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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Mack Maine Clears Up Rumors That YMCMB Signed An Openly Gay Rapper

Mack Maine dispels recent rumors that YMCMB signed its first gay artist to the label. More internet gossip for your Thursday morning. Rumors were circulating the other day that Young Money/Cash Money had signed an openly gay rapper, who goes by the name of Fly Young Red. This would definitely be a bold move for YMCMB but, alas, Mack Maine has confirmed it's not true on Twitter the other day. The rumors seem to have started with 24HourHipHop, following the release of his music video for a single called "Throw That Boy Pussy", which ended up going viral. In an interview with Huffington Post, Fly Young Red confirmed he is gay and spoke on his single/video for "Throw That Boy Pussy." "I decided to make this video for lots of reasons. When I go to gay clubs and I look around I see a lot of gay guys dancing to songs that are made by straight rappers talking about females... I think females are beautiful I but I don't find them sexually attractive. I like gay guys, so I made a song for gay guys to enjoy and dance to. I made it to play at gay clubs. I never wanted this song on the radio at all -- I'm not trying to push a gay agenda on the African American race or turn young black youth gay. This music is not for either of them. All I wanted to do was make a song for the gay people that like hip hop to dance to," he said. Watch the music video for "Throw That Boy Pussy" below, as well you can see Mack Maine and Fly's tweets concerning the matter. Mack Maine ✔ @mackmaine Follow I don't know if this is a publicity stunt but we (YMCMB) haven't signed any new artist recently....Love 6:22 PM - 8 Apr 2014 Fly_Young_Red @Red_hustla Follow I told yall this was a rumor!! Im not YMCMB http://www.xxlmag.com/news/2014/04/mack-maine-denys-rumors-lil-wayne-signed-openly-gay-rapper-ymcmb/ … 11:09 PM - 8 Apr 2014

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