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Friday, March 28, 2014

Migos Involved In Miami Shooting [Update: Migos Respond To Drive-By]

One member of Migos or their crew has been hospitalized for "non-life-threatening injuries" Early this morning, Migos were involved in a shooting in Northwest Miami, on Interstate 95. According to Florida's Channel 7 news, an unspecified passenger in the group's van was "shot in the leg, suffering non-life-threatening injuries." The victim was driven to Jackson Memorial Hospital. Officer Joe Sanchez of Florida Highway State Patrol summed up the incident: "At 3:30 in the morning the van behind us was travelling southbound occupied by eight members of the entertainment group Migos. They were supposed to be performing at Cafe Iguanas in Broward [County, north of Miami] and apparently for whatever reason there was an altercation or disagreement with management and they didn't perform, so as they were driving southbound on I-95, according to the witnesses in the van, a dark vehicle pulled along side them and opened fire," said Sanchez. "A member of the group was in possession of his personal handgun and he returned fire. " In another interview with NBC Channel 6, Sanchez said that he did not know if this was a deliberate “hit” or a road rage incident. [UPDATE: New Details Emerge On Shooting Incident] As we reported on this morning, Migos were reportedly involved in a shooting while driving on Interstate 95 in Miami, Florida. Now a few new details have surfaced, and it appears as though no member of the trio was actually shot. Despite reports that someone from the group or the entourage was shot in the leg, Migos' manager tells TMZ that no one in their van was injured; it remains unclear who officer Joe Sanchez was referring to (read above) when he said someone in the van was injured. The van was riddled with bullets, though. See an image of the van being towed away above. Migos' manager says, "There was at least 40 rounds being blasted on those niggas." Apparently as they were driving down the highway, a car pulled up beside them and just started shooting off rounds. The manager says they proceeded to drive to the nearest hospital, however everyone was unscathed. Police confiscated the van from the hospital, and it is being processed as part of their investigation. [UPDATE #2: Migos Respond To Drive-By Shooting On Twitter] It appears all three of the Migos ATLiens are alive and well, despite encoutering "at least 40 rounds" of shots when driving on the I-95 earlier this morning. The group sent out a tweet from their account, saying, "A lot of fuck niggas tried to take my life. But I keep that thang on me so you betta think twice." Check out the tweet below. MIGOS™ ✔ @MigosATL Follow A lot of fuck niggas tried to take my life. But I keep that thang on me so you betta think twice 12:10 PM - 28 Mar 2014 #YRN TakeOff™ ✔ @1YoungTakeoff Follow Tried To Hit Me Up In Traffic??.... But I Had To Work My Magic ⭐️‼️🙏 9:58 AM - 28 Mar 2014 QuavoYRN ✔ @QuavoStuntin Follow Wonder if im gone be on first 48??? #NAH 11:05 AM - 28 Mar 2014

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