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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

DJ Khaled Accused Of Stealing Idea For "They Don't Love You No More" Artwork

DJ Khaled has been served with a cease and desist letter over the "They Don't Love You No More" artwork. DJ Khaled's new single "They Don't Love You No More" has attracted quite a bit of attention since dropping at the top the week, first reigniting the Drake and Jay Z discussion, then enraging Major League Lacrosse, and now garnering some legal action against it. This particular offense doesn't have anything to do with Jay's verse however, and actually stems from the artwork for the single. A rapper known as Kolley has accused Khaled of ripping off the artwork from his mixtape, Real Nigga Shit, which he released 6 weeks back. Much like Khaled's cover, RNS finds Kolley mean-mugging, as he bites into a chain with a fresh set of gold teeth. Representatives for the rapper have already issued a cease and desist letter to Khaled. So far the artwork has not been pulled. Take a look at both covers below. Coincidence or nah?

50 Cent Says Jay Z "Inherited" Drake Beef From Kanye West

50 Cent weighs in on Jay Z and Drake's recent tiff, as well as his relationship with Nas, and the possibility of a G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam. 50 Cent is no stranger to beef, so it's no surprise he has a few opinions concerning the recent back-and-forth between Drake and Jay Z. An extensive sit-down with HOT 97's Funkmaster Flex found him giving his take on the perceived feud, which he feels had something to do with issues Drake and Kanye had experienced beforehand. He also addressed a few other topics, including the current status of his relationship with Nas, as well as the rumor that G-Unit will be reuniting at 50's Summer Jam performance this June. Read some excerpts from the sit-down below. On Drake and Jay Z's feud: I think its good, man. I don’t think its a dangerous competition for Jay at all. He's got a lot of things he could pull. Of course because he's accomplished himself in so many ways, they're gonna have him under a different scrutiny... of let's say the 'conservative' audience. On who'll have the advantage: Its going to be what musical choices [they make], the production choices count too… its the same “Ether” versus the other joint ["Takeover"]. On where the beef stemmed from: I thought it was something he inherited from Kanye, 'cause they had that for a while going back and forth. I think it happens that way. It's natural that this takes place at some point. Drake is with Wayne, and Jay had issues with Wayne, while Drake had issues with Kanye. On his relationship with Nas: We good. I went to see him, he was in New York recently at the Beacon Theatre. He was doing rehearsals and running through the actual show, because it was like the 20th anniversary of Illmatic. I didn’t go to the concert, I went to see him ahead of the concert when he was actually doing rehearsals. He called earlier that week and he was like ‘Yo you going to Summer Jam, you got to tell whats getting ready to happen because I know. I know you got something crazy planned I just got to make sure we’re in the loop.’ On the possibility of a G-Unit reunion at Summer Jam: There’s a possibility for us to do things, but they got to get themselves together. I think its the work, when you start to see the activity and the progress from them as individuals that you do it.

First Week Sales Are In For Future & Iggy Azalea, Future Sells More

First week sales for both Future and Iggy Azalea have arrived, find out where they debuted on the Billboard 200. The projections for Future's Honest and Iggy Azalea's The New Classic had us all thinking that the Australian bombshell's debut album would outsell Future's sophomore effort. The numbers are in today, and this is not the case. Iggy Azalea did move the amount within her projected sales, with 52,000 copies flying off the shelves opening week. This landed her a debut of #3 on the Billboard 200. However, Future one-upped her and in turn sold more than his projected amount of 45-50k, by moving 53,000 copies opening week and landing the #2 debut on the Billboard 200. Future also moved more than his debut Pluto, which did 41,000 in 2012. No one seems to be able to move out the Frozen soundtrack from its #1 spot though. Did you pick up a copy of either of these LPs?

The-Dream's Baby Mama Claims Singer Punched & Strangled Her, Police Investigating

The-Dream is wanted for questioning by the police following claims of domestic violence from his ex-girlfriend, Lydia Nam. The-Dream does not come across as the most violent person, at least in his music, which is mainly about love and baby-making, however there are some heavy claims coming from his baby mama right now that allege the r'n'b singer was abusive to her. The NYPD are currently looking for the hitmaker, following claims from his ex-girlfriend and mother of his son, Lydia Nam. Nam says that in April 2013 at the Plaza Hotel, while she was still pregnant with their son, Terius Nash punched, kicked and strangled his girl. Dream insists these allegations are false. For some reason, Nam only filed a police report about the alleged assault in November, and it's unclear if she ever received any medical attention. The police are currently looking for the producer to question him about the incident. According to law enforcement sources, Nam filed similar domestic abuse allegations last June in Newport Beach, CA, however, she refused to press charges so the D.A. dropped the case. We'll keep you posted on the outcome of this. On a more positive note, the talented singer and producer released a new song and visual yesterday, addressing Donald Sterling's racist remarks, "BLACK."

Game & T.I. Involved In Standoff With L.A.P.D.

Rappers Game and T.I. hit up Supperclub in L.A. last night, and were involved in a tense standoff with the police outside the club. Game and T.I. were involved in a shouting match with the L.A.P.D. last night, after a brawl took place outside the club the two rappers were at. TMZ reports on the story, and apparently "mutual acquaintances" of both Game and Tip were denied entrance to Supperclub, and the two dudes in question began fighting and yelling at the club's security. One member of the entourage eventually threw a punch at a security guard, following which the security guards fought back and beat up the two friends, kicking one in the face while he was already down. When T.I. and Game exited the club and saw their guys were beat up, they mistakenly assumed the cops had done it-- and a tense standoff between police and rappers followed. Both the fight and the standoff was caught on tape, you can check out both clips below. We'll update you as more details on the story arise. The fight:

Lil Durk Explains Why He Dissed Tyga

Lil Durk clarifies why he chose to diss Tyga on his upcoming "Chi-Raq" remix with Meek Mill. Lil Durk surprised many when he decided to come at Tyga in a short clip of his upcoming "Chi-Raq" remix posted last week. It wasn't clear why Durk had decided to diss the rapper, but it was definitely a blatant jab, with the Signed To The Streets spitter saying, "Tyga only got one name but that nigga ain’t got one stripe". In a new interview with XXL, Durk has clarified his issues with Tyga, which he revealed began with a line he had about Blac Chyna, which Tyga asked him to change. Durk then says he was willing to do the line over in exchange for a collaboration, but while Tyga initially agreed, he later dodged Durk's texts. He also revealed that the final version of the verse will appear on a remix with Meek Mill. Check out excerpts from the sit-down below. XXL: I saw the preview to the “Chi-Raq” remix, and heard the Tyga diss. What happened there? Lil Durk: The song with me, Chris Brown and French Montana, I had said a line in there, a line about Blac Chyna. It wasn’t a diss, it was just a line, like, I want her and shit. It wasn’t no diss. When we was in L.A.—me, Tyga and Chris Brown, when we first did the hook—Tyga came in and heard the line, [and] he felt some type of way. It was tension since then. Chris Brown had played it back to him. It was tension. [Tyga] was like, “Man, just change it,” and I was like, “No doubt, I’m going to change it once we get something in, I fuck with you.” He said he fucks with me and he’s been texting me since I left L.A., like, “I’m going to send you something, you going to send me something, etc.” Then he stop replying and shit, and I felt some type of way and said, fuck it then, I’m not going to kiss his ass. What did Tyga ask, specifically? To remove the reference completely? He asked me to shout his name out on it. So I said I’ll do it, and he said we’re going to get some work in. I think he just told me that so I could just change it and I caught on to what he was doing, so I turned up on him. When did you record the “Chi-Raq (Remix)”? Like three or four days [ago]; no more than a week. Meek [Mill] hit me and said he wanted me to get on [the track] with him. Do you think you settled things with that line? Yeah, I addressed it enough. I was just like, fuck it, anything you do in a rap, it got to be an attention-grabber, so why not address it? You see what it’s doing—million views on Worldstar. What did Meek say when he heard it? He said that Tyga in trouble. [Laughs] Watch the clip below.

Major League Lacrosse Says Jay Z Wouldn't Last "One Minute" On The Field

Major League Lacrosse has criticized Jay Z for describing lacrosse as a "soft" sport on his verse from DJ Khaled's "They Don't Love You No More". The first time you heard Jay Z's verse on DJ Khaled's "They Don't Love You No More", you may have speculated that Hov was dissing Drake in his final bars. One thing that likely didn't cross your mind as you were getting caught up in subliminals was the unapologetic shot he took at lacrosse in the process. "Haters wanna ball, let me tighten up my drawstring / Wrong sport boy, you know you soft as a lacrosse team". Well, a spokesperson for Major League Lacrosse certainly caught the jab, and unlike Drake, he felt the need to respond instantly. The league gave the following statement to MTV, setting the record straight on the sport, as well as challenging Jay to try it for himself. Lacrosse is often called the fastest sport on two feet. Players are on the field dodging and shooting balls at over 100 miles per hour. With that said we don’t think Jay-Z knows what he’s talking about when he calls Lacrosse 'soft.' I can guarantee you it is anything but a 'soft’ sport.' Mr. Carter would not last one minute on a lacrosse field during a match and he is more than welcome to come to any of our games and try. So now we know that Katy Perry thinks Drake is soft... but lacrosse teams are actually pretty hard. So far no one from the fondue industry has spoken on the matter.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Lupe Fiasco & S1 Announce Joint Album, "Black Vietnam"

Lupe Fiasco's new album will be a collaborative effort with Symbolyc One called "Black Vietnam". Earlier this year, Young Thug and Bloody Jay came together to form Black Portland, and it now looks as if Lupe Fiasco and producer Symbolyc One will be claiming some international territory, with the announcement of their upcoming project, Black Vietnam. Lupe-- whose Twitter remains private --tweeted yesterday about the project, doing so using simple keywords, but getting the point across pretty clearly. "#BlackVietnam @SymbolycOne & @LupeFiasco #TheAlbum", he wrote. S1 also shared some info about the project via Twitter, revealing that he and Lupe were in the process of conceptualizing the album. S1 (Symbolyc One) @SymbolycOne Follow Got together with da fam @LupeFiasco last night to develop #BlackVietnam alil more! He also played me some new HEAT! Crazy!! S1 Fiasco is said to be wrapping up his next album Tetsuo & Youth right now, which means BV will likely follow.

Rihanna Goes Completely Topless On Cover Of Lui Magazine

Rihanna bares her breasts on the cover of French magazine, Lui. The other week we got a look at Rihanna's photo shoot with Vogue Brazil and her double cover of their magazine. The magazine's inside spread, perhaps unsurprisingly, contained several photos of Rih Rih in topless mode (which seems to be her natural state). Most of the time, when Rih Rih goes topless, she's still covering up her nipples/breasts in some way. For her latest magazine cover, though, Rihanna bares it all. Nipple ring included. It's not too shocking, as we are pretty accustomed to seeing Rihanna with her girls out these days. The Barbados native took to Instagram to reveal her new cover for Lui magazine, a French publication which is an 'adult entertainment magazine', hence the nakedness. In addition to being topless, Rih is wearing a bucket hat and has her hair in braids, a mix between Pusha T and ScHoolboy Q. Rihanna has also unveiled some new photos from her Vogue Brazil photo shoot on IG, which we've included in the gallery above, because why not. To see Rihanna's full, uncensored breasts in all their glory, head here. Lui Magazine hits news stands tomorrow.

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West To Get Married This Week?

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are reportedly looking to tie the knot sooner than expected, with a courthouse marriage some time this week. The rumor mill never ends when it comes to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. Their marriage has created even more fodder for gossip websites than usual, and among the fodder, we've learned that 'Ye wants James Franco and Seth Rogen to perform their "Bound 2" parody live at their wedding, Kanye apparently wants to buy Kimmy Cakes Burger King franchises as a wedding gift, and the two are apparently looking at having their wedding reception at the Palace of Versailles in France. In March we were told that the famous couple had locked down a wedding date in May, but now TMZ reports that the two lovebirds are planning to get married this week in a no-frills courtroom marriage. Word is they got a "confidential" marriage license so no one officially knows. Along with the confidential marriage license, it's being reported that a courtroom official will come to Kim and Kanye to marry them privately in their home, rather than the couple go out publicly to a courthouse. Following their private marriage, the couple are reportedly still planning a lavish ceremony in Paris, and thus the wedding date we received in March could stick for these plans.

Future Speaks On Disliking Features, New Music Every Three Months & More

Future discusses not doing features any more, the new music he has in store, and receiving radio play for the single titled "Move That Dope." Future has been on an interview run these days, so there's no lack of promo for Honest. During his recent in-depth sit-down with Elliott Wilson we learned that Future is looking to drop the long-delayed and forgotten project Future Hendrix later in 2014, consisting of records that didn't make the cut for Honest. We also saw the rapper make his late-night show debut last night with an appearance on Arsenio Hall. In yet another in-depth interview, Future sits down for NPR's Microphone Check podcast alongside Frannie Kelley and ATCQ’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad. The conversation broached many topics, some of which have been hashed out already in Future's recent spurt of interviews. Some of the more interesting tidbits included Future revealing that he doesn't like to do features despite being the go-to rapper for hooks, discussion of his freestyle recording process, and getting "Move That Dope" onto the radios. Check out some excerpts from the interview below, via MissInfo. You can also listen or download the full forty minute podcast below. On not going out of his way to do features: All my mixtapes don’t have no features. I was doing good. “The Same Damn Time,” I was doing “Turn On the Lights” by myself, “Neva End” by myself, I was doing “Magic” by myself, “Tony Montana.” I did all those records and I start opening up with artists, “Let’s work together! Let’s work together!” Then as soon as you work with them, they send paperwork and managers and all that. Man, I’m not doing that anymore. If you want to come to my studio session, come through and let’s work. I’m not trying to go out my way to work with you and then at the end, it’s about the business and we falling out behind something that we shouldn’t even had a fallout about, man. On his freestyle process: Because sometimes a artist can go in there and just slap paint on the wall and you be like, “Man, that’s dope.” And they put a lot of colors in. Put your hands in and for your hands it’s moments that you can’t get back. You can’t put your handprint on that wall that same way again. You can’t recreate that moment again. So that’s why you go in the booth and try to get those takes that you can’t recreate, you know what I mean? The way you said, you can’t even say it again like that. If you try to do another take the same way, it wouldn’t come out the same way. I can’t mimic, or, I can’t get back what I just, what just came out my mouth. Like you were asking me this question, I’ll probably answer the question a different way every time you ask me. The best way you answer is the first time when you speak it. On new music: Man, probably 10 records, 10 albums. They don’t even understand. People don’t even understand how much music I have because I work on music every single day. If I get the chance to put another album out within three, four months, then I’m not gonna release a mixtape. I’m not gonna hold back my music again cause I did it for a whole year and the only reason I stayed relevant because of my features. I’m not gonna just hold my music for another year. I can’t. I’m not doing it. No more. I did it for Honest, that’s — I tried it that way. I record too much. I’m putting my music out every three months. I’m doing it. I’m dropping bombs. On radio play: Even with “Move That Dope,” it’s like, “Man, you got a record called ‘Move That Dope.’ How you gone get this on the radio?” Don’t think about that. Don’t start. “Man, we need a first single, Future. We need a first single. It can’t be ‘Move That Dope.’ You talking about dope.” Like, man, let the people judge that. We gone change the radio, from every song that I did, from “Racks on Racks,” “Same Damn Time,” “Love Song,” “Body Party” or “Bugatti,” we changed the radio — the tempo of radio. It can be up-tempo, we go slow. We go slow, we go up-tempo, like, you dictate your fans — you and your fans dictate the way the radio — let ‘em come to you.

Could This Be The Album Cover For Lil Wayne's "Carter V"?

Kobe Bryant releases what appears to be the new album cover for Lil Wayne's "Carter V". Carter V season is upon us! After hearing a snippet of his upcoming Mannie Fresh-produced single earlier today, we now have what appears to be Lil Wayne’s album cover for his highly-anticipated Carter V album. Allowing the news to be released by Kobe Bryant on twitter (yes the Lakers guard), Weezy releases a more simplistic cover for his "last" album. Taking a different approach than his previous inked out childhood picture, Weezy delivers an all white cover, featuring a large red V in the middle of it to emphasize his 5th instalment. Nothing too special, but hopefully the music makes up for it. There's still no real confirmation if this is the official artwork, but we do know Kobe and Wayne have had a past together, so this very well could be it. If not, it at least means something is coming soon, maybe the first single? The album originally had a May 5th release date, but has been since pushed back, and is awaiting a new date. I wouldn't be surprised to see Weezy give little or no notice at all and pull and Beyonce/Cudi on us. Just a thought however.

DJ Mustard Announces Debut Album Title

DJ Mustard reveals the title of his upcoming debut album to be "10 Summers". Album or not, DJ Mustard is more than set up to take over the summer. Building his catalog of hits every day, Mustard already loaded YG with a stack of bangers for his album, My Krazy Life, and his collaborations with Tinashe, Kid Ink, and Jennifer Lopez continue to gain momentum. Still, Mustard will be releasing a full length project this summer, and it now has an official title. Sticking with the theme of the warmer months, the debut project from teh DJ will be titled 10 Summers. We've already heard his banger, "Vatos" with YG, Jeezy, and Que, and we know there's only more where that came from. If you haven't checked out the producer's solid 2013 mixtape, Ketchup, make sure to get familiar before the new record drops. Dj mustard ✔ @DJmustard Follow The title if my debut album is 10 summers !!! 5:08 PM - 28 Apr 2014

Katy Perry On Juicy J: "I Don't Want To Make Him Out To Be Softer Than Drake"

Katy Perry alludes to Drake's softness in a new interview with the Breakfast Club. Katy Perry recently called into the Breakfast Club, but unlike guests like Kanye West before her, she was not too careful with her words, as many artists have learned to be when appearing on the show. Things got off to a good start with Perry sharing some kind words for Juicy J, who she worked with on her recent number one single, "Dark Horse". “He’s such a sweet, genuine guy and an amazing, hard worker,” she said. "I’ve worked with a lot of people that have done little pieces on songs and not that they have egos, but Juicy’s the kindest.” However, things got interesting when she decided to differentiate his kindness from his reputation of being a street rapper. "I don’t want to make him out to be softer than Drake,” she said, to roars of laughter from the show's hosts. Katy then attempted to save face, but ended up once again casting Drake as a sensitive rapper. “I love Drake; he’s like my secret diary,” she said. While calling Drake emotional isn't exactly a new joke, or a quality Drizzy has ever really denied, Perry's comments quickly sent shock jock Charlamagne straight into a roast of the rapper, while the singer retorted, “I really love Drake, so get off my D”. This is not the first time Perry has accidentally dissed a rapper, as she had a short-lived beef with Chief Keef over "Hate Being Sober" last year. Listen to the interview below.

Monday, April 28, 2014

featured single @djkhaled feat. Jay Z,Rick Ross,Meek Mill,French Montana-"They Don't Love You No More"

DJ Khaled ft. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Meek Mill & French Montana - They Don_t Love You No More IFWT.mp3

Joe Budden To Battle Hollow Da Don For "Eminem Presents: Total Slaughter"

Joe Budden and Hollow Da Don will face off in a battle for the Eminem-presented event, "Total Slaughter". Joe Budden's battle with Hollow Da Don has been on the table for a while now, but the new trailer for "Eminem Presents: Total Slaughter" has officially confirmed it. Budden and Hollow will be the headlining match, but we will also see Loaded Lux and Murda Mook face off during the event. Outside of the big night, a reality show will also be filmed, following 8 aspiring battlers, who will compete for the undercard title leading up to the event. Math Hoffa, Dizaster, Arsonal, Daylyt, Cortez, Marv Won, Big T and Aye Verb, and T-Rex will reportedly be participating. Watch the trailer for Total Slaughter below. The Shady Records-sponsored match will take place July 12th in New York City.

Jay Z Will Be On DJ Khaled's New Single

DJ Khaled got a little excited when he announced that Jay Z would be featured on his upcoming single. DJ Khaled has been known to put on a show. Last year, to generate hype for his single, "I Wanna Be With You", he staged a proposal to Nicki Minaj, who happened to be featured on the track. This year, Khaled is gearing up for another release, and he's gone to MTV studios once again to deliver an unforgettable performance. Host Rob Markman sets Khaled up for his promo assault, which begins with Khaled getting out of his chair and passionately yelling about his domination of the last seven summers, declaring, "Every summer's mine! I'm the king of the anthems!" Getting progressively louder, the We The Best DJ then makes his big announcement-- that Jay Z will appear on his upcoming single. Khaled then drops the mic and dramatically storms offscreen. Could this be the song with Hov, Drake, Rick Ross, and Future that was rumored to drop last year? Watch the full clip below.

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Mac Miller Reveals Title Of His Upcoming Mixtape

Mac Miller reveals his new mixtape, set to drop on May 11th, is called "Faces." Mac Miller announced recently during a live show that he would be dropping a new mixtape on Mother's Day aka May 11th. The rapper even debuted new music off the mixtape for the crowd, although didn't reveal a project title at the time. Now that we are nearing the month of May, Mac has decided to let fans know what his mixtape is titled. Taking to Twitter, the Pittsburgh MC shared that the title is Faces. He later added that "Faces just got a lot crazier", although didn't elaborate as to how/what. We'll update you when we receive artwork and/or a tracklist. Are you excited to hear Faces? Check back on May 11th. Mac recently appeared on a 4/20-themed mixtape with three different cuts, "Walkin Home", "Happy" and "One Nine Six Nine." Check Mac's tweets below. Faces. Mother's Day ✔ @MacMiller Follow you wanna know the title of the shit dropping on mother's day? 11:58 PM - 27 Apr 2014 Faces. Mother's Day ✔ @MacMiller Follow Faces - coming 5.11.14 11:59 PM - 27 Apr 2014 Faces. Mother's Day ✔ @MacMiller Follow Faces just got a lot crazier. 7:10 AM - 28 Apr 2014

It's Official, JAY Z & BEYONCE "On The Run" Tour Dates

Jay Z and his wife, Beyoncé, are planning to go on a 20 date stadium tour in the US, Page Six reports. Aside from this past weekend’s Coachella festivities, it appears that Jay Z and wife, Beyonce, will be spending a lot more time together this summer. According to Page Six, Hov and Bey are planning a 20-city stadium tour in the US this summer. While little information has been revealed or confirmed for that matter, it’s being reported that the Carter’s will kick start their tour in late June. Music’s most powerful couple are both just coming off very long tours themselves, as Jay Z finished his 52 date "Magna Carta World Tour" in January, and Beyonce just wrapped up her "Mrs. Carter Show" world tour at the end of March. The Carters are no strangers to performing together however. They most recently performed their hit “Drunk In Love” on the last night of Beyonce’s world tour in Portugal. (footage of that can be seen below). Start saving your money now, and we'll keep you updated as more information gets revealed. (or confirmed) If all remains true, will you be copping tickets? [UPDATE: Jay Z & Beyonce To Go On "On The Run" Tour] After rumors started circulating mid-April that Beyonce and Jay Z would be headlining a stadium tour together this summer, we've now received word it's official. The hip-hop power couple will head on the road and visit 16 cities this summer for the "On The Run" tour. The tour kicks off at Sun Life Stadium in Miami, FL on June 25th, and runs until August 5th where the tour finishes in San Francisco at AT&T Park. Ticket information can be found here, and check the full set of tour dates below. June 25 - Sun Life Stadium in Norland, Florida June 28- The Great American Ballpark in Cincinnati, Ohio July 1- Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts July 5- Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania July 7- M and T Bank Stadium in Baltimore, Maryland July 9- Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario July 11- MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey July 15- Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia July 18- Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas July 20- Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana July 22- AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas July 24- Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois July 27- Investors Group Field in Winnipeg, Manitoba July 30- Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington August 2- Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California August 5- AT & T Park in San Francisco, California

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Veteran Harlem DJ E-Z Rock Has Passed Away

DJ E-Z Rock has died. More sad news this evening, folks. Not 24 hours after the passing of Chicago's DJ Rashad, veteran Harlem DJ E-Z Rock, AKA Rodney "Skip" Bryce, has passed away as well. Some of the older heads in the audience will undoubtedly recall his "It Takes Two" single with Rob Base, from their 1988 album of the same name, both having been certified Platinum. The news broke earlier today after Base posted a Facebook status which read "RIP Skip (DJ EZ Rock) friends since 4th grade, I'm really going to miss you." Details concerning Rock's death were scarce as of press time. Below, you can read reactions from the hip-hop community and watch the official music video for "It Takes Two." Our sincerest condolences go out to E-Z Rock's family, friends and collaborators. May he rest in peace. R.A. the Rugged Man ✔ @RAtheRuggedMan Follow this is sad. ROB BASE just posted this on his page. Apparently DJ EZ ROCK passed away. 4:50 PM - 27 Apr 2014 BIZ MARKIE ✔ @BizMarkie Follow R.I.P. TO EZ ROCK FROM ROB BASE AND EZ ROCK YOU WILL TRULY BE MISSED. . 4:17 PM - 27 Apr 2014 Funk Flex !!!!! ✔ @funkflex Follow R.I.P Dj Ez Rock http://instagram.com/p/nT_CjEQQ3c/ 6:47 PM - 27 Apr 2014 DJ KING ASSASSIN ✔ @DjKingAssassin Follow RIP To my good friend and brother DJ EZ ROCK yes it is now confirmed he's dancing now with the angels (It Takes Two) Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock 6:33 PM - 27 Apr 2014 [Word To Complex]

Chance The Rapper, 2 Chainz, Danny Brown And More React To DJ Rashad's Death

DJ Rashad, a pioneer of Chicago's footwork dance music scene reportedly overdosed yesterday afternoon. Though DJ Rashad was a more well-known figure in the dance music world, he had his fair share of friends and admirers in the hip-hop sphere. Yesterday, the 35-year-old DJ was found dead in his apartment, with narcotics and drug paraphernalia allegedly found near his body. Many rappers and producers, including Rashad's onetime tour-mate Chance The Rapper, took to Twitter to remember the music legend. Read tweets from Chance, 2 Chainz, Danny Brown, Jay Electronica, A-Trak, Lee Bannon, Jeremiah Jae and Sasha Go Hard below. Chance The Rapper ✔ @chancetherapper Follow Music lost a legend today. And he was my friend. Love you DJ Rashad. RIP 7:38 PM - 26 Apr 2014 Tity Boi (2 Chainz) ✔ @2chainz Follow RIP DJ Rashad 12:48 AM - 27 Apr 2014 Danny Brown ✔ @xdannyxbrownx Follow Music lost a legend ... DJ Rashad will be missed .. My prayers go out to everyone saddened by this tragedy 9:40 AM - 27 Apr 2014 ℒℴѵℯJay ELECTRONICA ✔ @JayElectronica Follow if its true that DJ Rashad died, thats sad news. so sad :( 8:18 PM - 26 Apr 2014 DJ Anti-Tweeze ✔ @atrak Follow DJ Rashad built so many bridges for Chicago music. He wasn’t just a legend he continued to innovate. This is really sad. 8:38 PM - 26 Apr 2014 LEE BANNON @BANNON916 Follow Damn RIP to a true innovator. 8:44 PM - 26 Apr 2014 SASHA GO HARD @SASHA_DARAPPER Follow R.I.P to @DJRASHAD . Very cool and humble guy. Sad. Prayers goes to your family. Learned a few things from ya. 9:35 AM - 27 Apr 2014

Lil Durk Disses Tyga In Preview Of New "Chi-Raq" Remix

Lil Durk uploads an Instagram video of himself rapping along with the Tyga diss track Look out Tyga, Lil Durk's got beef with you. Or at least so it seems from a new video posted on Durk's Instagram account, which finds the Chicago MC rapping along with a few choice bars from what seems to be an upcoming remix of Nicki Minaj and Lil Herb's "Chi-Raq." In the video, which was uploaded with the caption "chiraq remix @meekmill u ready," Durk raps: "Heard Tyga sneak dissing on me, tell the thot bitches I'm not right, Tyga only got one name, but that nigga ain't got one stripe, you backpack...," going on to conclude "This Chi-raq don't come here, you ain't from here, then don't come here." Watch the full video below, and stay tuned for a remix of "Chi-Raq" that could potentially feature both Meek Mill and Lil Durk.

Young Chop Says That Kanye West Knew People Wouldn't Like "Yeezus"

Young Chop, who worked on several "Yeezus" tracks, says Kanye West made the controversial album "just to prove a point." Depending on who you ask, Kanye West's 2013 album Yeezus was either among the best albums of the year or, as 50 Cent recently put it, "weird." The album sparked controversy for its harsh, experimental qualities, and now Young Chop, who worked on some of the album, says that Kanye knew that Yeezus would be less popular than his other albums. In a new interview with Vlad TV, the Chicago producer was asked about the mixed critical reception that Yeezus got, and replied: “Kanye knows that. He knew that when he was working on it. He knows that shit. He just wanted to do the shit… just to prove a point to the shit. He could do anything, you feel me? Shit he could do any motherfucking record. That’s Kanye. And I sat down with him and shit. Like bro really motherfucking talented. He knows exactly what he wants and that the shit is just gonna grow off that because the shit is just genius work.” Chop's respect for Kanye was made very clear, leading the interviewer to ask if he was the best producer Chop has ever worked with. "Hell yeah," he quickly replied, "Until I work with Pharrell... That's the number one producer I always fuck with." Chop later said that working with Kanye made him less "afraid to take risks with that shit," noting that he started out scared to add elements to his well-defined sound. When asked if he and Kanye had more collaborations in the works, Chop said, "Most definitely. Yeah we got some crazy shit finna come out." He quickly corrected himself, laughing and saying, "No, I ain't say that," alerting us that this news was supposed to be a secret. What do you think of Kanye releasing Yeezus knowing full well that a great deal of his fanbase would feel alienated by it? Let us know in the comments. Watch Young Chop's full interview below.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Game Launches #EmptySeatCampaign Against Clippers Owner Donald Sterling

Game is the latest rapper to respond to Donald Sterling's racist comments. Ever since Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling's racist phone conversation with his girlfriend leaked yesterday, various rappers have publicly expressed anger and disdain for his hurtful words. First, Meek Mill took to Twitter to call Sterling "The Definition of Racism," then Snoop Dogg shared his more explicit opinions of Sterling, and now L.A.'s own Game has launched an online campaign to ensure low attendance at Clippers games. On his Instgram account today, Game shared the following message: "I have to say that after listening to the full audio clip of Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling making racists comments towards (minorities) specifically African Americans & Hispanics, I am totally outraged & very upset !!! He also went on to say that because Magic Johnson was black he did not want Magic to attend any of the Los Angeles Clippers games. Myself being African American & having a huge Hispanic following... I find myself in a position to defend both my heritage & that of all of the Hispanic community, not only here but around the world.... Whom, both are very supportive of not only the Los Angeles Clippers, but every professional sports franchise in Los Angeles & elsewhere specifically the Los Angeles Dodgers... Whose owner & opposing Los Angeles Lakers great "Earvin Magic Johnson" was both disrespected & racially profiled by the Clippers owner. Not sure on exact numbers but I'm pretty sure Hispanics alone make up at least 65% of ticket buyers for Los Angeles Clippers games as well as merchandising. With that said, it was not only ignorant & racist but a non-calculated & disgusting business move on Donald Sterlings part. In the support of my own race, Hispanics & every other race whose been fighting current & past racism I have now started the #ESCwhich is short for #EMPTYSEATCAMPAIN asking ALL Los Angeles residents to boycott the next Clippers game by not attending which will prove that we are more of a MAJORITY than the previously stated "minority" label given to us by Mr. Sterling. Although I feel for friends of mine that play for the Clippers franchise such as @CP3 whose own team owner considers a minority...... I now, along with good friend & designer @ceoselfmade ask everyone who reads this WORLDWIDE to RE-POST this picture & hashtag:#BoycottClippers #ESC #EmptySeatCampaign#Support #OGMagicJohnson #StopRacism #OneWorld#WeAreAMajority.” Below is the picture Game shared with the message.

50 Cent Says G-Unit Is "Dismantled"

In an interview with Power 99's Cosmic Kev, 50 Cent said he has no contact with either Lloyd Banks or Tony Yayo, and thinks that they're "half-retarded." It's no secret that the once-strong walls of G-Unit have been crumbling for some time, with Tony Yayo declaring that money ruined the group last year, and 50 Cent stopping short of saying the group was "dead" earlier this month. But today we received what might be the final nail in the coffin. Fif, speaking to DJ Cosmic Kev on Philadelphia's Hot 99 station, said he has absolutely no contact with Tony Yayo or Lloyd Banks, and declared the group "dismantled." Echoing some of his thoughts from the aforementioned earlier interview, 50 Cent said that his former musical partners lost all their potential fame and star power by "being kids about it," wasting their money and not working hard enough. After berating Banks and Yayo for quite a while, 50 was asked by Kev if he was even in contact with the rest of G-Unit anymore, to which he responded that he doesn't even have either of their phone numbers. Quoth Fiddy: "My New Years resolution was not talking to people [like that]." Kev kept pressing, asking 50 Cent what it would take to record with the rest of G-Unit again, and he said, "If they made music that was impressive, and I actually would get on a record if you sent it to me to feature on the record, I would be on the song." But as it stands now, at least in Fiddy's mind, his former homies are acting "half-retarded." He even said he wouldn't bail Banks or Yayo out if they were in dire circumstances. The interview continued with talks of 50 Cent's upcoming album, his confrontation with Steve Stoute, and beefs with Fat Joe and Ja Rule. Listen to the full 40+ minute interview below.

Lil Wayne & Mannie Fresh Spotted In The Studio

Are Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh reuniting on "Carter V"? Here’s something that we haven't seen in about 10 years. Since Tha Carter dropped back in 2004, Lil Wayne has not rapped on any Mannie Fresh beat for one of his official albums. Well by the looks of things thats all about to change here soon as Weezy was just spotted in the studio the other night with his old Cash Money producer to presumably work on Tha Carter V. Music producer and song-writer, Charles Pettaway, was on hand in the studio and decided to post a picture of the three on Twitter with the caption: “Me, Lil Wayne and Mannie Fresh at the studio.” Their lab session went down from Thursday night to early Friday morning in Atlanta, Georgia. While nothing here is confirmed, it does look we'll see this reunion on C5. Tha Carter V originally had a May 5th release date, but has since been pushed back, and awaiting a new date. Hell, a new single would be nice to hold us over. Where ya at Weezy? Who’s excited to hear Tunechi and Mannie Fresh back working together?

Tyga's Tiger Has Been Confiscated

Tyga now faces criminal charges for his choice of pet. If you follow Tyga on Instagram, you may have noticed an interesting addition to his photos beginning about two months ago: a tiger. Yes, it seems that Tyga thought that keeping his big cat namesake as a pet was a good idea, but California Wildlife officers clearly thought otherwise. They confiscated the tiger and charged Tyga with possession of a prohibited species, a misdemeanor offense that's punishable by up to six months in jail. After officials had received a report of a tiger living in Tyga's home in Ventura County, California, a warden visited Tyga's home to follow-up, and the rapper said he had put the animal in a private shelter. Officers transferred the 7-month-old cat to a state facility while they investigate. According to TMZ, Tyga didn't know it was illegal to own the tiger, "and as soon as he realized, he gave it to a sanctuary." Stay tuned for more news on this case, and let us know your opinions of Tyga keeping the exotic pet in the comments section.

50 Cent Reveals "Animal Ambition" Tracklist

The back cover of 50 Cent's "Animal Ambition" has leaked. 50 Cent's Animal Ambition will hit shelves on June 3rd, and while we've heard a good deal of its tracks, the complete tracklist has been a mystery up to this point. But today, the album's back cover leaked, giving us all a good look at the tracks' names and features that will appear on it. Though the previously-reported Schoolboy Q guest spot is nowhere in sight here, it will most likely turn up on the album's deluxe edition. View the full tracklist below. 01. Hold On 02. Don't Worry Bout It (Feat. Yo Gotti) 03. Animal Ambition 04. Pilot 05. Smoke (Feat. Trey Songz) 06. Everytime I Come Around (Feat. Kidd Kidd) 07. Irregular Heartbeat (Feat. Jadakiss & Kidd Kidd) 08. I'm A Hustler 09. Twisted (Feat. Mr. Probz) 10. Winners Circle (Feat. Guordan Banks) 11. Chase The Paper (Feat. Prodigy, Kidd Kidd & Styles P)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Schoolboy Q Goes Off On Twitter User For Criticizing His Music

ScHoolboy Q fires back at a prominent Twitter user for calling him, among other things, "the weakest one" in TDE. Last evening, Schoolboy Q found himself the target of an offhand diss by Twitter user OfficiallyIce, who some call a "ringleader of Black Twitter," and fired back, inciting an angry exchange between the two. It all began with OfficiallyIce's response to a tweet by user EvilJeanyis, which didn't even have an "@SchoolboyQ" in it, but was enough to attract Q's rage. Read the full conversation, which TDE president Punch also got involved in, below. In case the tweets get deleted, we've also included photos of them in the above gallery. Cheek Mill @EvilJeanyis Follow Schoolboy fire tho RT @OfficiallyIce: Or schoolboy Q RT @EvilJeanyis: If it aint nipsey or suga free westside hate it 4:51 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce @EvilJeanyis must be 2 schoolboy q's ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow @OfficiallyIce every rapper u like from LA A OPEN UP FOR ME UNLESS U SPEAKING ON MY CAMP KDOT 7:22 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce Or schoolboy Q RT @EvilJeanyis: If it aint nipsey or suga free westside hate it ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow @OfficiallyIce u got 300k tweets my niggaH your a loser reality is 2 mucH for u !!! And I bring moe ppl out den niggaHz u Hang wit fag 7:25 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce Follow @ScHoolBoyQ nigga it's twitter. Fuck u supposed to do besides tweet? Not my fault u the weakest one in ya camp. Who u mad at? Me or yaself? 7:31 PM - 24 Apr 2014 ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ @OfficiallyIce now ima follow u so wHen I'm in ya city we gone set dat fade up since I'm always in ya moutH Ice @OfficiallyIce Follow @ScHoolBoyQ I only follow back at 10:17pm. Remind me then. I'll gladly follow u back. 7:32 PM - 24 Apr 2014 ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow @OfficiallyIce make a million off twitter den talk to me cuHz I did!! Keep my name out yo moutH r meet up and get down wHen I'm in yo city 7:26 PM - 24 Apr 2014 ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow Now back to tHis SOLDOUT WORLD TOUR MARK AZZ NIGGAH 7:31 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Punch @iamstillpunch Lol. Shout out to @ScHoolBoyQ QWop ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow “@iamstillpunch: Lol. Shout out to @ScHoolBoyQ QWop”>>>> same niggaH dat prolly got slapped tHo ima c cuHz watcH!!!! 8:33 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce Follow And none of that changes the fact that u the weakest nigga on ya squad @ScHoolBoyQ. Get outta here and go kick a freestyle. 7:33 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce Follow I apologize about that y'all. I don't normally entertain that type of shit. 7:34 PM - 24 Apr 2014 ScHoolboy Q fires back at a prominent Twitter user for calling him, among other things, "the weakest one" in TDE. Last evening, Schoolboy Q found himself the target of an offhand diss by Twitter user OfficiallyIce, who some call a "ringleader of Black Twitter," and fired back, inciting an angry exchange between the two. It all began with OfficiallyIce's response to a tweet by user EvilJeanyis, which didn't even have an "@SchoolboyQ" in it, but was enough to attract Q's rage. Read the full conversation, which TDE president Punch also got involved in, below. In case the tweets get deleted, we've also included photos of them in the above gallery. Cheek Mill @EvilJeanyis Follow Schoolboy fire tho RT @OfficiallyIce: Or schoolboy Q RT @EvilJeanyis: If it aint nipsey or suga free westside hate it 4:51 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce @EvilJeanyis must be 2 schoolboy q's ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow @OfficiallyIce every rapper u like from LA A OPEN UP FOR ME UNLESS U SPEAKING ON MY CAMP KDOT 7:22 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce Or schoolboy Q RT @EvilJeanyis: If it aint nipsey or suga free westside hate it ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow @OfficiallyIce u got 300k tweets my niggaH your a loser reality is 2 mucH for u !!! And I bring moe ppl out den niggaHz u Hang wit fag 7:25 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce Follow @ScHoolBoyQ nigga it's twitter. Fuck u supposed to do besides tweet? Not my fault u the weakest one in ya camp. Who u mad at? Me or yaself? 7:31 PM - 24 Apr 2014 ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ @OfficiallyIce now ima follow u so wHen I'm in ya city we gone set dat fade up since I'm always in ya moutH Ice @OfficiallyIce Follow @ScHoolBoyQ I only follow back at 10:17pm. Remind me then. I'll gladly follow u back. 7:32 PM - 24 Apr 2014 ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow @OfficiallyIce make a million off twitter den talk to me cuHz I did!! Keep my name out yo moutH r meet up and get down wHen I'm in yo city 7:26 PM - 24 Apr 2014 ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow Now back to tHis SOLDOUT WORLD TOUR MARK AZZ NIGGAH 7:31 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Punch @iamstillpunch Lol. Shout out to @ScHoolBoyQ QWop ScHoolboy Q ✔ @ScHoolBoyQ Follow “@iamstillpunch: Lol. Shout out to @ScHoolBoyQ QWop”>>>> same niggaH dat prolly got slapped tHo ima c cuHz watcH!!!! 8:33 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce Follow And none of that changes the fact that u the weakest nigga on ya squad @ScHoolBoyQ. Get outta here and go kick a freestyle. 7:33 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Ice @OfficiallyIce Follow I apologize about that y'all. I don't normally entertain that type of shit. 7:34 PM - 24 Apr 2014 Do you think Q was overreacting? Or should rappers always defend themselves against this type of Twitter hate?

Rihanna Covers Vogue Brazil

Rihanna lands the cover of Vogue yet again, this time for the Brazil edition of the fashion magazine. Rihanna has yet another magazine cover to add to her repertoire. The singer has no lack of covers coming her way, that's for sure. She already covered the U.S. Vogue for their March issue, but obviously Vogue just couldn't get enough of the Barbados beauty, and so they enlisted her for their Brazil edition of the magazine. The cover and inside spread was shot in Brazil by Mariano Vivanco, and Rih Rih took to Instagram today to unveil the double cover (the last two images above). There were also some potential images for the magazine that leaked on the web earlier this week, which are featured above as well. While the two covers Vogue went with aren't as risqué as we might expect from Rihanna, the leaked images find her in her usual state (aka topless). The issue arrives in May.

Lil Boosie Reveals The Title Of His New Album

Lil Boosie hits up BET's 106 & Park and reveals the title of his forthcoming album, due out in July. Lil Boosie is just about everywhere these days, and following interview with The Breakfast Club and Hot 97, Boosie's next stop was visiting BET's 106 & Park last night. After revealing that his new album would drop on July 15th, followed by another album in December of 2014, Boosie has now officially announced the title for the first LP. While on 106 & Park the Lousiana native revealed that his upcoming album is set to be titled Touchdown 2 Cause Hell. In between Touchdown 2 Cause Hell and the December LP, we can probably expect to receive a mixtape. As he revealed during his Breakfast Club interview, Touchdown 2 Cause Hell is set to feature 2 Chainz, Meek Mill, Jeezy, T.I., as well as possible appearances from Trey Songz and K. Michelle. Check out the latest cut from Bad Azz, "Pray For Me" here. Stay tuned for more updates on the forthcoming album.

Joe Budden & Consequence Squash Beef

Joe Budden & Consequence squash their beef from Love & Hip Hop. Remember last year, when Consequence took a cheap shot at the back of Joe Budden's head on VH1's Love & Hip-Hop reunion? Well, not much has been heard about that incident since, and that's because it may not have been that serious after all. The two rappers ran into each other a NY gentlemens club the other night and have apparently squashed their beef. In an exclusive chat with Hip-Hop Wired, Consequence said he and Joey ran into each other Starlets Gentlemens club in Queens, New York and they both took the mature route to let bygones be bygones. Cons tells HHW, "What a difference a year makes. The feud is simply over. We mutually squashed it all at Starlets. It was an impromptu encounter and it did start with a stare down, but we concluded it with a man to man talk. Nothing but 'G Sh*t!" The "Starlets" that Cons is referring to is Starlets Gentlemen's Club, located in Queens, NY. It seems to be the place for peace nowadays. Now don't expect the two to jump on a song together anytime soon, but Cons didn't rule it out for the future either. Both artists have been working on their upcoming solo projects and should hopefully be out later this year. Check out a pic of the two artists in the club in the gallery above. And for the hell of it, I threw in the entertaining confrontation the two had while on the Hot 97 set. Classic. You think the fight could've been for tv purposes? Or was it real beef?

Future's New Album Will Be Called "Future Hendrix"

Future reveals details of his upcoming album, "Future Hendrix", and talks about writing songs for other artists. Future just released his new album, Honest, this week, and while it's got its share of ballads, much of the record has a more aggressive tone than fans may have been expecting from it's pre-delay rollout. Turns out, Future scrapped the album that was meant for a November release and started fresh, though it seems we will be hearing much of the material in a new album released later this year. The ATL rapper opened up about the album in an interview with HOT 97. On the "bluesier" side of his sound, Future confirmed that we'd be hearing more of it on the upcoming project, which will bear the title that was originally set for Honest. "You're going to hear it on Future Hendrix," he said. "That's the album that's about to come. I just had to take a step back and make sure I connect with the fans". He then explained what happened to the more melodic version of the album. "I did the whole album over," he revealed. "Once I was on tour, there was a whole 'nother album in November. I changed the whole album after the tour [with Drake]." As far as what we can expect from the album, Fewtch compared it to what could be described as the only love song on Honest. "Something like 'I Be U'," he said. "That's more Future Hendrix. There's more emotions in it, good or bad." Later on in the interview, Future commented on the all-star lineup of features he scored for Honest. "I believe they respect the art, they respect the craft. You can see there's the proof right there on the album," he said. ''Ye ain't just about to work with anyone. Drake on the album. Andre 3000 not about to work with anyone. Can't no one get him for a verse." The auto-tuned crooner also shared some tidbits from his early days writing with his uncle, Organized Noize's Rico Wade. "A lot of Bubba Sparxxx records was around. I used to write songs for Ludacris," he said, his work with the latter artist being evident from his writing credit on "Blueberry Yum Yum". Watch the full interview below, as well as his sit-down with Elliott Wilson for CRWN.

CRWN x Future: Making Hits, Beyonce and 'Honest' from CRWN on Myspace.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Iggy Azalea Says She Had To Stop Crowd-Surfing Due To Inappropriate Fan Behavior

Iggy Azalea reveals that fans were touching her inappropriately when she crowd-surfed at her shows, so she no longer crowd-surfs. Iggy Azalea is currently on the road promoting and performing her album The New Classic, which just dropped two days ago. She's probably used to the whole performance routine at this point, although there are some things a lady just cannot get used too and thus were cut from the show-- to put it bluntly, Iggy found fans (both male and female) were attempting to finger whenever she crowd-surfed, so she no longer crowd-surfs. Ms. Azalea revealed the fact in a recent interview with Hot 97. "I had to stop [crowd-surfing]. On my tour I only do 200 seaters but I still have to have barriers because people try to finger me," she said. This wasn't always an "in-the-moment" thing, she says people were actually tweeting her prior to a show with their plans of sexual assault (i.e. "I am going to go to the Iggy Azalea show next week and I’m going to finger her"). Iggy says, "I’ll see the tweets and be like, please don't! That’s a violation. I don’t actually like that stuff." Perhaps fans got the wrong impression because of Iggy's break-out track "Pu$$y." "They think I’m really slutty, like ‘Oh, she got a song called 'Pu$$y,' I know what she wants. She wants these two fingers.’ Why would I want a stranger to ever finger me," Iggy told Peter Rosenberg and Ebro. She added later, "Buying me album for $12 doesn’t mean you get to finger me when I come to your city." Iggy is protecting herself by wearing multiple layers at all her shows. Peep the interview clip below.

Video Vixen Blasted By 50 Cent Is Seeking Millions In New Lawsuit

Video vixen Sally Ferreira, who was put on blast by 50 Cent last month for allegedly leaking video shoot photos, has filed a defamation lawsuit against 50. Remember last month when 50 Cent called out a video vixen by the name of Sally Ferreira, for allegedly pretending to be his girlfriend and leaking photos from their video shoot together? Well, Ferreira is now seeking revenge against 50, filing a new lawsuit for defamation. Ferreira claims that Fif falsely accused her of leaking the video shoot photos, as well as spreading rumors that she was dating him. In fact, the model says she has been openly engaged to her fiance for nine years. 50 put the video lady on blast not only on his Instagram account but on Twitter (he has a combined +9 million followers), which included a warning not to work with Ferreira. The posts have since been deleted, but Ferreira claims they put a hindrance on her budding modelling career, as well as created a lot of emotional distress because of public ridicule. She's seeking damages in the millions.

2 Chainz Reveals Tracklist For "Freebase" EP

2 Chainz unveils the tracklist for his "Freebase" EP, and enlists Rick Ross, ASAP Rocky and more as features. Last week 2 Chainz announced that he'd be hitting us with a new EP on May 5th, while revealing the cover artwork for the EP. His Freebase EP will do the trick of holding all Tity Boi fans over while the rapper works on the third instalment in his B.O.A.T. series. Today, Chainz has let go the back cover artwork for the EP which contains the tracklisting. The extended play contains seven tracks, and there is no lack of features or top-notch producers. Lil Boosie, Rick Ross, ASAP Rocky, Ty Dolla $ign and Cap 1 are all set to appear on Freebase, with production handled by Mike WiLL Made It, Metro Boomin, 808 Mafia, Young Chop, DJ Paul and more. Peep the artwork in the gallery above, and the tracklist below. 1. Don't Do It (Intro) 2. Trap Back (Prod. By Street Symphony & 808XElite) 3. Freebase (Prod. By C Note) 4. Flexxin On Baby Mama (Prod. By DJ Paul & TWhy) 5. WudaCudaShuda Feat. Lil Boosie (Prod. By Mike WiLL Made It) 6. Crib In Closet Feat. Rick Ross & ASAP Rocky (Prod. By Metro Boomin & 808 Mafia) 7. They Know Feat. Cap 1 & Ty Dolla $ign (Prod. By Young Chop)

Jhene Aiko Featured In GQ With Sexy Photo Shoot

Jhene Aiko is featured in GQ's new issue with a photo spread. Jhene Aiko is definitely on the cusp of something big, thanks to her Sail Out EP really putting her on the map, plus collaborations with some of rap's biggest stars. Having Drake, Childish Gambino, and even Pusha T as supporters doesn't hurt either (Pusha said in a recent interview that he's only been listening to Jhene). The singer, who recently performed at Coachella and debuted new music off her forthcoming album Souled Out, is featured in GQ magazine's May issue. Jhene strips down for the shoot, wearing nothing more than her lingerie. This follows another recent photo spread Jhene did, bikini-clad, for Complex. We've got some of the photos from the spread in the gallery above, and you can cop the magazine when it hits newsstands this month. We suggest you get familiar with Jhene's older sister, Mila J, if you're a fan of this songstress. We premiered Mila J's remix to Chris Brown's "Loyal" yesterday, which is a good place to start. [via Def Jam]

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