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Friday, May 23, 2014

Schoolboy Q Talks Black Hippy Album And His Brief Break From Smoking

Before performing at PowerHouse, Schoolboy Q chatted about his upcoming projects and recent tolerance break from smoking weed. Last Saturday, Schoolboy Q was one of many performers to take the stage at Power 106's annual PowerHouse concert in L.A., but before his set with Isaiah Rashad, Q chatted backstage with Rap-Up TV. The conversation ranged from the rapper's upcoming project to his decision to stop smoking weed while recently on tour in Europe. First off, the interviewer was quick to ask Groovy Q about a a rumor he had heard that the oft-stoned rapper had briefly given up marijuana while in Europe. Q replied, “It’s something I wanted to do. I quit over there just to see if I was a slave of it. I was able to quit. ‘Cause the weed was so bad, it was like might as well not smoke it. I felt like I did right.” Though it sounds like he didn't make it to Amsterdam, Q also let us know that upon arrival in L.A., he went to friend's house and smoked eight or nine to the face. Talk then shifted to Q's next project, and though he hasn't started recording anything yet, he says he already "got two of my next albums titled and concepts of how I wanna attack and how I wanna put certain things to the light.” Continuing down the path that Oxymoron, which largely centered on Q's relationship with his daughter, he revealed plans for music about his other family members: “I haven’t even talked about my mom yet. I left that out my album for other albums. I never talked about my father. Just saving certain things for different albums and concepts.” The interview then revealed some bad news for Black Hippy fans. The group "haven't started" the collaborative album that's been hyped for so long, with Q saying, “We ain’t do shit. Not one song.” Watch the full interview below.

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