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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Isaiah Rashad Says He's The "Lil Homie" In TDE Crew

Isaiah Rashad speaks on where he fits within the TDE crew, and what his day-to-day looks like at the moment. Isaiah Rashad has been part of the growing TDE family for a minute now, and as one of the newest signees he's probably still getting used to the ways of the label, and finding his groove within the rest of the Top Dawg crew. The release of Isaiah Rashad's Cilvia Demo really put the Chattanooga native on the map, for those who weren't already up on his talents, and received plenty of praise, thus giving his name even more worth. Nonetheless, Cilvia Demo definitely felt like an introduction to the rapper, and it's got fans anticipating the next move. Isaiah recently spoke to XXL about making the big move to L.A. from Tennessee and getting in the studio to work on whatever might be next. "[I'm] just getting ready for tour and recording," he said referring to what his daily schedule looks like. "This is my job now, there's nothing else to do. I was in the studio until we put Cilvia out, and I'm still in the studio, just doing hooks for myself and stuff. Just trying to get my brain to start over on some new stuff. I live in the studio. I sleep there." The rapper also spoke on where he fits in with the TDE family. He calls himself the "lil homie", something which he isn't exactly used to being, but he's taking it in stride. "Learning to shut up, learning how to be quiet, learning how to play the background and be the lil homie," Rashad said when detailing the biggest change since signing with the label. "I'm used to being the big homie with my friends, but I'm only 22 and these guys are hella older than me, so if anything it's probably the best thing that could happen to me, being around some people who have been around forever, to just chill out, pick up stuff and pay attention."

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