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Monday, February 24, 2014

Random Prisoner Files Motion To Get Gucci Mane Out Of Jail

An inmate at a South Carolina prison has taken it upon himself to build a case for Gucci Mane's innocence. Gucci Mane was arrested in September for gun and marijuana possession, and has since been since spending his time at a county jail in Georgia. We've not heard any updates on when he'll see release, but one man believes he's made breakthrough in the case. Jerry Lewis Dedrick, a 51-year-old prisoner who is currently serving time at Williamsburg federal prison (NOT the same facility Gucci's been doing his bid), has filed a motion he feels will prove the rapper's innocence. TMZ got a hold of the argument, which may not be as concrete as the man claims it to be. One major fallacy comes in Dedrick's claim that gun possession is not a federal crime. The inmate is asking the court to forward his new theory to Guwop's lawyer, as he does not have the power to submit it on the ATL rapper's behalf. Unfortunately, the motion may not provide the boost Gucci's case needs, but either way, Wop needs all the help he can get right now.

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