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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Cam'ron Details Why He Skipped Out On London Show Last Night

Cam'ron clears up rumors concerning his no-show at a London show last night. UK Cam'ron fans got in a tizzy last night when the Dipset rapper failed to show up for his set in London at The Forum. It would have been his first show in London in over a decade, had he gone through with it. However after the opener took the stage, there was a thirty minute break before DJ Manny Norte announced Cam would be a no-show, and tickets would be refunded. This led to Killa Cam fans in attendance bumrushing the stage and attempting to get backstage in order to track down Cam. Fans also began speculating why the New York native didn't come through. Now Cam has taken to his Instagram to clear up why he didn't show up. He claims it was a set up, and rather than being set up, he chose to chill with JuJu. He apologizes to the fans. See what he wrote below along with the video he posted. "So niggas brought 50 niggas to da show to jump me..in London? And rush da stage?!.. But me and juju was doing this..imum y’all better come wit..Lol.. Sorry to all my fans dat came to da show but as u can see they tried to line me up. And only da barber lines me up.. They had 15 niggas in front of da stage (that rushed the stage) and 35 niggas outside.. And I was wit 2 niggas..The people that brought me here were very very nice..but when I asked where the ’s was at?? (That they were suppose to have) they never showed them to me.. Not shitting on them cause they were cool.. But we can’t play when it gets down to hammer time.. So no I didn’t get robbed.. No I didn’t get jumped.. I was chillin doing da salsa wit #Juju..They tried to do my bro Juelz dirty.. Now me..foh.. Thx to da people who put me on to game!! To rest of London.. Love y’all..I really do and apologize again.. But y’all other niggas .. Lolololol y’all blew yak chance again.. Dumb ass gangsta’s lmfaoooo"

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