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Friday, January 24, 2014

[www.mixtapedrop.info EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] @HurricaneChris6 talks NEWSINGLE #RATCHET & Why He Took a Break from Music!

Mixtapedrop.info Caught up with Hurricane Chris who talks about his new single and album. Hurricane Chris also discusses his hiatus from music and his new deal with Rap-A-Lot Records & J Prince. Mixtapedrop.info: Hurricane Chris, What’s Good With You? Aww Man I Can’t call it Just Chilling. It’s a Small world and we done came back around full circle and now we got this new single “Ratchet” and now we bout to hit em wit some new heat. MixtapeDrop.info: You Have had some big records in the past, like “Halle Berry” & “A Bay Bay”. How has your career and music changed from then to now? Hurricane Chris: When I Fiirst Got in the game I was Like 17. I had just turned 17, I Basically got a record deal at an early age. I didn’t even know that I was gone get a deal. I was actually caught during the growth of my talent so it’s a lot of things I learned from the game that I didn’t know back then from sitting back an experiencing thangs and took a few bumps on the head. Just had to get up an keep moving. So now I have mastered the art of what I do and its time to give em that real Hurricane. Mixtapedrop.info: With Your experiences of being on a major label. Do you feel its better for an artist to have a major record deal or stay independent and why? Hurricane Chris: I ain’t gone say its better to be independent or be on a record label. It all depends on the situation that is presented to you. If the record label have a good situation, of course Im not gone tell you to not get in a good situation. If they just trying to strong on you and not get behind you and they want to ride off of what you got going on, then in those situations its best to stay independent. Everybody aint blessed with the funds to make it in the independent game. You gotta go with whats gone help you its different strokes for different folks. Mixtapedrop.info: So you are working with Rap-A-Lot & Industry Mogul J Prince. Can you give us some insight on how that situation came about and what brought you to making that move? Hurricane Chris: I came to Houston a few years ago after I met J (Prince) in Shreveport Louisiana where I’m From. He had family out there an he was coming back an forth out there. Hooked up and was just kicking it. We bumped into each other a few more times. It just popped up in one of our conversations. We were wondering what we could make happen. Both of us were interested in doing that. We decided to come together and said lets try to put something together. We did a joint venture with my company and J. We Just been rocking ever since then, like three years and we bout to give it to em. Mixtapedrop.info: You have a new single called “Ratchet”. Let us Know the business on the single and the concept behind it. Hurricane Chris: The New single is to die for. Its that new heat. Its Called “Ratchet”, of course the word “Ratchet” originated in Shreveport Lousiana,Cedar Grove, My city,my neighorhood. I feel like I brought the Word “Ratchet” to a nationwide point back in 07. I feel like a lot of people using it and they forgot where it came from. I felt like when I came back out I had to reclaim what was officially ours. So I went and hollered at DJ Mustard got a beat from him. I came with that ”Ratchet”, They gone love this one. You know everybody got some “Ratchet” in em. Mixtapedrop.info: Yeah everybody is using the word “Ratchet” nowadays and you were one of the first to coin that term. Hurricane Chris: Actually, my homie NanyGoat. They Got him behind bars right now. He invented the word in like 99. And when I got on a mainstream level, that was a part of my city’s culture. So I felt like it was my job to bring it mainstream and hold it down for where I’m from. Mixtapedrop.info: Are you currently working on an album project? Can you give us a title and potential release date for the project? Hurricane Chris: I’m working on my album right now, Its called “Return of the Hurricane”. We basically been doing listening sessions for the last couple weeks. I have enough material right now to put together a album. I’m just going to keep recording. My focus is not to drop an album in a rush. I’m going to hit em with these hot singles an get that buzz back poppin. Then hit em with that “Return of the Hurricane”. Mixtapedrop.info: Being that you have had a lot of success with your music. Is there anybody that you would like to work with that you haven’t worked with yet? Hurricane Chris: I would be on here with you for the next 2 days, we got a lot of people in the game doing they thing. I’m the type of person to where if you making good music, I’m always down for doing good business. Everybody that jamming I’m willing to work with anybody that’s making good music. Ain’t no ego tripping or none of that if you jamming I’m a down to earth dude, I ain’t got no problem with getting in the studio an making it happen. Mixtapedrop.info: Is there any reason behind you stepping away from the scene for a while? Hurricane Chris: When I got in the game I wasn’t like I need a record deal. I didn’t ask for a deal. I really didn’t ask for none of this I was hit wit a lot of fame and a lot of money at an early age. I was a still a kid at heart. I had to go through a lot of things and learn a lot of lessons. I guess the record label was serious about it and I was serious about it. At the end of the day, I was still me. The same cat from my city, It didn’t affect me the way they thought it would affect me. I would still was the type of dude to tell them naw I’m not gone do this or that. The money didn’t make me. Nowadays with record labels, they feel like if you don’t do what they want they gone play hardball. And I never was the cat to fold under pressure. I just backed up from the scene for a minute, Reassessed the situation, Planned, Plotted and strategized and learned what I needed to learn. Now I am a master at the business and a master at the art of making music and I’m ready to give the game a headache. Mixtapedrop.info: Anything you want to let us know that we haven’t touched on so far? Hurricane Chris: Call the radio station and request that new single Hurricane Chris “Ratchet”.Everybody got some “Ratchet” In em. This here the new banga produced by DJ Mustard. Its buzzing on the internet and in the street. I appreciate everybody support. So we gone keep it 51/50 and I preciate you to homie. Mixtapedrop.info: How can the fans link up with you on your social networks like facebook,twitter? Hurricane Chris: You can hit me on twitter @HurricaneChris6. My instagram is Caniac5150 get at me I’m gone get back wit ya! We ain’t acting Hollywood, we Hollyhood ya Heard Me! Mixtapedrop.info: Any Shout Outs you want to give? I want to shout out DJ Frizzil for plugging the interview Hurricane Chris: Yeah shout out to Frizzil, Shout out to Louisiana,Texas,North Carolina,South Carolina. Everybody who supporting me I got ya back Like a Sweater!! CHECK OUT HURRICANE CHRIS NEW SINGLE "RATCHET" BELOW:

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