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#NEWMUSIC @2PieceMalone #FUCCU feat. #ZRO prod. By @MrLee713

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Friday, February 28, 2014

www.mixtapedrop.info Exclusive Interview @CyhithePrynce talks #BlackHystoriProject, What its Like Working With Kanye West in the Studio!

Mixtapedrop.info: We choppin it up with Cyhi The Prynce, Cyhi Whats Good Bruh? Cyhi The Prynce: Man What it do Bruh we out here working man, just dropped this new project man its going crazy right now. Mixtapedrop.info: So You Have the new Mixtape out now called Black Hystori Project? Tell us the story behind the title and the message you are bringing with this project? Cyhi The Prynce: Um, Well I thought of the project because my little nephew tried to do his black history project on me. And when he went to school they told him he couldn’t do it because I wasn’t famous enough or impactful enough and I took it a certain kinda of way cause I Feel like I touched a few people. So I said Fuck it I’ll do the black history project myself. That was my way of kinda doing it so I’ll always be known for the black history project. I understand they taking out of a lot of the schools and different things like that. So I just wanted to kinda keep their message alive. A lot of the records and a lot of the people I reference are just people that meant a lot to me growing up or that I respected. I feel like im a great leader or looking to be a great leader and I want use some of the characters to bounce off of and give us a cool perspective as I did the records. Mixtapedrop.info: You have the New Single Huey feat. King Louie, Explain the concept of the single and what made you grab King Louie for the feature? Cyhi The Prynce: Me and King Louie we work together a lot . We were out in LA and I was playing the beat at Kanye House and Louie was over there and Louie was like you that beat crazy you should let me jump on that. I was like fuck it you can jump on it. I really wasn’t going to have too many of features but then I was like I wanna do some features with guys that I respect on a personal level that friends so I just got a couple guys that I like on a personal level Louie was one of those. That was a one of the ones we wanted to release first to set the tempo. But I got some bigger records and I got a single called “Good Night” that ya’ll will be getting shortly. Mixtapedrop.info: Recently Got A Chance to see the “Napoleon” Video. Seems Like your rapping like somebody told you you couldn’t rap. Like you got a chip on your shoulder. Whats the reason for you rapping with a vengeance? Cyhi The Prynce: Ye really told me to stop being humble. That was like the biggest break. I just feel like I don’t get respected as far as music in Atlanta. I feel like Atlanta, were known for one sound and we do these strip club records. These labels they will put so much into that artist and he’s gone in a year. I’ll drop a mixtape and he’ll drop a mixtape and my mixtape will do better than his. Cause I ain’t a “Real Street Nigga” or they feel like I aint buzzin in Atlanta or in the strip club every night they feel like I’m not just as important as this artist that’s on the radio. That’s why I Said I don’t want to do no Atlanta Music. I just do all my music and I feel I have a real east coast style a real lyrical style. I just stick to my guns, Im tired of trying to make this perfect record or make this record the labels want me to make. Im like man Im a god MC, Literally. I’m just gone stick to my god flow. You want some god flow on your record call me. Mixtapedrop.info: So When Can we expect a new Album Project from you? Also do you have a title for it? Cyhi The Prynce: Right now we in the midst of talking. You Know I just dropped this project so everybody wanna call now. So were just trying to put it all together. But were looking for later this year. That’s what were really looking for. Were gonna do a lot of different things throughout year to make sure this happen and this album drop. So be looking for me to be coming out with more projects and more music. Mixtapedrop.info: You have Kanye executive producing your next album. What is it like working with a super producer like Kanye in The Studio? Cyhi The Prynce: More so Like AP Calculus or something. You Know Most guys that don’t have a responsibility when they rap, they can go in ther and have fun, pop bottles and drank lean. Me on the other hand were really in there and its like work. We feel like we have a responsibility to the fans, to the people to really give them a message and still have fun. Also give them some art, also give them some style and some asthetic. And give them the same things in the music. We need some physical records , some conceptual records, some heartfelt records. Then you want your party record. So its like a bunch different things and a bunch of different ideas we go over, A bunch of different conversations before we even start the album. We Might talk for two or three weeks prior to even thinking of a project. That’s mainly what I’m doing gathering up all the producers I want to work with, the concept behind it, how I want it to feel. Its a lot of things that go into it but were getting it together now. Mixtapedrop.info: Since everybody looks for a Kanye Rant Session Nowadays. Have you ever witnessed a Kanye Rant in the studio or is he just business as usual? Cyhi The Prynce: It’s only a rant when it ain’t true (Laughs). I don’t look at it as a rant. I look at it as Michael Jordan telling everybody pass me the ball. Michael Jordan say pass me the ball you aint gone be like Michael Jordan why you ranting. No, Michael Jordan say pass me the ball you pass him the ball and get the fuck out the way. So, I’ve never witnessed one of those. Mixtapedrop.info: Whats next for Cyhi the Prynce as an artist for 2014? What’s on your plate this year. Cyhi The Prynce: I’m gonna be doing a lot of touring this year. I got a couple more projects I want to put out later in the year to set up my album. I’m just gone go in. I want to see who can out rap me, Because I haven’t met him yet. So I’m just hoping he run into me so I can give him his respect. Other than that just god flow. Mixtapedrop.info: Any exclusive information you want to give us on any upcoming projects or something nobody else knows about whats going on wit Cyhi. Anything you want to leave us wit that we might not have covered? Cyhi The Prynce: Its really not to much exclusive. I just really want everybody to understand I’m putting out a lot of good music this year. Hopefully everybody like it and goes an gets it. I need all my fans to support so we can get this album out an these projects everybody wants to hear out. This is real honest music, this is really me. I really be trying to play the cut and give everybody they turn to shine. I feel like this is my year, this is my turn. I want to let everybody know this is who I am. Growing Up I never lost nothing, track meats, talent shows, football games I wasn’t a loser. I’m not saying im a loser now but I just don’t like the position im in. I just want to Turn Up and let them know I’m one of the best to ever do this. I’m respected by some of the greatest Mixtapedrop.info: How can the people reach you on social networks etc. Cyhi the Pynce: Everything is CyhiThePrynce. My instagram is the number 1 then CyhiThePrynce. You can email me,fax, me instagram me, send a picture whatever. Mixtapedrop.info: We Appreciate you checkin in wit us and we are ready to support whatever you got going on, aight! Cyhi The PRynce: Lot of people don’t know Im a real south dude. Im from the south, I represent the south and we really rappin. Guys like J. Cole, Big K.R.I.T. just to name a few I feel like we the new genereation, Isaiah. I just want to be a part of that and push the music forward. Check Out Cyhi The PRynce "Black Hystori Project" and Visuals of "Huey" Below:

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