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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Master P Admits Fat Trel Is Better Off With Maybach Music Group

Even though Fat Trel opted to go with Maybach instead of Master P's No Limit, P. Miller thinks Maybach is a better fit for Trel. When Fat Trel, Master P, and Alley Boy dropped The New World Order mix as the Hip Hop trio, Louie V Mob, it seemed all but inevitable that Fat Trel would sign to Master P's No Limit label. Instead, just five months later Fat Trel aligned himself with Maybach Music Group. Master P doesn't sound too hurt though (either that or he is extremely hurt, depending on how you want to interpret his words). “Fat Trel is a good rap artist but the No Limit Forever brand is about building entrepreneurs and business partners," Master P said in a statement to All Hip Hop. "When I was around Fat Trel, he was in a rush to getting a check and a record deal versus being patient and building his own to be a true boss. I even spoke with his manager and told him that this was not an overnight process. I’m not in the business of signing artists, this second go round I want to help all of my artists/partners to become their own boss but that requires sacrifice and hard work if you want to make millions. I’m not just cutting checks and taking care of artists anymore. No Limit Forever is a real independent company, this is not just a write-off for us. And if you’re a real street dude, you would appreciate me for what I’ve already done for you and your family." And as Master P spins it, it sounds like he did a lot for Fat Trel in the beginning days. "I went above and beyond for Fat Trel," he said. "I took him out a negative environment, got him a safe place to stay in Los Angeles, transportation, put money in his pocket, paid for plane tickets and hotels for him and his team, got him exposure, put him on music with me and all without a contract just because I believed in the little homie." That's great that he went all out with the expenses for Fat Trel, now maybe he could extend the same courtesy to his broke wife, or he could just wait for the divorce papers to finalize. Fat Trel went on the record with MTV back in the beginning of April about Master P and No Limit, saying: ""It didn’t go right. Things weren’t done correctly on the business tip, so me and Master P have no relationship." From the sound of it, maybe there's more going on behind-the-scenes than meets the eye. Either way, it seems Fat Trel is going to get paid.

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