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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Chief Keef Is Paying For Infant Jakariah Patterson's Funeral In The Wake Of Unbelievable Tragedy

Chief Keef claims to be covering the expenses of Jakariah Patterson, an infant who was brutally beat to death by her father. According to his instagram, Chief Keef is paying for the funeral of Jakariah Patterson. If you haven't been aware of this case, Jakariah was a two year old who was found beaten to death earlier this month. It is a heartbreaking story, especially for Chicago - a city that has seen too much tragedy in the recent years. According the Tribune, the father is being held without bail as he is charged with viciously killing his infant daughter after she had an accident. Chicago native, Chief Keef, a rapper normally known for his highly illicit activities, wrote on his instagram in the usual all-caps: "RIP TO JAKARIAH PATTERSON BEAT TO DEATH BY. TELL THE NEWS TO REPORT THIS IM PAYING FOR THE FUNERAL." Keef is an incredibly controversial figure, but this is a nice gesture in the wake of devastating tragedy, assuming it was done in all sincerity and not just for publicity.

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