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Friday, January 3, 2014

Rico Wade Confirms Outkast Reunion At Coachella 2014, Future Talks "Honest"

Rico Wade discusses Future's Andre 3000 collaboration on "Honest," confirming Outkast will reunite at Coachella. If one confirmation wasn't enough, we now have Dungeon Family's Rico Wade offering confirmation that Outkast will come together in 2014 at the Coachella festival. What was first a rumor was later confirmed by Revolt TV, and now in a new interview the producer makes mention of said reunion and how Future may play a part in it. In a profile on Future, Stereogum talked to the Organized Noize counterpart Rico Wade about getting Future in the studio for the very first time. Wade, who is also Future's older cousin, spills the beans that he's hoping to get the ATL warble rapper a cameo on stage during the Outkast reunion, and even played the Andre 3000-featured record off Future's upcoming album Honest. We've heard about this collaboration in the past, but now it officially has a name-- "Benz Bitch." Future also chimed in on Honest, and offered some vague details on what to expect from the album with no release date. "It’s consistent, but it’s very versatile. It’s just about showcasing my personality through each song. Each showcases a little bit of my personality from in the club to just being a dad to, you know, certain issues and certain situations that I might have the chance to be able to speak on. And just finding a way to be creative through music, just take everything around me and make the best music possible," he said. As for not committing to a release date, Future says, "I’m almost finished with it, but this time around I feel like just making sure I do everything possible on my end that I can do. I’m down to the final days of recording. I haven’t came up with a date, but I’m pretty sure. In my head I have a date, but I’m not going to put it out until I’m 100 percent sure because I don’t want to change it once I put it out."

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