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Monday, March 31, 2014

Jay Z Was Taken Aback When T.I. Told Him Doe B Was The "Southern Biggie"

T.I. recalls a conversation he had with Jay Z, in which he compared Doe B to the Notorious B.I.G. Doe B was killed in an Alabama club shooting last December, and as tragic as the incident was in itself, the wasted potential only made it worse. T.I., who recruited Doe for his Hustle Gang team, and has sung his praises ever since, continues to keep the Alabama rapper's legacy alive. In a new clip, Tip recalls comparing Doe B to Biggie in a conversation he had with Jay Z, prior to the rapper's death. “I said, ‘Man. Doe B is the Southern Biggie,’ he recalled, explaining that Jay was fairly skeptical of the claim. "The man looked at me. He took his glasses off and said, ‘What did you say?’ I said, ‘I said he’s the Southern Biggie.’ He said, ‘Don’t say that.’ T.I. then hit Jay with an argument that made him think twice. "I said, ‘Why not say that? You’re saying the South don’t deserve a Biggie.’ He said, ‘You thought about this, didn’t you?’” Watch the clip below.

Eminem Recalls Wanting To Diss Kanye West & Lil Wayne On Record

Eminem elaborates on his lines from "Talkin' 2 Myself" in which he raps about almost dissing Lil Wayne and Kanye West. On "Talkin' 2 Myself" from Recovery, Eminem spoke of a time when he almost took aim at Lil Wayne and Kanye West on record. Speaking to Big Boy in an interview with Power 106, Em went into more detail about those feelings at the time. “When I made the record ‘Talkin’ 2 Myself,’ what I was basically talking about [was] with the time period that I was away," he said. "I was kind of watching what was going on in the game and it was like anything that was hot at that moment or anybody who was really killing shit at that moment I felt like—I felt so bad about myself and the music that I was creating, that I felt like I started to turn into a hater." The Detroit rapper insisted that it wasn't as much about Wayne and 'Ye as indiviuals, just that they happened to be the biggest rappers at that particular time. "It wasn’t just—you know, singling Kanye and Wayne out at that time period, I mean they were the one’s who were the killing it the most to me," he said. And it hurt. I’d pop the CD in and be like, ‘Fuck man, I’m not doing this no more.’ I felt like I came very close to like, for me it would have been career suicide because I felt like, ‘I should make a song just dissing everybody who's doing in it the game right now.’” While he strongly considered directing a verse at the rappers, nothing actually made it on wax. "I just had the thoughts, just walking around the studio," he said. "I think that deep down I just wasn’t happy with myself, man. I knew that there were some really dark moments in there. When I think about how my thought process was when I was high a lot, it wasn’t good, man, and it certainly wasn’t me ‘cause I’m not even that kind of person.” Listen to the full interview below.

Cover Art And Release Date Revealed For Posthumous Michael Jackson Album "XSCAPE"

Read up on "XSCAPE", Michael Jackson's new posthumous album. It's hard to believe MJ passed away nearly five years ago now, isn't it? In case you hadn't heard, Epic Records have teamed up with Michael Jackson's estate for the release of a posthumous album from the fallen King Of Pop. Titled XSCAPE, it's scheduled for release on May 13th, with an iTunes pre-order starting tomorrow (check out the official cover art in the gallery above.) The project, curated by Epic Records Chairman / CEO L.A. Reid, will consist of eight remixes of classic tracks from Timbaland, Stargate, Rodney Jerkins, Jerome Harmon, John McClain and more, with a deluxe edition offering the original records as well. Jackson's estate apparently granted Reid unlimited access to four decades of Michael's music. "Modern music and artistry would look and sound completely different if not for the groundbreaking contributions Michael Jackson gifted to the world," Reid said in an official press statement. "Michael left behind some musical performances that we take great pride in presenting through the vision of music producers that he either worked directly with or expressed strong desire to work with. We are extremely proud and honored to present this music to the world." Earlier this month, we heard a snippet of a Timbaland remix of Jackson's "Slave To The Rhythm". Although it's since been removed from Soundcloud, it's included in a new Sony ad for their Xperia Z2 smartphone, a direct result of Epic and the Jackson estate's new partnership with Sony Mobile. Watch the commerical below (the snippet starts at the 1:00 mark.) Should MJ's catalogue be tampered with, or considered sacred? Let us know what you think, folks.

50 Cent Says Puff Daddy Is "An Excellent Entertainer, Not An Artist"

50 Cent comments on the careers of Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo, and Diddy on the Breakfast Club. 50 Cent was the guest on today's edition of the Breakfast Club, and as always he had some controversial remarks to make during his appearance. The rapper spoke of his former G-Unit collaborators Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, who he likened to spoiled milk, as well as Diddy (or Puff Daddy as he's now calling himself again), who he compared to Milli Vanilli. “Some people, they’re like milk,” said Fif of Yayo and Banks. "They have an expiration date and no matter what you do, they’ll spoil after a while.” He then elaborated on his feelings about Yayo, who he revealed was purposely edited out of many of the scenes of the "Hold On" video. “I’ve done a lot for him to the point that being personable with people they’ll feel like that homeboy code, guy code type of energy,” he said. "They’ll be like, ‘You know what? You got it so you should give it to me,’ versus what makes sense. If you don’t sustain your value in the marketplace, I got to pay you the market rate.” 50 then went in on Diddy, talking about the rapper's tendency to have his lyrics written for him. “Puff is an excellent entertainer, not an artist,” he said. "He can say [his lyrics]. He didn’t write it. He’s not going to convince any of us that he wrote it. It was a part of his actual marketing. ‘Don’t worry ‘bout if I write rhymes. I write checks.’ For me, I look at it and I go, ‘OK. But now you can’t tell us that you singing the song like that, ‘cause that’s why we got rid of Milli Vanilli.’ We cross the lines, it get really interesting. We said that wasn’t cool. Now we’re saying it’s cool.” Watch the full interview below.

Joe Budden Apologizes For Racist Instagram Post

Joe Budden has apologized for an Instagram post which found him stereotyping a Sikh man. Joe Budden posted an image to Instagram yesterday which gained him a lot of negative attention. The Slaughterhouse rapper put up an image of a Sikh man-- seemingly going through customs at the airport --with the caption, “Not on my watch Homeboy!”, suggesting the man was a terrorist. Obviously, Twitter exploded following the post, with one twitter user, Fateh Singh reposting the image and calling it “racism and ignorance at its finest.” The post received over a thousand retweets, and Budden removed his image from Instagram within 30 minutes. The rapper later offered an apology for the post via Twitter, saying, "I apologize to all Sikhs and any1 i offended w my tasteless & stereotypical post yesterday, it was ignorant & in bad judgement. Never again. Hopefully ppl can find it in their hearts to forgive me, my God is a forgiving 1… today is a new day, here’s to moving forward !" Take a look at the tweets below. Jaskaran Dhanoa @JaskaranDhanoa @JoeBudden So that makes it OKAY to make racist jokes? Two wrongs don't make a right Joe. C'mon man, you're still defending your pic/cmnt? Joe Budden ✔ @JoeBudden Follow @JaskaranDhanoa I’m taking off, i’ll erase it cuz I like u, ok ?! Great. ✌️ 2:51 PM - 28 Mar 2014 Joe Budden ✔ @JoeBudden Follow I apologize to all Sikhs and any1 i offended w my tasteless & stereotypical post yesterday, it was ignorant & in bad judgement. Never again. 8:45 AM - 29 Mar 2014 Joe Budden ✔ @JoeBudden Follow Hopefully ppl can find it in their hearts to forgive me, my God is a forgiving 1… today is a new day, here’s to moving forward ! 8:59 AM - 29 Mar 2014

Chief Keef Announces "Bang 3" Release Date [Update: New Date Announced]

Chief Keef's Bang 3 has changed from a mixtape to Keef's sophomore album since its announcement, and has also suffered an indefinite pushback. Fortunately, Interscope executive Larry Jackson has announced a new date for the project, and coming from the label, it seems like this one might stick. Read Jackson's announcement below. My adopted son @chieffkeeffsossa is trying to meltdown my phone on a Sunday. Enough with the pranks! I’ve got a knuckle sandwich for you when I see ya. Bang 3 is officially coming on 6/10. Stop askin’ about it, pleaseeee!

Birdman Says Nicki Minaj's "The Pink Print" Will Have "A Little Bit Of Everything, But More Rap"

Birdman recalls signing Nicki Minaj, and reveals some details regarding her approach to upcoming album, "The Pink Print". Nicki Minaj has always done what she wanted. Despite criticism from rap-heads accusing her of "going pop" with "Starships", Minaj split her time evenly between hard-spitting bangers and well-executed EDM on her sophomore album Roman Reloaded, just about drawing a solid line through the centre of the album. We've definitely heard more of Nicki's rap side on her most recent tracks, and it seems like that persona will have a larger presence on her upcoming album, The Pink Print, though she won't be pinning herself down either, according to Cash Money head Birdman. "For the new album, she's doing what she feels like doing and we're supporting her," said the YMCMB mogul. "You hear a lot of growth in her music. She's coming confident and hard. We expect for this to be one of the biggest [albums] from her. It's more rap. This album is going to have a little bit of everything but more rap. I am sure some of the team will be on it. She's still doing her thing, then getting features on it. She's definitely coming this year. She hasn't picked a date yet. What she did for Young Money is totally different then what she's doing for her album. She's more girly-er. Tha Carter V will definitely come before Nicki's [album]." Birdman then told the story of how he initially signed Nicki, which was a decision made after watching one of her street DVDs. "We were in LA and Wayne came into my room and played me a DVD that she was on," he said. "He was so hyped about it. We were just in awe of her delivery, her swag and her confidence. He flew her in the next day to meet us. When we first saw her, we knew she'd be the female rapper of Young Money. Wayne had been looking for a female rapper to be a part of the team and when he'd seen that it was a wrap. It was how she was saying what she was saying. It inspired me."

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Snoop Dogg's Uncle June Bug Passed Away

Snoop Dogg's beloved uncle, June Bug, passed away this morning after a protracted battle with colon cancer. If you followed Snoop's live performances, then you might recall Snoop Lion's uncle, June Bug who became a fixture in Snoop's live shows, often dancing to entertain the crowd. We are sorry to report that Snoop's uncle passed away earlier this morning after battling with colon cancer. June Bug was given a single day to live by the doctors but he fought off the advanced cancer for an entire week, showing strength that was not expected. Snoop Dogg, who was the last person to see him before his passing, wrote: “Rip. Uncle. Bugg. U were everythang to me !! N like u said next time u c me thangs want b the same !! I’m so hurt !!!!!!:(” Our thoughts and sympathies are with Snoop and all those affected during this time. On a lighter note, watch June Bug delight an entire crowd with his dancing during a live Snoop Dogg concert in this clip surfaced by TMZ.

Pharrell Williams Gets Slimed at the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards

There was plenty of fun and green stuff at the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday (March 29). Pharrell Williams was in the building to hand out trophies and, uh, get slimed. Not for nothing, several celebrities were getting hit with the green goo all night. Host Mark Wahlberg proclaimed he was “unslimeable” but that was proven to be untrue. Presenters Williams and actress Kaley Cuoco were the first people to get slimed at the KCAs. Skateboard P, who was wearing a SpongeBob SquarePants pajamas onesie, got sprayed on by a giant hose filled with the green stuff. The flow was so powerful that it almost knocked him off the stage. Cuoco, who was looking fabulous in her sparkly mini-dress, was totally drenched in the green goop. The ‘Happy’ creator didn’t seem to mind the green shower. Williams joins an exclusive club of slimed celebs that includes Justin Bieber, Halle Berry, Katy Perry and others. Aside from the ongoing slime-fest, there were winners at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Justin Timberlake won for Favorite Male Singer, while Ariana Grande took home a trophy for Favorite TV Actress. In addition, crooner Aloe Blacc performed his hit single, ‘Wake Me Up’ and his new anthem, ‘I’m the Man.’ Overall, the Kids’ Choice Awards was a night of happy, slimy people.

Fabolous Will Release "Loso's Way 2: Rise To Power" In The Summer

Fabolous announced in an interview that he is planning on a summer release for his new album. Loso's Way 2: Rise To Power has been a long time coming, but in a recent interview with RealTalkNYVideo, Fabolous stated that he plans to release his upcoming album in the Summer. “Record labels have its processes and stuff so you gotta work with that,” Fabolous stated. “I’m looking towards like a summer release. It’s good, I put the mixtape out because I wanted to tighten a couple screws on the album and [I] put the mixtape out while I did that. I used that to build some energy, I think the energy have been building. I think people have been waiting but I feel like even I can’t give them something that I don’t feel is right so I always make sure that I’m completely one hundred percent comfortable with the product I’m putting out before I do. I think this summer will be that time.” Who knew Fabolous was such a perfectionist? Still, we have to respect that the man wants to make sure the final product matches his vision. Loso's Way 2: Rise To Power was announced all the way back in 2010, so we're glad that not only is the album in the works, but it's nearly done. When mentioning filming in Dubai for his latest "Young OG" video, Fab dropped his plans to release another song off the recently released Soul Tape 3 mix. Fab went on the record, saying, “Next video is gon’ be probably ‘Cuffin Season,’” he said. “Just shot that, finished that. Should be an entertaining video, should be a dope video to look at and also learn from too, also laugh at. Should be getting different emotions from it but I think overall it’s a dope video." We'll have the video up the moment it's released, so stay posted! In the meantime, check out the full interview in the video below.

Benzino (AKA Zino Grigio) Was Shot While Attending His Mother's Funeral

Benzino, now occasionally known as Zino Grigio, was shot multiple times while he was leaving his mother's funeral outside of Boston. While driving in his mother's funeral procession in Duxbury, Massachusetts, Benzino, sometimes called Zino Grigio, was shot multiple times and was in critical condition. The rapper could be recently seen on the provocative television program, "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta." According to online sources, Benzino's nephew was the one allegedly responsible for the shooting and the nephew is now being held in custody. We are happy to report Benzino now finds himself in a hospital and in stable condition. Adam Harding of 7news broke the story, reporting on his twitter: Adam Harding @AdamHardingNews Follow Sources confirm to @7News Boston rapper @IAMBENZINO suffered a gunshot wound at his mother's funeral procession; in stable condition now 5:06 PM - 29 Mar 2014 Adam Harding @AdamHardingNews Follow Signs point to a possible family argument during funeral procession that led to shooting in Duxbury; Rt 3 opening soon 3:31 PM - 29 Mar 2014 Last week, Benzino announced the passing of his mother with the heartfelt message: “God knows I have been through alot in my life, BUT EVERY INCH OF GOOD, KINDNESS AND LOVE IN MY SOUL IS BECAUSE OF THIS WOMAN. A BIG PART OF ME IS LOST NOW AND I WILL NEVER BE THE SAME, MA WORDS CANT EXPRESS MY LOVE FOR YOU.I WILL MISS EVERY BREATHING MOMENT, I DON’T KNOW HOW I WILL CONTINUE KNOWING YOU ARE NOT HERE. Im lost.” Our thoughts and sympathies are with Benzino and we hope he makes a full recovery during this unfortunate time. According to the Plymouth County District Attorney, Timothy Cruz: “The incident was between two vehicles whose occupants knew each other. The driver of a Bentley shot the driver of a red Dodge SUV, who exited his car and was taken to the Duxbury police station by a passerby. The injured red Dodge SUV driver, who officials say was in his 40s, was then transported by ambulance to the hospital.The Bentley driver has been arrested and will be arraigned Monday on a charge of armed assault with intent to murder.”

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Tyler, The Creator Doesn't Want To Do "EarlWolf" Anymore

Tyler, The Creator explains the status of his joint album with Earl Sweatshirt, "EarlWolf". Since Odd Future's first break into the public eye, the anticipation for an Earl Sweatshirt and Tyler, The Creator joint album has existed. The name of the hypothetical album, EarlWolf also dates back to this time, and tracks like "AssMilk", "Lemonade" and more recently, "Whoa" have solidified the chemistry between the two rappers. While Earl said that the album could eventually come to fruition in an interview last year, Tyler, The Creator has now revealed that there are no plans to do the project anytime soon, if at all. Answering a question on his very active Formspring account, Tyler indicated that his interests lie elsewhere at the time being.“I don’t want to do it anymore and to be honest it will never live to the expectations of people that really want it,” he said. While he feels fans want a hard-spitting album from the duo, Tyler explained that he's more likely to go in a more experimental direction, also citing his other creative ventures. “Not that that really matters, but, I’m not in the mind frame to do a whole album of that shit," he said. "I don’t want to do it. maybe one day when I don’t want to make clothing and furniture and gay ass fruity music about lakes and shit, ill get back around to hard hitting raps, but the way things are looking, its only gonna get worse until I turn full fag,” he concluded, in the most Tyler-way possible.

Papoose Thinks He's Better Than Jay Z, "Definitely" The King Of New York

Papoose declares himself the "King of New York", and claims he's better than "everyone", including Jay Z in a new interview. Papoose has established a renewed presence in the rap game since his awkward Summer Jam performance last year. He's been consistently releasing new music, dissing rappers, and proclaiming his greatness over the last 9 months, and has thus been making headlines. His most recent interview with New York Daily News finds him making some characteristically grandiose claims. “Nobody is better than me — Jay-Z, nobody,” he said, before declaring his dominance over the whole city. “None are more lyrically inclined than me. None of them. I’m definitely the king of New York. I am the greatest out of New York.” He went on to describe his skill in a way that only Papoose can. “My pen game is the most immaculate,” he said. “I bring the most to the table on every level, concept, substance.” The outspoken rapper also spoke of his upcoming plans to release new mixtapes on a monthly basis. "I don’t feel like there’s no artist out there doing that,” he said. Sounds like we'll be hearing even more from Papoose in 2014.

Chief Keef Is Paying For Infant Jakariah Patterson's Funeral In The Wake Of Unbelievable Tragedy

Chief Keef claims to be covering the expenses of Jakariah Patterson, an infant who was brutally beat to death by her father. According to his instagram, Chief Keef is paying for the funeral of Jakariah Patterson. If you haven't been aware of this case, Jakariah was a two year old who was found beaten to death earlier this month. It is a heartbreaking story, especially for Chicago - a city that has seen too much tragedy in the recent years. According the Tribune, the father is being held without bail as he is charged with viciously killing his infant daughter after she had an accident. Chicago native, Chief Keef, a rapper normally known for his highly illicit activities, wrote on his instagram in the usual all-caps: "RIP TO JAKARIAH PATTERSON BEAT TO DEATH BY. TELL THE NEWS TO REPORT THIS IM PAYING FOR THE FUNERAL." Keef is an incredibly controversial figure, but this is a nice gesture in the wake of devastating tragedy, assuming it was done in all sincerity and not just for publicity.

Nas Doesn't See Any Brave Emcees

Nas visited Georgetown University to depart some his impressions of Hip-Hop and culture and alerts us of his dissatisfaction with modern rappers. As a rapper of legendary proportions, Nas was invited to the prestigious Georgetown University, along with Georgetown's own sociology professor, Michael Eric Dyson, to discuss at length with the director of Africana studies at Lehigh University, James Peterson, about the current state of Hip-Hop and the recent rise of higher learning pursuit within the culture. If that sounds like the epitome of a dull way to spend an hour, know that the rapper touched on some important issues for the community, as Nas parts with his thoughts on the issues before a live audience preceding his live performance of Illmatic at the Kennedy Center. He showed particular pride regarding the fact that 9th Wonder is currently attending the end-all, be-all of the ivy league, Harvard University. Nas went on the record, saying, "It’s so many layers to that question, where is Hip Hop? You talk about 9th Wonder at Harvard, I recently been over there and met with Skip Gates and Dr. Morgan and just watching where Hip Hop is today. Myself, re-releasing an album from 20 years ago is like, '20 years? That’s crazy.'” Of course, when you don't have ignant rap, you have yourself conscious rap, which has a penchant for sounding both pretentious and corny bundled into some, oft times, righteous package of broad statements and condescending tones. Of this phenomenon, Nas said: “I don’t see enough emcees who are brave enough to be honest. I would like to see more of that. There’s a lot of good stuff. There’s a lot of bad in Rap. The socially conscious stuff can come off sometime as preachy, so a lot of people tend to stay away from it. That ain’t their bag. That’s not what they do. But still, they kind of have some artistic responsibility to do more than what’s the latest trend...I would like to see people remember it’s an artform because the better we all become we push each other to make the whole artform better. Then we won’t have to worry about who won the Grammy.” This isn't the first time Nas went critical on the recent crop of Hip-Hop artists. That's nothing new, but Nas also went on to explain how he wanted to bring his music to higher education. “When I first started I said, ‘You know, it would be cool to talk at colleges...but that would never happen,’” he says. “That’s really what I thought. I didn’t know. It’s kind of like surreal but then at the same time, it’s what it’s supposed to be. Especially for me, at a place like the John F. Kennedy Center, I had like dreams of that kind of stuff early. I didn't think it was really possible. I kind of gave away those dreams. I let those dreams go. Now that it’s here, that it’s come around to this, it feels like this is where it’s supposed to be.” Thoughts? Opinions? Let us know. Or, you know, if you have an hour and a half to kill listening to some serious academic discussion on Hip Hop, check out the interview in full below.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Kanye West Buys Kim Kardashian 10 Burger King Branches As A Wedding Gift

http://thumbs.hh.ulximg.com/public/article/600_1396038628_king_20.jpg According to reports, Kanye bought Kim Kardashian 10 Burger King joints to purpose as a rather bizarre wedding gift. Call it the romantic in us, but it seems an odd gesture to buy up 10 european Burger King franchises for a wedding present. But that's just what Kanye did, according to Gawker, when he snatched up some BK branches in Italy, France, and the UK. According to an unnamed source (aren't they always?), Kanye thinks these locations are a "a perfect fit" and " that's where he sees her future career, away from reality TV." Perhaps she does have a career away from her reality show, but is it really as an enterprising fast food chain franchise owner? We mean, we know Kanye likes the curves, but... Okay, okay. Fair enough; it's a practical gift, to be sure. In accordance with these recent Euro business ventures, Yeezy announced a string of European tour dates. It's great the man can still manage all of these international career choices in the face of his two-year probation. Of course, now there are reports that Burger King is offering to cater the KimYe wedding. Keep it classy, Kanye.

Lil Wayne Will Show Up On The New "Boondocks" Season

Lil Wayne will make a cameo appearance on another episode of "The Boondocks" in the long-awaited forthcoming season. The madhat behind the whole "Boondocks" creation, Aaron McGruder may not be involved in the latest season of the smart, but incredibly crass, animated Adult Swim show, however Weezy F will be. That's right, Lil Wayne is signed up to voice a character on the toon. If you're as hyped on this show as we are, be aware that the final season of The Boondocks will premiere on April 21st at 10:30 pm EST on Adult Swim. Lil Wayne actually already appeared on "The Boondocks" on the politically charged episode, “Invasion Of The Katrinians." Although, if you're curious when Wayne will make some actual music, know Tha Carter V release date has been pushed back, according to Weezy's manager, Cortez Bryant. Rest assured though, according to Cortez, the record is "gonna be fucking amazing." Are you excited for Wayne's appearance on the show?

Migos Involved In Miami Shooting [Update: Migos Respond To Drive-By]

One member of Migos or their crew has been hospitalized for "non-life-threatening injuries" Early this morning, Migos were involved in a shooting in Northwest Miami, on Interstate 95. According to Florida's Channel 7 news, an unspecified passenger in the group's van was "shot in the leg, suffering non-life-threatening injuries." The victim was driven to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Officer Joe Sanchez of Florida Highway State Patrol summed up the incident: "At 3:30 in the morning the van behind us was travelling southbound occupied by eight members of the entertainment group Migos. They were supposed to be performing at Cafe Iguanas in Broward [County, north of Miami] and apparently for whatever reason there was an altercation or disagreement with management and they didn't perform, so as they were driving southbound on I-95, according to the witnesses in the van, a dark vehicle pulled along side them and opened fire," said Sanchez. "A member of the group was in possession of his personal handgun and he returned fire. " In another interview with NBC Channel 6, Sanchez said that he did not know if this was a deliberate “hit” or a road rage incident. [UPDATE: New Details Emerge On Shooting Incident] As we reported on this morning, Migos were reportedly involved in a shooting while driving on Interstate 95 in Miami, Florida. Now a few new details have surfaced, and it appears as though no member of the trio was actually shot. Despite reports that someone from the group or the entourage was shot in the leg, Migos' manager tells TMZ that no one in their van was injured; it remains unclear who officer Joe Sanchez was referring to (read above) when he said someone in the van was injured. The van was riddled with bullets, though. See an image of the van being towed away above. Migos' manager says, "There was at least 40 rounds being blasted on those niggas." Apparently as they were driving down the highway, a car pulled up beside them and just started shooting off rounds. The manager says they proceeded to drive to the nearest hospital, however everyone was unscathed. Police confiscated the van from the hospital, and it is being processed as part of their investigation. [UPDATE #2: Migos Respond To Drive-By Shooting On Twitter] It appears all three of the Migos ATLiens are alive and well, despite encoutering "at least 40 rounds" of shots when driving on the I-95 earlier this morning. The group sent out a tweet from their account, saying, "A lot of fuck niggas tried to take my life. But I keep that thang on me so you betta think twice." Check out the tweet below. MIGOS™ ✔ @MigosATL Follow A lot of fuck niggas tried to take my life. But I keep that thang on me so you betta think twice 12:10 PM - 28 Mar 2014 #YRN TakeOff™ ✔ @1YoungTakeoff Follow Tried To Hit Me Up In Traffic??.... But I Had To Work My Magic ⭐️‼️🙏 9:58 AM - 28 Mar 2014 QuavoYRN ✔ @QuavoStuntin Follow Wonder if im gone be on first 48??? #NAH 11:05 AM - 28 Mar 2014

Rick Ross Talks 50 Cent And Hiring A Personal Assistant To Roll Blunts On Chelsea Lately

Rick Ross got cozy with Chelsea Handler on her show, dishing about 50 Cent, rolling blunts, and his most recent endeavors, including "Mastermind" and expanding his Wingstop franchise. Chelsea Handler used to date 50 Cent, so it's rather touchy when Rick Ross showed up on Chelsea Lately and the two of them discussed the 50 feud. To be fair, all Chelsea wanted to know is if the two of them were still beefing, but Rozay was quick to quip: “I’m really through talkin’ about dawg. When I look up at the scoreboard, we winnin’ big,” says Ross. This is rather awkward, especially since Chelsea seemed to laugh it up infectiously with the big man. Although that didn't stop her from comparing Rozay’s beard to a "hemorrhoid cushion." Interestingly, the conversation then turned ganja-themed. Rick Ross admitted he hired a beautiful personal assistant whose job is literally just to roll blunts for him. To be fair, Ross has a high standard when it comes to rolling. "This chick I met -- she actually was at a dispensary -- had beautiful green eyes. She was just rolling them perfectly," said a gleeful Ross. "I said 'Wow, come do that for me.'" They also talked about how Ross wants to expand his famed Wingstop franchise. Check out the full interview, which is actually quite funny, in the video below.

Gucci Mane Reportedly Made $1.3 Mil Last Year Despite Legal Troubles

Gucci Mane made over a million in cash last year, despite spending a lot of time behind bars, through various projects. Gucci Mane may be behind bars but that doesn't stop him from raking in the dough. So how exactly does he do it? Noisey decided to find out and they got in touch with Ronald “Caveman” Rosario (AKA Gucci's "Money Guy" and co-executive producer for his The State vs. Radric Davis II: The Caged Bird Sings) who told us, basically, that Gucci has a large amount of material already recorded and loaded in the barrel. Which is to say that they can essentially cut and paste verses, recorded during Gucci's time spent as a free man, onto whichever track pleases them, leading Caveman to go on the record saying, "we could drop three albums a year for the next three years and still have enough material for another three years." But how exactly did he net a full mil last year? Well, Caveman convinced Gucci that he was giving away content for free when giving up music to places like "Livemixtapes" and convinced the rapper to sell his projects online. So, those three 1017 projects released last year helped him net that cash. Remember, last December it became apparent Gucci could very well spend the next 20 years behind bars, but from the looks of things he might stay musically active well into his sentence, if it is to be so.

Chris Brown's Lawyer Demands That D.C. Assault Case Be Dismissed

Chris Brown's lawyer Mark Geragos says prosecutors in the case abused their power. Chris Brown is looking to avoid punishment for yet another crime as his Washington, D.C. assault case could potentially be dismissed due to a misuse of the jury. TMZ reports that Mark Geragos, Brown's lawyer, demanded that the charges be thrown out after he learned that the prosecution used the grand jury for an unlawful "dry run" of the case. Geragos believes the prosecution convened the jury just to gauge their reactions to witnesses before the case went to court, which is an abuse of their power. He also wrote in legal documents that the U.S. Attorney had previously reduced the charge from a felony to a misdemeanor assault. A judge has not yet ruled on the case yet. The outcome of this case will have an effect on the additional case that arose after Brown was recently kicked out of his second rehab facility and refused a drug test. Stay tuned for updates on Brown's never-ending streak of legal troubles.

50 Cent Says Jay Z & Drake Beef Is "Just Getting Started"

During a recent interview, 50 Cent says that Drake and Jay Z's brief feud is in its early stages. This past Sunday, Jay Z had some choice words for Toronto’s own Drizzy Drake during his verse on the “We Made It” freestyle. If you’re unaware, Drake originally ignited the flame during his controversy Rolling Stone interview when he said that Hov’s art talk in his songs was becoming corny. That’s when Hov responded on Sunday with a subliminal shot sayin: "Sorry Mrs. Drizzy for so much art talk," "Silly me, rappin' 'bout shit that I really bought/ While these rappers rap about guns that they ain't shot/ And a bunch of other silly shit that they ain't got." With many fans anticipating Drizzy to fire back with a response, it appears that one mega-rapper believes that this is just the beginning. During his interview on the Russ Parr Morning Show today, 50 Cent said he believed that Drake and Jay Z's feud is just in the early stages. Fif said: “I think it’s just getting started because we didn’t actually hear any verses or rap from Drake,” "But you know what? It’s interesting. I think you’re supposed to rap about things that are in your actual life. But those are laws that were a part of our culture when I actually came in and fell in love with it. But it’s old school.” While 50 isn't one to shy away from a beef of his own (Ask Steve Stoute or Ja Rule), he did say that if he were Drake he would probably fire back with a response. “I think I would respond to it,” Fif says. "I don’t know. It depends. Sometimes it has to be the right timing surrounding the response.” Only time will tell if Fif is right, but I really don’t think Drake will go at the King. What you think? Should Drake respond? Take a listen to 50 talk about the feud below.

Young Thug Has Reportedly Been Signed To Atlantic Since Last Year

Young Thug locked himself into a deal with Atlantic in 2013. One that only gave him a $15,000 advance. Young Thug's label situation has been a confusing one to say the least. The rapper has hinted at signing with Future's Freebandz imprint, as well as more recently Cash Money, and then there's the question of whether there was any paperwork involved in his affiliation with Gucci Mane's 1017 Brick Squad. A new investigation into Thug's label status, courtesy of Buzzfeed, indicates that Thugger's relationship with Gucci was in fact written in ink. The rapper allegedly signed a "binding production deal" with GuWop, and his 1017 Imprint (through Atlantic) in March of 2013. While the details of the arrangement are still unknown, it seems to be a promotional contract, that would factor into any future signing with a major label. The thing is, Thug went to a label shortly after Gucci was arrested in September 2013. “Gucci was in jail,” said a source. “I think at that point, [Thug and his team] felt like the Gucci contract was void. Thug is a real street kid — paperwork and legal shit, it don’t register to him like that.” The rapper ended up signing with Artist Partners Group, another Atlantic imprint, without their knowledge of his deal with 1017, which led to problems with Thug and the label when Gucci produced the paperwork. It's a very complicated story, but Thugger was apparently only given a $15,000 advance on the deal, and sources estimate that the entire agreement is likely no more than $50,000. After the mix-up with Gucci, it appears that Thug has cut all communications with the label, and they're currently spending no money on his promotion. As far as his connection with Cash Money, Metro Boomin has confirmed that Birdman has been serving as a manager for the Atlanta rapper.

DJ Mustard Wants To Executive Produce Justin Bieber's Next Album

DJ Mustard think he and Justin Bieber could be the new Timbaland and Justin Timberlake DJ Mustard has been gradually commandeering the radio waves over the last year, producing hits for the likes of YG, Jeezy, Ty Dolla $ign, Kid Ink, Jennifer Lopez and more. His reach is only broadening with none other than Justin Bieber premiering a new song with the producer last week. According to Mustard, Bieber's Instagram clip was the first time he'd heard the singer's side of the track as well. "I haven't heard the full record yet, but I think it's dope," he said, before declaring with a laugh, "I think Justin Bieber should let me executive produce his album!" As off the cuff as the comment was, Mustard seemed to be failry serious about a full length collaboration. "I wouldn't really even know what to expect [from a joint album], but I just know the sound that we create would be crazy," he offered. The buzzing producer then went on to make a pretty grand comparison. "You remember when Justin Timberlake and Timbaland got together? Similar to that," he said of the hypothetical Mustard Bieber album. "I'm not trying to compare us or nothing like that, but it could be similar to that." Watch the full interview, as well as the clip of Biber's new Mustard banger below.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Keyshia Cole Reveals Title Of New Album

Keyshia Cole's upcoming album will be titled, "Point Of No Return". Keyshia Cole's last album was 2012's Woman To Woman, which featured collaborators such as Meek MIll, Lil Wayne, Ashanti, and The-Dream. Cole's upcoming album will also have it's share of collaborators, but according to the singer, she'll be handling the majority of the songwriting this time around. After being asked by a fan on Twitter, the R&B singer revealed the title of the album to be Point Of No Return, but has still not shared a release date. In a recent interview with the Breakfast Club, Cole explained her return to songwriting. “Now I see why ya’ll miss me so much! I used to spit that shit,” she said. “This is the first album I wrote pretty much by myself since A Different Me, and I freestyled all the ones I sung!” The album is set to feature collaborations with R. Kelly, Scott Storch, Mike WiLL Made It, Birdman, Future, Wale, and Juicy J.

Cortez Bryant Says Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter V" Not Dropping May 5th

Lil Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant says "Tha Carter V" will not drop on May 5th, and claims it's better than "Tha Carter III." Drake announced on stage the other month that Lil Wayne's highly anticipated Tha Carter V would be arriving on May 5th. Weezy F fans instantly got excited, but since then, we haven't heard so much as a whisper from Wayne music-wise. That's not to say he hasn't popped up in the news, he did just this week when he praised/criticized his Young Money signee Nicki Minaj for her track "Lookin' Ass Nigga." Nonetheless, we definitely haven't received anything Tha Carter V related. Today, Cortez Bryant, Lil Wayne's manager, has confirmed the album will not be released on May 5th. He did not provide any other release date, and he did not say the album had been pushed back. From what we've heard about it, it sounds like they're attempting to do some sort of Beyonce move. Time will tell. Cortez does say in the video clip that Tha Carter V is better than Tha Carter III. He says, "it's gonna be fucking amazing." When asked when it'll come out, Cortez says, "you'll see." Watch below.

Future Talks On Music Video For Next Single "I Won" With Kanye West, Shot By Hype Williams

Future says that his next single, "I Won" featuring Kanye West, already has a music video shot by Hype Williams. Future is in full album mode, after releasing the Sonny Digital-produced "Covered N Money" the other week off the upcoming Honest album, he'll be releasing another new single on March 31st. This one is definitely one of the more anticipated cuts, as it features Kanye West, "I Won." During a discussion with Angie Martinez on Hot 97, Future revealed that a music video for "I Won" has already been shot, and the director is Hype Williams. It sounds like this will be a classic Hype video from Future's description. "The Kanye West single," Future responded when asked about what's next off Honest. "Waiting for Hype to get finished with the video. The video's already done." The ATLien described it as "incredible", continuing, "We on the water, on the beach and it's beautiful women." "He made these look like the old Hype Williams' video girls," the auto-tuned MC continued. "You know when video girls were stars back then. Video vixens, you really got them from the Hype Williams videos." Future also depicted what 'Ye is doing in the visual, and says Kanye kept it real the entire shoot. "He standing on the beach, between the water. The water was actually getting on him, he ain't complaining. Kanye kept it real with me on this one, all the way real." Listen to the audio clips from Angie Martinez' interview below, where he also discusses Ciara and their baby.

Game Responds To Suge Knight Saying He Had One Of Worst Label Deals

Game briefly responds to Suge Knight comparing his Interscope label deal to slavery. Suge Knight recently appeared on Arsenio Hall and had some harsh words for the major music labels, even going as far as to compare label deals to a slavery, and specifically calling out Kendrick Lamar and Game as having "two of the worst deals in the industry." He stated, "I think it’s unfair if you really look at it, if you look at Interscope, the two guys from Compton—Game, Kendrick Lamar—got two of the worst deals in the industry." While we undoubtedly will not hear a response on this from K. Dot, Game was stopped by TMZ and gave his (quick) two cents on the matter. Basically, he doesn't care, because he's rich regardless. "You never know what Suge know. He might be right...I dunno what's true. What's true is I'm rich as a motherfucker, that's it," Game told the cameras outside the club. He ended by quoting some A$AP Ferg "Pantie Lover" lyrics. Watch the interaction below.

50 Cent Won His Lawsuit Against WorldStarHipHop

50 Cent's 2009 lawsuit against WorldStar has come to an end in his favor. 50 Cent filed a lawsuit against WorldStarHipHop.com back in 2009, after his image was used on the header of the website without his permission. Fif argued that the picture left visitors with the impression that the rapper owned or was affiliated with the site. 5 years later, a judge has ruled that 50 be given "summary judgment on copyright and right of publicity claims", as well as rejecting defenses of fair use of the image. Hollywood reporter points to a quote from the ruling; “Defendants provide no authority to support the fair use of a celebrity’s image or likeness. This is not surprising, as a celebrity’s image, standing alone, only evokes that celebrity’s persona. Jackson’s image does not, by itself, describe anything about Defendants’ website.” You can read the full ruling here.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Chief Keef Reportedly Taken Into Custody Following Shooting

Chief Keef was reportedly on the scene during a shooting, and was taken into police custody. Chief Keef seems to be back to his old ways, after a brief rehab stint (followed by a single called "Fuck Rehab"). Last week we reported on his arrest for DUI, and today another incident has reportedly led to Keef being in police custody. However, it appears that this one may have simply been a case of bad timing. It's being reported by TMZ & Complex that Keef was taken into custody following a shooting that occurred in Northfield, Illinois. According to TMZ, Keef's lawyer says he was not the shooter, but he happened to be present when shots were fired. The Northfield police say the victim of this shooting is currently in the ICU. WGN News is reporting that the home where the incident occurred in Northfield possibly belongs to Keef's manager, and they also say someone called in this morning to say "Chief Keef shot me." The rapper definitely didn't help himself yesterday on Instagram when he posted photos of all his guns, as well as several photos of himself posing with an Uzi and Ballout holding an AK-47. See those photos above. We'll update you once more details on the situation surface.

Jay Z Forced To Participate In Deposition For Rocafella Logo Lawsuit

Jay Z can no longer avoid the lawsuit lobbed at him by the designer of Rocafella's logo. Jay Z has been attempting to dodge a lawsuit aimed at him from Dwayne Walker, the designer of the Rocafella logo, but it looks at though he's gonna have to cooperate after all. Jay Z, Damon Dash and Universal Music are all named in the suit, in which Walker claims that he's owed $7 Million for his design. Apparently, Walker was promised $3500 on submission of the logo, as well as 2% of revenues for the next ten years. While he was paid his initial sum, the percentage was never delivered, which with the success of the company quickly climbed to the millions. “We are pleased with the court’s order,” said Walker’s attorney, Gregory Berry. “For over 18 months Jay-Z and the other defendants have done everything they can to avoid swearing under oath to the events that led to the creation of the logo. With the decision today, the defendants’ delay tactics must stop, and Mr. Walker’s quest for justice can move forward.” Jay will have to “cooperate with discovery” in the suit, producing documents, as well as participating in a deposition. No word yet on how soon this will be happening.

Wu-Tang Clan To Release Only One Copy Of Top Secret Album

Wu-Tang Clan make a big announcement today, they've worked in top secret over the past few years on a new album "The Wu– Once Upon A Time In Shaolin", of which they will release a single copy, to be sold for millions. Wu-Tang Clan have been working on a new album for some time now, we first found out about the reunion album a year ago, when the title was announced as A Better Tomorrow. Since then plenty more rumors have developed, including some conflicts about Raekwon not hitting the studio to lay down his verses. It appears as though during the time they were working on and discussing the reunion album, they were also working in top secret on another record, confirmed to be titled, The Wu– Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. Details on this album have surfaced today, and Wu-Tang are running with that #newrules hashtag, and will create just one copy of this album. The Clan have been recording this album in top secret over the past few years. In the course of the past three months, a British-Moroccan artist by the name of Yahya (whose work is often commissioned by royal families and the elite of this world) has made a hand-crafted container to hold the double disc LP. The legendary New York group are treating The Wu– Once Upon A Time In Shaolin as any other valuable piece of art-- they are making solely one copy, and will sell that one copy for multimillions of dollars (the exact price tag has yet to be specified). RZA spoke to Forbes about the ambitious endeavor, "We’re about to sell an album like nobody else sold it before. We’re about to put out a piece of art like nobody else has done in the history of [modern] music. We’re making a single-sale collector’s item. This is like somebody having the scepter of an Egyptian king." While you may not be able to afford this collector's piece, rest assured that A Better Tomorrow will be your standard commercial release, available to the masses. As RZA tells Forbes, The Wu– Once Upon A Time In Shaolin was produced for the most part by Moroccan native Tarik “Cilvaringz” Azzougarh. As it turns out, Cilvaringz was once just a fan of the Wu, and during a fateful concert night in 1997 he met RZA and somehow stayed in touch as the producer honed his craft. Obviously their relationship developed to the point that the entire crew was down to work with him. Wu-Tang Clan plan on taking this secret album on not-your-average-tour: it'll visit museums, galleries and festivals across the country, and like any art exhibition, there will be a cost to attend, likely between $30-$50. Once the visitors go through heavy security to make sure no recording devices are smuggled in, they'll be able to listen to the 128-minute album through headphones provided by the venue, as an extra precaution. As the producer says, "One leak of this thing nullifies the entire concept." The album will only become for sale (in the millions) once the tour runs it course. It may be a private citizen or a large company that will purchase it, either option is open. RZA says, "The idea that music is art has been something we advocated for years. And yet its doesn’t receive the same treatment as art in the sense of the value of what it is, especially nowadays when it’s been devalued and diminished to almost the point that it has to be given away for free." What are your thoughts on this creative initiative? Are you with it?

50 Cent Blasts Video Chick For Reportedly Claiming To Be His Girlfriend

50 Cent puts one of his video vixens on blast for reportedly sending out pictures from a video shoot, and claiming they were a couple. 50 Cent, never one to shy away from beef whether it be fully-formed or just on the precipice, takes aim today at one of the video girls he hired to shoot a visual off the forthcoming Animal Ambition album. Fiddy has really been on his video game as of late, releasing music videos for Animal Ambition cuts "Pilot", "Don't Worry 'Bout It", "Hold On", and "The Funeral,"-- basically almost every leak he's dropped off the project has received the visual treatment. Today the rapper took to his Instagram account to warn people about one particular video vixen, whom he calls out by name, Sally Ferreira. Apparently because this chick let go photos from their video shoot, 50 is re-shooting the video this week. He doesn't clarify as to which song the visual was for. "Big FAIL, super thirsty, new shoot this week coming. Unbelievable #smsaudio #Animal Ambition," 50 captioned the photo of Sally along with more warnings: "WARNING Do not attempt to work with this thirsty video b!tch she sent photos of the video shoot to MediaTakeOut saying I'm in a relationship with her. CAN ANYONE SAY RESHOOT" MediaTakeOut did indeed post a photo of 50 Cent riding the subway with the girl, his arms around her waist, thus making it seem as though it's candid photo (but in reality it's a still from the shoot). See the image from MediaTakeOut above, as well as 50's Instagram post below. [Edit: 50 Cent has taken down his Instagram post, however the image he posted can still be viewed Below]

Cover Art & Tracklist Revealed For Styles P's "Phantom And The Ghost"

Styles P unveils the tracklist for his forthcoming album, "Phantom and the Ghost", as well as cover art. Styles P will be following up 2013's album Float with Phantom And The Ghost on April 29th. The rapper recently dropped off a new joint from the LP, "Sour" which features Jadakiss and Rocko. Today he follows that up with the tracklist and official album art. The album art was already revealed along with the track "Sour" but since then it's gone through some very slight changes. The tracklist features Sheek Louch, Rocko, Chris Rivers, Raheem DeVaugh, Vado and more. There are 14 tracks total. Peep the tracklist below, and take a second look at the album art in the gallery above. The LP is currently up for pre-order on iTunes. 1. Never Safe 2. Creep City (feat. Sheek Louch) 3. Deeper Self 4. World Tour (feat. Vado) 5. Don’t Be Scared (feat. The Bull Pen) 6. Sour (feat. Jadakiss & Rocko) 7. Never Trust (feat. Chris Rivers) 8. Rude Boy Hip Hop (feat. Raheem DeVaughn) 9. Other Side (feat. Shae Lawrence) 10. For the Best 11. Smoke All Day (feat. Dyce Payne) 12. We Gettin 13. Same Scriptures 14. So Deep

Stream Sage The Gemini's Debut Album, "Remember Me"

Sage The Gemini's Remember Me" is now available for free stream. YG's My Krazy Life arrived with a bang last week, but just today another solid west coast project got a slightly quieter release. Sage The Gemini's Remember Me dropped today, and it's a solid batch of hits that pull from the same infectious Bay Area sound of the rappers hits "Gas Pedal" and "Red Nose". The project features guest appearances from the likes of August Alsina, Iamsu!, Eric Bellinger, Berner, Justin Bieber and more. As it dropped today, the album is now streaming for free on Spotify. Sage's fellow HBK Gang member Iamsu! will be delivering his new project next month. So look out for that as well. Take a listen to the full project below.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Young Thug Is Naming His Next Project "Carter VI"

Young Thug reveals the Lil Wayne-inspired title of his upcoming effort. For those of you who thought you'd never see a Carter VI, its now looking like a real possibility-- though it won't be Lil Wayne on the mic. According to Young Thug-- who has continuously cited Wayne as his sole influence --his next project will be titled Carter VI. “I just feel like I’m that big,” said Thug, speaking to DJ Whoo Kid on the title. “Cause he feel like after Tha Carter V he ain’t gonna make no more music. Cause he feel like can’t nobody make music like that,” explained the rapper, alluding to the fact that he took Wayne's claim as a challenge. "I'm going straight at his ass". Thugger also spoke of his experience at SXSW, which he almost didn't attend. “Fuck yeah, I enjoyed it. I didn’t even wanna go at first, man," he said. "When I [stayed] there for like three, four days. Oh yeah, I ain’t never missing the next one. I feel like if I did step into the world I wouldn’t feel like it’s no competition.” Listen to the full interview below.

Rick Ross Reveals Acronym For Puff Daddy's "MMM" Album

Rick Ross reveals that Puff Daddy's new album "MMM" stands for "Money Making Mitch." Diddy (now Puff Daddy) and Rick Ross have worked closely over the past few months, first on Rozay's recent Mastermind album, which Puff executive produced. Now that Diddy is working on his own album, MMM, Ricky Rozay is returning the favor. Ross is the featured artist on Puff's lead single "Big Homie" which we heard a few weeks back (and a visual is on the way). When it was first announced that the Bad Boy label head was working on MMM, the acronym remained a mystery. Today, Rozay has revealed what it stands for: Money Making Mitch, taking a cue from the classic film "Paid In Full." The MMG bawse happened to reveal the fact during a very brief clip from Trace, which you can check out below. Ross says, "The Bugatti Boys. You know we was in the studio and we actually spoke about music for that. You know he [Diddy] in the studio working on music for his project Money Making Mitch. But you know the Bugatti Boys we still gettin' money." As we reported on previously, Money Making Mitch will be executive produced by French Montana.

Diddy Changes Name Back To Puff Daddy

Diddy has reverted back to his classic Puff Daddy moniker, at least momentarily. In February Bad Boy Diddy announced he was working on a new album, simply titled MMM, which would be executive produced by fellow Bad Boy French Montana. This will serve as the music mogul's first album 2010's Last Train To Paris and will be his seventh since his 1997 debut No Way Out. With the new album, apparently comes a name change. It's a change you're familiar with however, as Diddy reverts back to his Puff Daddy moniker from his hey-day with Biggie. While it's unclear if this will be a permanent change, or simply for the MMM album, Diddy's official teaser for the "Big Homie" music video refers to the rapper as Puff Daddy (check that out below).

Frank Ocean Spotted In Studio Working On Sophomore LP

Evidence of Frank Ocean working on his sophomore album surfaces. Frank Ocean has appeared in the news lately, although it hasn't had to do with new music from the singer. Rather, his name has been circulating because of a Chipotle lawsuit over a commercial track that Ocean never ended up doing, despite taking an advance for it. The r'n'b singer has since settled the matter. Today we've got news relating to actual music from the Channel Orange singer. Back in November, Ocean posted on his Tumblr that he was getting back to work although we haven't seen much evidence of that (however, he did appear on Converse's record with The Clash and Diplo recently, "Hero"). Today photographer/videographer Nabil posted a flick of Ocean in the studio, and revealed that he was working on his sophomore album. "Frank in the lab.. Making sophomore album game", Nabil captioned the photo. Ocean has deleted both his Twitter and Instagram accounts, so the details we have on this solely come from his Tumblr/Nabil. Download "Hero" if you missed it here. We'll keep you posted when more details surface on Ocean's new album.

Monday, March 24, 2014

www.mixtapedrop.info FeaturedSingle: @2Piece_TX feat. @NinoBrownMiami #AintNoWay Listen/Download


Nick Cannon Dons "White Face" In Promotion Of "White People Party Music"

Nick Cannon is taking his promotional strategy for his new album, "White People Party Music" to a whole new level. If you thought releasing a song called "Slumber Pants" was ridiculous, you haven't seen the half of Nick Cannon's absurd new promotional strategy. His upcoming album, White People Party Music, has now earned itself its own character, Connor Smallnut, played by a "white face"-donning Cannon. This isn't anything we haven't seen before from the likes of Eddie Murphy and Dave Chappelle, but this take is somehow decidedly creepier than those that came before it. The character has also spilled out onto the Wild N Out host's Twitter and Instagram accounts, with Cannon answering questions in character, and captioning the photo himself in costume with the following text: It's official... I'm White!!!#WHITEPEOPLEPARTYMUSIC #Wppm in stores April 1st!!!!!!Dude Go Get It!!!Join The Party!!!! #GoodCredit#DogKissing #BeerPong #FarmersMarkets#FistPumping #CreamCheeseEating #RacialDraft "Bro I got drafted!!" >Take a look at some of the content we've got from Smallnut so far. How do you feel about it? Nick Cannon ✔ @NickCannon Follow "@Keezi305: @NickCannon how does it feel to be white?" Great, I'm no longer afraid of the Police!! LOL 2:05 AM - 24 Mar 2014 Nick Cannon ✔ @NickCannon Follow "@HunterEvenson35: @NickCannon What was your first "white thought"?" ... Dude, Where's the Cream Cheese? 2:16 AM - 24 Mar 2014

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