His Guns

Gucci Mane has been ordered to turn in his guns and ammunition to the police Last we checked Gucci Mane was still serving a 6 month jail sentence for a probation violation, but apparently the cops are still looking to seize his firearms. According to TMZ, a federal indictment has been filed, requesting that Big Guwop surrender a 40 caliber Glock and a 45 caliber Taurus, as well as the accompanying ammunition for the weapons. No word on how he'll be able to forfeit his firearms while incarcerated... he is still in jail right? You wouldn't know it by his constant artistic output, that's for sure.

T.I. & Grand Hustle Sign To Columbia Records

The rapper recruits Pharrell Williams to executive produce his upcoming 2014 album. T.I. has announced that he and his Grand Hustle imprint have signed to Columbia Records. T.I. plans to release his upcoming ninth studio album, under Columbia Records, early in 2014. Tip has recruited Pharrell Williams, who was influential in his move to Columbia, to executive produce the LP, according to the label. Their collaboration comes after the success of Billboard's song of the summer, Robin Thicke's, "Blurred Lines," which features both Pharrell and T.I. Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines' Is Billboard's Song of the Summer Tip has also been working with Timbaland and long time collaborator and friend, DJ Toomp. "I'm honored to be partners with such a successful, passionate and creative conglomerate like Columbia Records, who respects and supports the vision of their artist and partners. Nothing but love, respect and appreciation for Doug Morris, Rob Stringer and the entire staff," T.I. says via press release. "Also, a special thank you to my big bruh, Sk8board P, for always believing in me and also executive producing my upcoming project." His latest album, "Trouble Man: Heavy Is the Head," which hit No. 2 on the Billboard 200, was his last record under Atlantic Records. His 10-year record deal with the label reportedly expired earlier this year. In May, T.I. told Billboard that he was in talks with record labels but wasn't going to sign until it was right for him and Grand Hustle. "I done sat with all the people; everybody says they're interested, but they don't want to cut that check," he said. "We're going to motivate them to cut that check. We're going to incentivize each and every institution, each and every place of distribution, we going to motivate them. They going to cut that check, man, and it's going to be eight figures. I ain't doing no deal if it ain't eight figures."

R. Kelly "Black Panties" Cover Art,Album Snippets,iTunes Buy/Pre Order

Call R. Kelly's Black Panties Hotline: 312-380-6596 Here's the track list for the standard edition of Black Panties: "Legs Shakin'" featuring Ludacris "Cookie" "Throw This Money on You" "Prelude" "Marry the Pussy" "You Deserve Better" "Genius" "All the Way" featuring Kelly Rowland "My Story" featuring 2 Chainz "Right Back" "Spend That" featuring Jeezy "Crazy Sex" "Shut Up" The deluxe edition contains these extra tracks: "Tear It Up" featuring Future "Show Ya Pussy" featuring Migos & Juicy J "Physical" "Every Position"

Friday, November 29, 2013

Rick Ross Will Appear On Lady Gaga & R. Kelly's "Do What U Want" Remix

Rick Ross will feature on the remix to Lady Gaga's hit, "Do What U Want" with R. Kelly. Lady Gaga has been invading the hip hop world lately. Between featuring Too Short, Twista, and T.I. on her new album, and her recent flirtations with Chief Keef, she's just about pulled a Miley. Mother Monster is showing no signs of stopping in terms of rap exploration, announcing that Rick Ross will show up on the remix to her R. Kelly collaboration, "Do What U Want," which is already gaining traction on the radio. While this will be the first joint-venture from Gaga and Ross, it will not be the first time we've heard Kellz and the Bawse on the same track. The two have previously collaborated on Ross's 2007 single, "Speedin'" as well as the remix to Fat Joe's "Make It Rain". Check out Gaga's tweet below. Lady Gaga ✔ @ladygaga Follow Do What U Want the Remix feat. RICK ROSS. It's happening. 4:19 PM - 29 Nov 2013

Lil Mama Ordered To Pay $18,000 To Former Lawyer

Lil Mama's has been ordered to pay her former lawyer $18,000, after he received no compensation for 3 years. Lil Mama recently impressed audiences with her spot-on (though perpetually turnt up) portrayal of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopez in the recent TLC biopic. Hopefully the gig paid well, because Mama has ordered to pay her former lawyer $18,000, following 3 years of unpaid fees. According to TMZ, the rapper turnt actress did not pay her lawyer (whose job was to protect the right of the name, "Lil Mama") from 2008-2011, so he took her to court. Mama's lawyer came out on top, with the rapper being ordered to turn over money that covered the unpaid bills, as well as interest and other fees, for a final total of 18k. Maybe this will get the ball rolling on a TLC reunion tour?

Fat Joe Released From Jail

Fat Joe gets out of jail just in time to eat some turkey. Fat Joe is reportedly out of jail, just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving. The rapper was serving a four-month sentence on tax evasion charges, in addition to paying a $15,000 fine. According to producer DJ Nasty (he did "All I Do Is Win"), Joe is a free man today. There aren't any other details at this time, DJ Nasty Instagrammed a photo of Fat Joe (last photo in gallery above) with the caption,"Welcome home @fatjoe.#Happythanksgiving #blessed."

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Eminem & Rihanna's "The Monster" Goes Platinum

Eminem and Rihanna's recent collaboration, "The Monster" has achieved platinum status. Eminem and Rihanna are apparently an unstoppable force. The two teamed up on "Love The Way You Lie" back in 2010, which went on to become Eminem's best selling single, moving six million units in the U.S. alone. Em and RiRi's latest offering isn't doing too bad for itself either, hitting the platinum mark this week. The track been purchased 1,007,000 so far, and the video hasn't even dropped yet! Look out for that in the next few weeks

Kanye West Addresses His Criticism Of Justin Timberlake & Jay Z's "Suit & Tie"

Kanye West breaks his silence on his alleged diss of Jay Z & Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" Kanye West and Jay Z have had a long partnership as friends and collaborators, so it took many by surprise when 'Ye seemed to throw some shade at Hov during a performance earlier this year. In one of his signature "streams of consciousness," Yeezy expressed his dislike for Jay's collaboration with Justin Timberlake, saying "I got love for Hov, but I aint fucking with that 'Suit & Tie.'" While Timberlake has answered plenty of questions about the comment, 'Ye had yet to speak on the alleged diss, finally addressing it today in an interview with WKYS 93.9. West revealed that he had spoken with Jay about his motivational speeches. "For me to do what I do, when I do my streams of consciousness, I have to get Jay Z's blessing in order to get my voice out there," he said. Apparently, Hov is aware that 'Ye simply has to speak his mind sometimes. "He understands that this is my voice, and it's very necessary," said the rapper. "I'm not always gonna say the most agreeable thing, but this moment in time is sparking other dreams, and letting them know that awesome is possible" Watch the interview below.

Rich Homie Quan Didn't Know He Did A Mixtape With Gucci Mane

Rich Homie Quan speaks on the success of "My Nigga," his label situation, and his surprise at hearing he had a mixtape with Gucci Mane. Rich Homie Quan is on the come-up. After the surprising success of his breakthrough hit, "Type Of Way," Quan easily could've faded into obscurity as a one-hit wonder, but instead he came back even harder with an unforgettable hook on YG's "My Nigga". Now the Atlanta rapper has dropped another solid mixtape with I Promise I Will Never Stop Going In, and is in the process of meeting with labels. In an interview with XXL, Quan spoke of how his collaboration with YG came together, his alleged "beef" with Future, the criteria he's looking for in a deal, and the fact that he had no idea he'd even recorded a mixtape with Gucci Mane. Read some excerpts from the interview below. How did “My Nigga” with YG and Jeezy come together? Shout out to Jeezy. Me and YG would’ve never met if it wasn’t for him. That was the first time I ever met YG. He was down in Atlanta working on his album and I went to the studio, Patchwerk, and it was pandemonium. DJ Mustard was there and he was like, “Get Quan on that song.” So he played me the beat and told me how he wanted it to go and I put my own twist on it and it was murder she wrote. After I left the studio, I didn’t hear the song until it dropped. I was like, God, that song turned out hard. Then we shot the video a few weeks later and the song just took off. How does it feel to have two big hit songs in one year? It feels good but it’s just the beginning. I feel like my career is gonna have a lot of big songs. There are a lot of songs that people still need to hear. [My] new mixtape [is] filled with a lot of new bangers and you can hear the maturity, how I’ve grown since my last mixtape. I’ve got ask you about the Future diss track that showed up online earlier this year. How did that come about? It’s not a diss song. I didn’t leak the song. I don’t know who leaked the song, but it was recorded long ago. It’s not a diss song and I didn’t diss him in the song, not once. You can listen. The bloggers make it a diss but it’s not a diss. I was just being real. You think people twisted the story? Yeah, ’cause I never leaked the song. I didn’t diss him. People just want drama. That’s what sells. Me and Future have no beef. I ain’t in his lane and he’s not in mine. I salute him on what he’s doing. What about the Trust God Fuck 12 project that came out with Gucci Mane? I did some songs in Gucci’s studio and the songs that Gucci put on his mixtape were done in his studio. I didn’t even know we had a mixtape together. I hadn’t even heard the songs in so long. But that’s Gucci. Big shoutout to Gucci still. I woke up one morning and I saw the hits from Twitter, like, “Yeah, Gucci Mane and Rich Homie Quan mixtape,” and I didn’t even know it. I was like, “I didn’t even know I did a mixtape.” Have you been meeting with labels? Yeah, it’s been going good. I just want something with longevity. I want something that’s gonna last. I don’t wanna be here this year and you don’t know where I am next year. So I’m just trying to make the right decision and make sure all my i’s are dotted and my t’s are crossed. It’s not even about the money because I know in the music business you accumulate money so many ways. It’s about being the best throughout my whole career. Five years from now I wanna be on top. 10 years from then I still wanna be on top. I wanna make sure that whatever label I sign with believes in me the way I believe in me. That’s it really.

YG Talks On Connecting With Drake & Why He Changed His Album Title

YG says that Drake found out about him through his female fans, and explains how Jeezy influenced him to change up his album title. YG's upcoming debut album, My Krazy Life (formerly I'm From Bompton), has been delayed until 2014, meaning you might not get to hear that Drake-featured banger off the LP for awhile. Although, let's hope sooner rather than later. In a new interview with Complex, the Compton native spoke on linking up with Drizzy and the decision to change his album title. YG explains how Drake spends a lot of time out in L.A., and that's how he probably first heard of YG. "I feel like he probably was fucking with it so hard because he heard the shit," the CTE rapper explained. "He was hearing about me on the West Coast, he's out there a lot. All these little females that be fucking on me, they're playing my shit. That's how it happens most of the time. There'll be artists from out of town that will move out there, and they're living the life, having females over, and they ask, "Who the nigga out here?" And the females will tell you. YG also unabashedly told Complex that he fucks his women to the sound of Drizzy's voice. "I have a lot of sex to Drake shit, no homo. I be fucking my bitches to Drake shit," he stated. YG also reveals that it was Jeezy who encouraged him to change his album name. "I was talking to Young Jeezy about the album, he was asking me about the title. I told him I'm From Bompton and he asked me who do I want to support my album? Do I want a certain type of people or do I want the whole world? I told him I want the whole world. If my album was called I'm From Bompton it means like, I'm gangbanging, so certain people might feel some type of way. They won't purchase my album because I'm gangbanging, they ain't with what I'm with. So I'd be like fucking myself up, low-key," he said.

Chris Brown Attempted To Bring Weed To Rehab, Was Denied

Chris Brown was none too happy when he was told he couldn't bring his weed into the rehab facility. Another new development in the never-ending Chris Brown antics. Breezy was sentenced to a 90-day rehab stint following his recent probation hearing for the Rihanna case. The singer was ordered to enroll in a live-in anger management facility by the judge, on the recommendation of the Probation Dept. TMZ reports that Chris willingly surrendered his phone and laptop when entering the anger management facility, however, he was hard-pressed to let go of his weed. Chris reportedly told the staff that the marijuana was doctor-prescribed for his depression, but the staff still rejected his request to bring weed in. The singer also said that the weed makes him calm, but the staff wouldn't budge. This rehab session follows on the heels of another one, which Chris was kicked out of after just 16 days for a fit of rage, where he allegedly threw a rock through his mom's car window. Let's hope this round goes more smoothly for him.

Twista Reveals "Back To The Basics" EP Artwork

Twista has revealed the artwork for his upcoming "Back To The Basics" EP. Twista revealed the release date for his upcoming Back To The Basics EP last week, and now he's revealed the official artwork for the project. The extended play will feature production from the likes of The Legendary Traxster, DJ Tight Mike, Lo-Key, and more throughout it's seven tracks. You can pick up a copy On December 10th. View the cover above.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kanye West Flips Out On Sway During Radio Interview

Kanye West and Sway had a pretty heated argument on Shade 45 this morning. Kanye West is a passionate dude, and while his recent interviews have mostly shown a less confrontational side of his persona, he definitely turned up on Sway this morning. Yeezy stopped by Shade 45 today, and things were off to a good start until Sway asked the rapper why he couldn't "empower himself" in terms of his fashion line, which set 'Ye off. "You ain't got the answers!" shouted Kanye repeatedly. "You ain't spent 13 million dollars of your own money trying to empower yourself!" Sway was able to calm Yeezy down eventually, and continue the interview. Let's not forget that while friends, these two have a pretty turbulent relationship, so an argument like this isn't too out of the ordinary for them. Listen to the turnt up moment, as well as the full 35 minute interview below.

Suge Knight Says Daz Dillinger Ghost-Produced Most Of "Doggystyle" For Dr. Dre

Suge Knight reflects on Snoop Dogg's "Doggystyle," revealing that Dr. Dre may not have been responsible for as much of the production as it appears. It's no secret that Dr. Dre has had some help with his production in the past. Scott Storch, Mel-Man, and Colin Wolfe are a few of those at least partially responsible for some of the rapper/producer's biggest tracks. Another name who has appeared in the writing credits of Dre's albums is Dat Nigga Daz aka Daz Dillinger. It's documented that Daz played a pretty large role in the production on Doggystyle, with writing credits on 6 tracks, but according to a new interview with Suge Knight, he may have not been given the credit he deserved. The Death Row mogul spoke with Rolling Stone about Snoop's classic debut on it's 20th anniversary, speaking on the rapper's trouble with the law, the impact the album had on the label itself, and of course, the production process behind the record. Read some excerpts from the interview below, and read the full thing here. What do you remember about Doggystyle's production? [It] was was pretty much luck. Everybody thought [Dr. Dre] would be doing the records, but Daz pretty much did the whole album. And at the end of the day, once Daz finished it, everybody wanted Andre to get the credit. Next thing I know Daz is having a meeting with Andre and them and came back and said, "It's okay, give me a few bucks and I'll sign anything over that says produced by Andre instead of me." "Ain't No Fun"… one of the homies from The Swans [ed note: the Mad Swan Bloods, or MSB, are a Los Angeles subset of The Bloods street gang] named Pooh, all them dudes already had a record done. And they came and played it for us in the studio. They played us the demo. Everybody looked at it like it was alright. And then after they left, shit, everybody was chopping that same beat. What do you remember most about what went into making Doggystyle? We were able to make sure [Snoop] didn't go to prison to make the album. We only had one song done, and then after that it was the [Philip Woldemariam] murder case and the trial. When we got ready to start the trial, $5 million had to be paid to a legal team. And at the time Snoop never sold no records. Jimmy [Iovine], Interscope, those guys were saying they're not going to participate in trying to help keep him out of prison, because they didn't think they were capable of doing it. Because of the simple fact that it was a murder case. If he would have got found guilty, he'd have died in prison. He'd have been there the rest of his life. Did Snoop think he was going to go to jail? Everybody thought he was going to go. A few times in court they asked him to stand up, and Snoop would actually get weak in the knees and fall back down. It was a lot of pressure. But it was still good to be able to come through and pull that off for him because it opened it up a bunch of doors and showed the world a different side of rap music. Do you think Doggystyle solidified Death Row as a label? When we put out The Chronic people felt there's no way in the world somebody can ever do an album and it come out that well. When The Chronic was out, even Snoop will tell you, if he came on the Interscope side, he didn't see Jimmy [Iovine] any of those guys call Snoop in the office, chop it up with him… because he wasn't the one. And then when Doggystyle came out, shit, he couldn't walk in there without them trying to give him some weed. People thought it couldn't get no better. But the Dogg Pound came in and done well. And then came Tupac. It wasn't Tupac because he was a new artist. Tupac was on Interscope the whole time. They couldn't break a record on him. They couldn't make him a superstar. But the minute I got Pac out of prison… Any last thoughts on Doggystyle? Snoop is an artist that is a great artist. So it's good to give him his props about how great Doggystyle was. What made Doggystyle historic is the work on it. If you look at the album cover, everybody sued us and said it was degrading women. But even the guys who did the artwork, who wrote songs, who participated in videos, they were guys who were either wearing red or wearing blue. . . and it was a situation where they all got along. We'd go places and you might see twenty blue rags and twenty red rags. And that was never before seen.

French Montana Announces "Coke Boys 4" To Drop In December

French Montana lets go the cover art for a new Coke Boys mixtape, coming soon. French Montana revealed the cover art for Mac & Cheese 4 just a few weeks back, and once more he's taken to Instagram to unveil mixtape art, this time for a fourth instalment in the Coke Boy series. Still no word on the Mac & Cheese 4 release date, but French says you can expect Coke Boys 4 to drop some time in December. Peep the cover art above. We'll provide you with a specific date when we have one.

Nipsey Hussle Announces "Crenshaw" Tour

Nipsey Hussle is touring the United States with "Crenshaw." Following the success of his $100 mixtape, Crenshaw, Nipsey Hussle is taking things on the road for a tour. Nipsey Hussle's "Crenshaw" tour will start in Sacremento, California on January 9th, and will continue on until February, where he'll wrap things up in Albuquerque, Texas. Check out the full set of tour dates below via HHNM. 1/9 – Sacramento, CA – Ace of Spades – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/11 – San Diego, CA – Porters Pub – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/12 – Salt Lake City, UT – Urban Lounge – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/13 – Englewood, CO – Gothic – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/14 – Lincoln, NE – The Grove 1/15 – Minneapolis, MN – Mill City Nights – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/17 – Chicago, IL – Reggies Rock Club – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/18 – St. Louis, MO – Pop’s – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/19 – Cleveland, OH – Grog Shop 1/20 – Columbus, OH – Skully’s – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/21 – Pittsburgh, PA – Altar Bar – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/22 – Boston, MA – Venue Nightclub – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/23 – Danbury, CT – Eclipse Nightclub 1/24 – New York City, NY – Highline Ballroom – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/25 – Washington D.C – The Howard Theatre 1/26 – Charlotte, NC – The Neighborhood Theatre – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/27 – Carrboro, NC – Cat’s Cradle – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/28 – Atlanta, GA – Vinyl – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/30 – Jacksonville, FL – The Roc Bar – Tickets Now Available (Link) 1/31 – Miami, FL – Villa 221 2/1 – Tampa, FL – The Orpheum 2/3 – Orlando, FL – Firestone Live 2/4 – Gainesville, FL – High Dive – Tickets Now Available (Link) 2/5 – Birmingham, AL – Work / Play – Tickets Now Available (Link) 2/6 – New Orleans, LA – Howling Wolf – Tickets Now Available (Link) 2/7 – Houston, TX – Warehouse 2/8 – Dallas, TX – Prophet Bar 2/9 – Lubbock, TX – Wreckers 2/11 – San Antonio, TX – Backstage Live – Tickets Now Available (Link) 2/12 – El Paso, TX – Tricky Falls 2/13 – Albuquerque, TX – Launch Pad – Tickets Now Available (Link)

Kanye West Rumored To Have Signed Clothing Line Deal With ADIDAS [Update: Deal Confirmed]

Kanye West to launch YEEZI? Lets be clear that this stands as only a rumor at the moment, but it certainly make sense. According to KicksOffCourt, Kanye West has inked a clothing line deal with ADIDAS/ Y-3 and he’s calling it YEEZI. During his Wednesday night show at the Barclays Center, Kanye went on a rant dissing Nike CEO Mark Parker, and later mentioned that he signed a new deal for a clothing line, which he’s been wanting to do for a while now. 'Ye stated, “You see me in interviews how I want to do clothes… I want to let you know I signed my deal a week and a half ago.” Last Spring, Kanye spent time at the 2014 Mercedes Benz NYNW show, and built a relationship with Y-3 lead designer Yohji Yamamoto, with many speculating that their relationship continued past the show and ultimately led to ‘Ye’s new rumored deal with the three stripes. We’ll keep you updated as more details emerge, but if this holds true, this is a big W for ADIDAS. [Via] [Update: Deal Confirmed] Kanye West has confirmed his deal with ADIDAS in an interview with Angie Martinez. Yeezy let the announcement slip when describing his new business outlook. "The old me without a daughter might have taken the Nike deal, because I just love Nike so much... the new me with a daughter, takes the ADIDAS deal, because I have royalties, and I have to provide for my family," he said, before realizing he'd revealed too much. While he refrained from putting anything else on the record, 'Ye did have some characteristically big claims about his new signing. "Whatever's official, not official, what y'all going to see is, I'm gonna be the Tupac of product." Watch the interview below.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Lloyd Banks Says "Cold Corner 3" Is Ready & Could Drop In 2 Weeks

At a recent show Lloyd Banks said "Cold Corner 3" could drop in a couple weeks. Lloyd Banks had announced that he'd have two new mixtapes coming soon, and it took awhile but we finally got A.O.N: Failure's No Option, and now has a new projects coming fairly soon. Performing in Cambridge, Banks told the crowd that they could expect his next project Cold Corner 3 soon, and as we could see it in as soon as two weeks. Hopefully we do see CC3 soon, but no matter what we can expect a quality tape as Banks has been bringing fire lately. Jose Alvarado @onetres Follow In case y'all ain't know Banks announced Cold Corner 3 coming in a couple weeks!!!! He nonstop making… http://instagram.com/p/hDLjwwijzB/ 2:04 AM - 23 Nov 2013 from Worcester, MA, United States

Pusha T Says Kanye West Rants In Private As Much As In Public

Pusha T confirms that Kanye West's rants are relegated to only public displays. Kanye West has been known to go on a rant from time to time, and it isn't only when he has a large audience. Pusha T was asked about 'Ye's rants and says the G.O.O.D. Music honcho will often go on rants behind closed doors. One of Kanye's most notable recent rants was at a listening party for Pusha's latest LP My Name Is My Name, you know the rant where Kanye shouted "everything is Pusha T!" and wanted people to comprehend the Virginia rapper's importance in hip hop. While on Chelsea lately, King Push was talking about West and said, "It's interesting, it's interesting...it's fun, he talks a lot, he rants and raves." Chelsea Handler pushed it, and asked if that's how he is in private and the Clipse rapper confirmed, "100 percent."

Chris Brown Arrested For Felony Assault [Update: Brown's Court Date Waived]

Chris Brown was scheduled for a hearing regarding his pending DC assault charge this week, but after being ordered to do a 90-day rehab program, the date has been postponed. A judge has ruled that Chris will not have to travel to Washington DC midway through his time in the facility, as his lawyers have argued they would have requested a new court date during Chris' Monday appearance anyway. A new date has not yet been set, but will take place following Brown's 90 day stint in rehab.

Kendrick Lamar On Snoop Dogg's Debut: "There Wouldn’t Be A Kendrick Without 'Doggystyle'"

Kendrick Lamar speaks on the influence that Snoop Dogg's debut album, "Doggystyle" had on his music. Kendrick Lamar may have compared himself to the King of New York on his "Control" verse, but he's a West Coast rapper through and through. Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle, one of the regions classics, celebrates it's 20th anniversary today, and to commemorate the album, K.Dot reflected on the project's influence in a review for XXL. Lamar spoke of his introduction to the album, his favorite songs, and even went on to say that "there wouldn’t be a Kendrick Lamar without Doggystyle" (and we're pretty sure he wasn't referring to his parents' preferred sex position). Read some excerpts from his reflection below. On first hearing the album: I actually listened to it when I was 6. Believe me, when you’re from Compton, Long Beach, Watts, South Central, Inglewood…that’s all they were playing around you as a kid. I couldn’t escape it. I remember seeing Snoop Dogg on this video station called The Box. Somebody kept ordering “Ain’t Nothing But A G Thang.” I watched videos a lot, so I was familiar with him. On his favorite songs: My favorite records are “G Funk Intro,” “Tha Shiznit,” “Pump Pump,” “Gz And Hustlas”… One of my favorite lyrics from the album is, “You’s flea and I’m the big dog/I’ll scratch you off my balls with my muthafuckin’ paws,” from “Doggy Dogg World.” It wasn’t the most complex line, but at the time, that’s all a 7-year-old could catch. I thought it was hard. On the influence of the album on his own music: I’m definitely influenced by that album. The structure. The cohesiveness. The skits. The flow. The melodies Snoop kicked. The raw raps. There wouldn’t be a Kendrick Lamar without Doggystyle. [What stood out about the album] was its sound. Albums that last that long have their own sound. It was nothing duplicated, that’s why it stood out. It was that G-Funk.

Ciara Shoots For GQ, Speaks On New Single

Ciara hits the pages of GQ, in an exclusive shoot an interview with the men's mag. Ciara just got hitched to Future, but their relationship is more than just romance. Future was an integral part of the writing of CiCi's recent hit "Body Party," which was one of a few topics the singer touched on in her new interview with GQ. Ciara also spoke of the feel she was going for on her new single "Overdose," as well as providing some dance tips for the confused men of the world. Check out some excerpts from the interview below, and view the photos from the shoot in the gallery above. GQ: This year's been great for you. Your new album, Ciara, was a hit and "Body Party" went Gold—it's one of my favorite tracks this year. Ciara: It's one of those songs that happened fast, because it has such a sweet vibe. I can't even lie, when we were mixing it, I was listening to it over and over like a fan. I don't like using obvious samples, but it felt right—I couldn't ignore the track the way [producer] Mike Will flipped the sample of "My boo." It's one of those songs a girl can sing to her man and where guys don't have to feel too cool to slow dance with your girl. GQ: And you've just released your new single, "Overdose." Ciara: The song's got a throwback '80s vibe with a modern twist; I think that's unexpected. It's more a product of my experimentation—it has a vintage-y feel, but I feel like everyone can love it. And what's better than to dance to the feeling of love? The song's about embodying that energy. GQ: Speaking of dancing, you're one of the best. How would you advise the GQ guy? Ciara: Go with the flow; don't overthink it. If you're a head-nod kind of guy, nod your head. If you're a guy who likes to coast out and rock or sway, just do that. Whatever you do, don't get out there and try do something you haven't practiced. Do what shows your style and vibe—let me catch that without you trying to show me anything. I'm kind of okay to just chill. Keep it simple and let the girl guide you a little bit. If you can do that, I think you'll be all right.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Waka Flocka Reveals Rap EDM Album "Flockaveli Psychotics" To Drop Next Year

Waka Flocka reveals the title for his upcoming rap hybrid album, and speaks briefly on "Flockaveli 2" in a HotNewHipHop exclusive interview. Waka Flocka has not been shy about his support of the EDM genre, he's even touring with electronic DJ Steve Aoki at the moment. We caught Waka on a day off in L.A. and got a quick update on what it's like to tour with Aoki, Flockaveli 2, and his EDM rap album. Waka doesn't reveal many details about Flockaveli 2, which has been delayed until 2014, but he does say, "I wanted to go back to like the essence. I ventured off a lot in my whole career. So I just wanna show people like...c'mon it's Flockaveli. I'ma show you a different Flockaveli this time. Way more turnt up, different crowds now.I'm touching different genres." As for being on tour with Steve Aoki, Waka calls him an electronic version of himself. "Steve Aoki is like the electronic Waka Flocka. He just known for turning up. I feel like he do everything I do except without vocals. It's amazing, I respect him." We heard about Waka's desire to do an EDM rap album back in April, and Waka confirms that is still in the works and reveals the title, Flockaveli Psychotics. "I'm doing it. It's called Flockaveli Psychotics, it'll be released next year," The Atlanta native told us. Are you interested in hearing that project? Watch the full interview below.

Kanye West Is Upset Bruno Mars Won Awards At The MTV VMAs

Kanye West calls out the MTV VMAs for apparently giving too many awards to Bruno Mars, and using him to sell product. Kanye West was performing at Brooklyn's Barclays Center for a second time last night and as is quite standard these days, he went on another rant with his auto-tuned mic. By now we've gotten pretty familiar with Ye's rants, which usually revolve around the rapper's creativity, desire to change the fashion industry etc etc. Last night Yeezy introduced a new topic into his venting session, discussing the MTV Video Music Awards. Apparently Kanye is really upset that Bruno Mars won "all the awards and shit" (but Bruno only one two awards? Macklemore and Justin Timberlake actually nabbed three each). "When I went to the MTV awards, Rick Rubin hit me, he said, 'are you performing at the MTV awards?' I was like, 'yeah.' He said, 'look man, just do your song and leave.' Sure enough, I'm sitting there, I'm tryna enjoy motherfuckers performing and shit. I see Bruno Mars perform," Kanye tells the audience at the Barclays. "And then they start giving out awards and shit. And Bruno Mars won all the motherfucking awards and shit! And I was just thinking about what Rick Rubin told me, 'cause I don't give no fuck about no TV show! What I care about is, if you an artist, and you work hard as fuck, and the streets say that you deserve that shit, can't no motherfucking networks try to gas somebody up so they can sell some product with the prettiest motherfuck out!" Mr. West then went on to share a conversation he had with Oprah recently, when Oprah apparently told Ye that people are afraid of him. "And I sit down with Oprah and she say, 'they scared of you, Ye.' She didn't say I wasn't the most talented..I said, 'Oprah, it's a new day,'" Kanye declared on stage. That's just part of Kanye's over-ten-minute rant. Watch it all below.

First Week Sales Projections For Yo Gotti's "I Am"

Yo Gotti looks to do rather well in his opening week. Aside from making headlines this past week for issues that are now resolved with Juicy J, Yo Gotti also did happen to release his new album I Am on Tuesday (11/19). With singles such as “Act Right” and “Cold War“ featuring J. Cole, Gotti is starting to make a bigger splash on the national market and his album sales are correlating with that. According to HDD, Yo Gotti is projected to sell anywhere from 40-45k albums in his first week. That’s rather impressive in comparison to his last album, Live From The Kitchen, which moved only 16k in its first week. Make sure to show support and grab your copy on iTunes now. Check back next week for the official tally.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Yo Gotti Accuses Juicy J Of Dodging Him Via Twitter

Yo Gotti has called out Juicy J via our beloved online social networking and microblogging service, Twitter. This is a brief one, folks. Yo Gotti has taken to Twitter this evening to publicly ask fellow Memphis emcee Juicy J why he's been "dodging" him. Although there has been some mild beef between Gotti and Three 6 Mafia in the past, we weren't aware of any issues between these two specifically. You never know when something might pop off in the rap game, though. There's been no response from Juicy as of yet, but hopefully this is all just a misunderstanding. Stay tuned. (Gotti's new album I Am is scheduled to drop on November 19th, by the way.)

Kanye West To Premiere New Music Video On "The Ellen Show" Next Week [Update: "Bound 2" Video Will Star Kim Kardashian]

Kanye West will debut his new music video on "The Ellen Show" next week. It appears that Kanye West is back with another one of his advanced marketing strategies, kind of. Ellen Degeneres took to her twitter account on Friday night and announced that Kanye West will be premiering a new music video off Yeezus next week on her show. No word yet on what record it will actually be, but an educated guess would be for his current radio single "Bound 2"? Rumors are circulating that the episode will be aired on Monday. Remember to set Your DVR's. We'll keep posted if more on this unfolds. [Update: "Bound 2" Clip Will Star Kim Kardashian] According to Ellen's website, the video Kanye will be premiering is indeed "Bound 2," and will feature his recent fiancee Kim Kardashian. Could 'Ye be including footage from his epic marriage proposal in the video? Chances are if it's premiering on Ellen, we may be in for some cutesy shit, or at least not this. Read the description from Ellen's site below. Raise the roof, Yeezus returns to the building! The always sensational rap mastermind Kanye West is here to drop the world-premiere video for his new single, “Bound 2,” which may or may not feature his stunning and curvalicious fiancĂ©e Kim Kardashian. After a year that included a baby girl (North!), an engagement, a new album and worldwide tour, the hip-hop all-star brings the power and flashing lights to Ellen’s set, where he will give it to her as he always does: major! He’ll undoubtedly arrive in customized style. The rapper has moved mountains since his early days as a young man in pursuit of divinity on “The College Dropout,” to a fierce leader presiding over his kingdom with his latest works, “Yeezus” and “Watch the Throne,” an album in partnership with Jay-Z. See how he stuns Ellen and the world with his new video, which will live exclusively on EllenTV.com for the day. Amen to that!

TDE CEO Responds To "Negative" Portrayal In Kendrick Lamar's GQ Cover Story [Update: GQ Defends Story]

Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith, the CEO of TDE, has released a statement that blasts GQ for casting his label in a "Negative" light, and containg "racial overtones". Kendrick Lamar recently appeared on the cover of GQ's "Men Of The Year" issue, which would seem like an honor, but according to TDE CEO, Anthony “Top Dawg” Tiffith the story put the label in a "negative light". Tiffith has released a statement detailing his issues with GQ, in which he accuses the magazine's write-up of having "racial overtones," and reveals that he pulled Kendrick out of a GQ performance last week as a protest. The statement can be read in full below. In 2004, I founded Top Dawg Entertainment (TDE) with the goal of providing a home for west coast artists and a platform for these artists to express themselves freely and to give their music to the world. From our beginning in 2005 with Jay Rock, to developing Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, and Ab-Soul, to most recently signing Isaiah Rashad and SZA. We, as TDE, have always prided ourselves in doing everything with heart, honor, and respect. This week, Kendrick Lamar was named one of GQ’s 2013 Men Of The Year, an honor that should have been celebrated as a milestone in his career and for the company. Instead, the story, written by Steve Marsh, put myself and my company in a negative light. Marsh’s story was more focused on what most people would see as drama or bs. To say he was “surprised at our discipline” is completely disrespectful. Instead of putting emphasis on the good that TDE has done for west coast music, and for hip hop as a whole, he spoke on what most people would consider whats wrong with Hip Hop music. Furthermore, Kendrick deserved to be accurately documented. The racial overtones, immediately reminded everyone of a time in hip-hop that was destroyed by violence, resulting in the loss of two of our biggest stars. We would expect more from a publication with the stature and reputation that GQ has. As a result of this misrepresentation, I pulled Kendrick from his performance at GQ’s annual Man Of The Year party Tuesday, November 12th. While we think it’s a tremendous honor to be named as one of the Men Of The Year, these lazy comparisons and offensive suggestions are something we won’t tolerate. Our reputation, work ethic, and product is something that we guard with our lives. [Update: GQ Defends Story] GQ Editor-In-Chief Jim Nelson has responded to Tiffith's issues in a statement released on the magazine's website. Nelson claims to be "mystified" by the accusations, and urges people to read the story for themselves. He also expresses disappointment in Lamar's cancellation of his GQ perfromance, but stresses that the unfortunate situation has not made him any less of a fan of the Compton rapper. Read his full statement below. “Kendrick Lamar is one of the most talented new musicians to arrive on the scene in years. That’s the reason we chose to celebrate him, wrote an incredibly positive article declaring him the next King of Rap, and gave him our highest honor: putting him on the cover of our Men of the Year issue. I’m not sure how you can spin that into a bad thing, and I encourage anyone interested to read the story and see for themselves. We were mystified and sorely disappointed by Top Dawg’s decision to pull him at the last minute from the performance he had promised to give. The real shame is that people were deprived of the joy of seeing Kendrick perform live. I’m still a huge fan.”—Jim Nelson, GQ editor-in-chief.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Bun B & A$AP Rocky Discuss Trinidad Jame$' Claim That The South Runs New York

A$AP Rocky and Bun B have responded to Trinidad Jame$' opinion of the NYC scene. As we've reported, Trinidad Jame$ is feeling a bit of heat for a comment he made at a recent gig in Brooklyn: "Us in the South, we run y'all musically." Bun B, who hails from Houston, and A$AP Rocky, a Harlemite, have shared their thoughts on the comment in a new interview with MTV. "Hip-hop left New York in the late '70s, early '80s and went out to the world and I came back," says Bun B. "I threw hip-hop out into the world in 1992 and [A$AP Rocky] came back. So, once you give it to the world, when it comes back to you, you can't be mad at how it comes back to you because you sent it out there in the first place. We can't be critical, too critical of situations because we have to keep everything in its proper perspective. Hip-hop started in New York, so if you're an emcee... you're already trying to be like New York, so it don't make sense for somebody to say New York tryna be like them. We're all students of the culture. We're all taking in information and giving it back out. It's just starting to look different than maybe it looked originally. It's starting to sound different than maybe it sounded originally. I can understand his viewpoint. There's some validity to that, but that's happened in hip-hop before, where other regions have been so enamored by what's happening from here, that we want to be a part of it. You can look at hip-hop fashion today and everybody in hip-hop really dressing like Europeans. Nobody's talkin' about that. You're either dressing like a European or a Japanese person. We sent hip-hop to Europe and Japan and that's how it came back. Now, we're taking notes from their influence and giving it right back to somebody else. That's how it's supposed to be. If you're in Texas and all you doin' and all you know and everything in your life is just Texas, then you've blocked yourself out of a lot of great things in this world. That goes for every region. Hip-hop started out as a regional thing. It was very segregated. Like everything else in this world that involves segregation and division, we've got to tear that down." Word. Rocky also commented, albeit much more briefly: "It's not really about who run what. Everybody got [their] time, but people don't want to enjoy that until it's gone."

Rich Homie Quan Says He's Signing A Deal After He Drops His Mixtape & Talks Jail Time

Rich Homie Quan details how his time in prison helped him grow, and says that he'll be signing a deal after he drops his mixtape. Rich Homie Quan quickly rose to fame with his single "Type Of Way" which received a co-sign from Drake. As Rich Homie gets settled into the rap game, we're learning more about him. In a recent interview with radio station Power 107.5 the rapper discusses his time in jail and how it affected him, as well as his plans for a new mixtape. "My mental state was so off because at that time, I know it took money to make music. At that time, I didn’t have no money so I was out there doing stuff I had no business doing," Rich Homie said while talking to the Ohio-based radio station. "If I had the chance to do it all over, I wouldn’t. Because during my time being locked up, I learned so much in jail and I feel like that’s why I am where I am today. It made me smarter. It made me a better person." The rapper also spoke on the success of "Type Of Way," saying he was not expecting it to take off like it did. "I’m blessed to be in the situation I’m in but no, I did not expect for that to do what it did," Quan said. "In the back of my mind, I always knew I had bars. I could rap, ya feel me. It just took for everyone to believe in me." Rich Homie's mixtape That's Rite 2 drops on November 26th, which he says will be the last mixtape he drops before signing a deal. It's been speculated that Rich Homie Quan signed to Def Jam, although no official statement has been released. As Quan explains it, the deal will happen once this tape drops. "On November 26th I will be dropping the last mixtape before I do sign a deal," the rapper revealed. "I want everyone to know that it’s very special to me. I haven’t dropped a mixtape in a year and I’ve been riding on this deal going in for a year," Quan expalined. "I feel as if before I do sign a deal, I owe it to the streets and I owe it to myself because without the streets I wouldn’t be where I’m at. I got something very special."

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Maino Calls Out Trinidad James Over NY Comments, Trinidad Responds

Maino goes at Trinidad James on Twitter following Trinidad's comments about the New York rap scene. This morning we reported on remarks that Trinidad James while he was performing in NYC last night, when he said that the South runs New York "musically." The backlash was inevitable, and soon followed, with Trinidad responding by defending his position and views on Twitter. Now a fellow rapper, Maino, who is a Brooklyn native, has come to the defense of New York rap and has been tweeting a lot at Trinidad James. Among Maino's shots at Trinidad, he asks "who let this Rotten Teeth nigga @TrinidadJamesGG disrespect us lastnite." Maino added later, "imma brush those teeth when I see u baby boy. U a street nigga rite?" Trinidad James replied to Maino, saying, "you a real nigga Bruh. You don't have to say that on twitter. You better than that. u can hit my line my nigga. That's 100." Check out Maino's tweets below. Maino ✔ @mainohustlehard Follow S/O to all the NY niggas who let this Rotten Teeth nigga @TrinidadJamesGG disrespect us lastnite! #whathappened 8:14 AM - 13 Nov 2013 Maino ✔ @mainohustlehard Follow Somebody wake @TAXSTONE up tell'em this nasty mouth nigga @TrinidadJamesGG is on the menu. #whathappened 8:36 AM - 13 Nov 2013 Maino ✔ @mainohustlehard Follow after we clean this guy @trinidadjamesGG up I'm straighten a few of u NY niggas out for being the Vaginas that u R! 8:56 AM - 13 Nov 2013 Maino ✔ @mainohustlehard Follow Heyy buddy @trinidadjamesGG I'll be ur Huckleberry! Lol imma brush those teeth when I see u baby boy. U a street nigga rite? Lmao 9:03 AM - 13 Nov 2013 Maino ✔ @mainohustlehard Follow Kendrick RAPPED his position on HIMSELF lyrically. That's rap. James held a lecture on the state of affairs in NY?? Who the Fuck are you!! 1:38 PM - 13 Nov 2013 Trinidad Jame$ ✔ @TrinidadJamesGG Follow @mainohustlehard you a real nigga Bruh. You don't have to say that on twitter. You better than that. u can hit my line my nigga. That's 100 9:10 AM - 13 Nov 2013

Drake Speaks On Shooting "Worst Behavior" Video In Memphis

Drake speaks on going to Memphis to shoot the visual for "Worst Behavior" with his father and other relatives. This week Drake unveiled the music video for "Worst Behavior" off his album Nothing Was The Same. The track quickly became a fan favorite off the LP, and while usually Drizzy is all about supporting Toronto, for this visual he took things to Memphis. Drake's father lives in Memphis and so the rapper spent many a childhood summer down South. For his new video shot by Director X and Drake himself, Drizzy recruited his Memphis relatives on his father's side. The video opens with Drake's dad as well as several of his uncles in pink suits, standing outside his grandmother's house, and also includes some of the landmarks of Memphis, like Royal Studios and Beale Street. Drake spoke on shooting the visual in Memphis with VIBE while he was on tour, revealing he was initially reluctant to go back to Memphis. "My family is like two different worlds and I feel like people only acknowledge one half of it," Drake said, referencing his Canadian upbringing. "But if anybody knows anything about the South and how it is, it’s tough to go around people who could use your help and you can’t help everybody. It’s like a guilt or a burden that comes over me, so I hadn’t gone to Memphis in a long time." "I kind of refused to address my real thing that I have there, which is vast family," Drake continued. "It’s always going to be tough—it was tough during the video. You want to see everybody do well... Instead of running from it, I just embraced it and shot this incredible, beautiful video with my beautiful family and helped out as many people as I could while I was there. Now I can’t wait to go back." Drake is hoping that the visual will shed some new light on his history, as he told VIBE, "It’s going to be eye-opening for people. I'm sure people will try and challenge me, but it’s gonna be something for people to see, like, ‘Man, this is crazy. I didn’t know shit was like that for that guy.’ Maybe it explains a little more." In case you missed the video, watch it below.

Jeezy Accuses Def Jam Of "Playing Games," Threatens To Leak New Album

Jeezy has taken to Twitter to voice his frustration with Def Jam, threatening to leak his own album if his needs are not met. It seems that history is repeating itself for Jeezy. The Atlanta rapper has released a large onslaught of material this year, but still has no release date for his upcoming fourth album. As someone who has experienced his share of delays, particularly with his last effort, TM:103, Jeezy is beginning to get frustrated. The snowman took to Twitter today to vent about his concerns for the album, indicating that he desperately wants to give the new music to his fans, and even threatening to leak the project if his concerns are not addressed. He calls out two people in particular, who he mentions only by first name, but are likely Universal Music Group CEO Lucian Grainge and Island Def Jam CEO Barry Weiss. We'll have to wait and see if his digital outburst will land him an official release date, Read Jeezy's Twitter rant in full below. SnowGo ✔ @YoungJeezy Follow where @LA_Reid when u need him #RIPShakirStewart 2:29 PM - 12 Nov 2013 SnowGo ✔ @YoungJeezy Follow I been perfecting this album 2 years for #myfans 3:01 PM - 12 Nov 2013 SnowGo ✔ @YoungJeezy Follow Niggas @ @DefJamRecords keep playing games if you want! 3:08 PM - 12 Nov 2013 SnowGo ✔ @YoungJeezy Follow If Def Jam don't get this right y'all got an early xmas gift #myfans

Monday, November 11, 2013

Lupe Fiasco Speaks On Sound Of "Tetsuo & Youth," Calls It "Ratchet"

Mixtapedrop.info Lupe Fiasco speaks on his upcoming album in a new interview, saying it's not a "party album" but there is some ratchetness to it. Lupe Fiasco is known for his outspoken stance on political and social issues, something which he says he'll be stepping back from on his upcoming new album Tetsuo & Youth. The rapper, who recently announced it was #TetsuoSeason, shed more light on the upcoming album which, according to Lupe, will sound more like his pre-Food & Liquor days. During an interview with Houston radio station 97.9 The Box, Lupe denied that this album will be a "party album" nonetheless it will be "ratchet." Although there seems to have been rumors that Lupe would be making a party album, he quickly puts those to rest, but does confirm the LP will be without politics. "It ain’t gonna be a party album…I did like the first interview for the album I think it was either with Rolling Stone or Billboard and just told them like, you know, on purpose there’s no politics on the record," said Lupe. "I feel like people—I’ve said what I had to say and people replied how they had to reply. So, now it’s just music…It’s just more just like at a certain point you get tired of it. You know what I’m saying? You get tired of trying to like get people to see things from a different way or a different perspective. And it’s kinda like the lack of response what was more like ‘Oh well, forget it. Let’s just go get money then.’" He went on to describe the album is 90% done and that the sound is ratchet (via HHDX). "We like 90 percent done with it. And everything that I got thus far is super good. But it’s ratchet. It’s ratchet ratchetness on there. But it ain’t nothing new for me…My early records before I got known, you know what I’m saying, before Food & Liquor, when I was first coming up…What I was talking about back then was like ratchet, street, hood, ‘let’s do it’ kinda pieces. And it was like I made the decision not to put that on Front Street initially." "Some of it's ratchet, not all of it," Lupe added. "Then going back to like songs like "Old School Love" the first single, which is like heartfelt. There's still a certain level of seriousness in it, because it's not just me trying to re-create "Superstar" or "Show Goes On." I'm talking to one of the homies in Chicago, like a little 16-year old killer." Check out Lupe's full interview below, where he discusses violence in Chicago and more.

Kendrick Lamar Covers GQ, Named "Rapper Of The Year" By Magazine

Mixtapedrop.info Kendrick Lamar is named Rapper of the Year by GQ magazine. There's no escaping Kendrick Lamar this year. On GQ's new Man of the Year issue they've put K. Dot on the cover, calling him Rapper of the Year. Do you agree? In the magazine's interview with Kendrick, which happened in the middle of the "Control" frenzy right after the VMAs, Kendrick said he was "pretty cool" with Drake and added, "I mean, I would be okay if we weren’t." The issue is available now. Check out an image of the cover above via NahRight.

Listen To Bun B's New Album "Trill OG: The Epilogue"

Mixtapedrop.info Bun B releases a full album stream for his new album "Trill OG: The Epilogue." Bun B releases his fourth album Trill OG: The Epilogue today, and along with the release he's offering fans a free album stream via Spotify. The album has quite a few features, including ones from the late Pimp C, Lil Boosie, Raekwon, Rick Ross, 2 Chainz, Royce Da 5’9″, Redman, Kirko Bangz, Devin the Dude, Trae tha Truth, Z-Ro, Big K.R.I.T. and more. Listen to the album below, and head to iTunes to cop it.

RZA Says Raekwon Is Holding Up Wu-Tang's New Album & Rae Responds On Twitter

mixtapedrop.info RZA says that Raekwon has been holding up production of Wu-Tang's new album, and Raekwon responds on Twitter. Yesterday was the 20th anniversary of the Wu-Tang Clan's rap opus Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers, and Grantland had an in-depth interview with RZA who said he's been trying to orchestrate the Wu's next project, but some members have not been cooperating or putting in the work. The famed Wu producer even named Ghostface Killah and Raekwon as the two who have been the least cooperative. In the interview, RZA says that Method Man has been the most helpful, and has already laid down vocals for 8 or 9 tracks, "And one of the guys who showed up the most was Method Man. He showed the most tenacity, he was the most vocal, he showed up the most, and he got the most lyrics on the new album. He's already recorded eight or nine songs. A few other members have been hustling to get the project completed including Cappadonna and U-God, but Ghost and Rae have been mostly absent, "You know, I give Cappadonna credit, he’s been really on it. U-God has been present. Masta Killa be representing. Inspectah Deck has been somewhat present. Ghost has been, you know, 20 percent present. And Raekwon hasn't shown up at all." The Chef caught wind of what RZA was alleging and responded on Twitter, and he just laughed it off, and said he's got nothing but love for RZA. Hopefully this means we'll be hearing a full cohesive project from the original members of the Wu sometime soon. RAEKWON ✔ @Raekwon Follow Yea i just read that rza article? Shit is funny to me. 12:51 PM - 9 Nov 2013 RAEKWON ✔ @Raekwon Follow I love u rza, u know what it really is. 12:52 PM - 9 Nov 2013

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Eminem First Artist Since Beatles To Have 4 Top 20 Hits Simultaneously

Eminem has become the first artist to have 4 singles in the top 20 of the Billboard charts since The Beatles in 1964. Eminem narrowly edged out the Beatles to become the best selling artist of the last decade, and it seems he's still competing with the band, now matching a Billboard record previously set by the fab four. Em is the first artist to have 4 singles simultaneously rank within the Billboard top 20 since 1964, with "Berzerk," "Rap God," "Survival" and "The Monster" all charting high. It should be noted that this is for "lead" artist, and not featured. Weirdly he's set a personal record as well, with "The Monster" being his very first song to top the R&B/Hip Hop charts. As confusing as this may seem, it turns out that the rap charts were based heavily on airplay previously (which apparently wasn't Em's strong suit, on hip hop stations at least), but now focus more on digital sales and streaming. We'll have to wait and see if the album sales set any records

ScHoolboy Q Calls Nas His Favorite Rapper, Jay Z "The Best To Ever Rap"

ScHoolboy Q breaks down his east coast influence, indicating that his favorite rapper is Nas, while the best to ever do it is Jay Z. ScHoolboy Q may be from the west coast, but like many rappers these days, his influences are varied. The TDE rapper spoke with BRealTV about the assumption that he only pulls from artists from his region, and his position on the greatest rapper of all time. “I was inspired by a lot of East Coast rappers, from Mobb Deep, Biggie, even 50 Cent,” said Q, revealing that he feels some of the greatest rappers ever hail from NY. “Nas is my favorite rapper. I also think Jay Z is the best rapper to ever rap, just because he’s at his age and what he’s doing and he still is relevant. He’s been doing it for years and [he’s] consistent. You like his album or not. The people liked it. I didn’t like everything Jay Z did. The majority of the people liked it, so that’s consistency.” Q then explained that New York rap was the first music he got into, but made sure to stress that he still rides for west coast artists as well. “Everybody just expect me to say ‘Pac, Dogg Pound, everybody else,” he said. “Cypress. It’s nothing against nobody from the Coast. I was just in the car as a kid coming up in the car with somebody who listened to East Coast music. My older cousin, all he would listen to was like East Coast stuff, like Nas and all them, so I had to get into that. I got into that first before I actually got into the other stuff. Watch the full interview below.

Raekwon Will Record A Verse For Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever," Says The Track Is "All Love" [Update: Wu-Tang Speak On Remix Delay]

Raekwon reveals that he will record a verse for Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever," and feels the song was recorded with the best intentions towards the Clan. Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever" has made a considerable impact since it's release, mainly with members of the Clan themselves. We've heard from a few of the members concerning their thoughts on the track, with U-God and Ghostface supporting it, and Inspectah Deck disapproving. One member we hadn't heard as much from-- though he has been seen performing with Drake at his recent show at ALIFE in New York --was Raekwon. In a new interview with MTV, the Cuban Linx rapper expressed nothing but respect for the song, and revealed that he will be recording a verse for the remix when he gets a chance. “I ain’t get a chance to bust my joint off yet, but I talked to Drake and we’re gonna get to it,” said of his verse for the remix, stressing that while Drake's tribute wasn't exactly direct, it was definitely done with good intentions. "At the end of the day, regardless of what we were mentioned in a great way,” he said. “[Drake] named the title of his song after brothers, so however you did it, at the end of the day, it’s still love, it’s still respect there. I still thought the record was a great record, regardless of what. It ain’t nothin’ rude about the record, nothin’ disrespectful, it’s all love.” Watch Rae's full interview below.

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[Update: Wu-Tang Clan Give Us An Update On The Remix Delay] It's been awhile now since we heard that Wu-Tang Clan was recording a remix to Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever" and the track is still nowhere to be found. As we reported at the beginning of October (see above), the Chef apparently had plans to lay down his verse, and U-God did already, so what's up with the delay? While on MTV's RapFix Live some of the Wu-Tang crew, consisting of Masta Killa, U-God and Capadonna, gave us an update on the status of the remix. Capadonna revealed that there are three people who have yet to record their verse for the remix. "The majority of everybody [recorded their verses], probably minus three," Cap said, referring to Ghostface Killah, Method Man and Raekwon-- and then there's also Inspectah Deck, who decided not to be on the joint. "Meth did lay a joint, but then he didn't want to do that one, so he took that off," Cappadonna explained. "But everybody else did it. I don't know if it's gonna be accepted by our peers our whatever, but it sound good to me."

Nelly Defends Drake's Singing

Nelly comes to the defense of Drake, arguing that he should not be discouraged from singing as well as rapping. Nelly is sometimes overlooked as an early adopter of melodic rapping. The St. Louis rapper rarely spit a verse that didn't have a tune to it in his heyday, and later went even further into a singing direction with country crossover songs and the like. Drake, who also has a tendency to sing as much as he raps, is criticized by purists for not sticking entirely to hip hop. In a recent interview with VladTV, Nelly came to the defense of Drake's direction. "Everybody don't like the mixture [of genres]," Nelly explained. "But some fans, a lot of fans - the guy sold damn near 800,000 the first week - so it's a lot of fans that like Drake's singing. I think that's all he gives a damn about. As an artist, you can't have a stigma put on yourself as far as what you can do and what you can't do. You just try to be the best artist that you can be. We're in a time right now where being an artist doesn't limit you to rapping. It just doesn't limit you to singing. It limits you to create. All your job is is to create good music. He's creating good music. Fans that don't like to hear Drake sing, then switch to the next song where he's rapping." The rapper then revealed that he had received similar criticisms earlier in his career. "I used to get the same thing," he said. "'You should do this more. You should do that more.' But the reality of the situation is that you have fans that like you to do both. So you try to create as a testament to your ability to do both." The St. Lunatic argued that discouraging Drake from singing would be limiting his artistic ability. "I just like Drake," revealed the rapper. "It's not about whether I like him singing or rapping. He's Drake. I hate when people do that. It's almost like segregation or something. Can't the dude just be him? Let's just be a person. Let's not limit. Just be an artist."

Fabolous Announces "Soul Tape 3" Mixtape

Tis the season for "Soul Tape 3"? It looks like Fabolous fans have something to look forward to. As we still await for Loso's Way 2, Fabolous has decided to hold fans over with another installment of his Soul Tape mixtape. Fab took to his Instagram Thursday night and all but announced that Soul Tape 3 is on its way. With the caption ‘Tis the season…..Soul Tape 3?’, Fabolous provided followers to a preview of a new track that finds Loso spitting over Drake’s “Pound Cake” instrumental. Look for the project to drop sometime this year, possibly Christmas?

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