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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Dame Dash Fires Back At Funk Flex On The Combat Jack Show

The latest update in the Dame Dash/Funk Flex/”culture vulture” wars comes from The Combat Jack Show, where Dame was the featured guest. The audio comes after Flex went in on Dame in his customary rant style. Flex let the bombs, and the shots, fly as he took to the airwaves to defend his friend Joie “I.E.” Manda former Roc-A-Fella CEO Damon Dash’s accusations that he, and an ever growing list of executives, are “vultures” that profit from the hard work of artists from a culture that they don’t take part in. In response, Dash sat down with Combat Jack, Premium Pete, and the crew at The Combat Jack Show to give his side of the story, and refute some of the accusations made. The sprawling conversation spans over two hours and contains intimate details from Dame’s career, from the times of the joint venture between Roc-A-Fella at Def Jam, to more recent claims that the Oscar nominated director Lee Daniels owes him $2 Million. There are way too many gems to point out here, but the level-headed Dash addressed almost every single issue brought up in Flex’s rant, and then some. His breakdown of the history and demise of his business relationship with Curren$y is particularly interesting. Dash did not necessarily deny Flex’s accusation that Curren$y didn’t get paid for any of the music they made together, but responds, in great detail, where the money went, and how he hoped to set the New Orleans rapper up for independent success. There was much less detail in Dash’s responses to Flex’s accusations that he owes Beanie Sigel $11 Million for State Property related profits, or that most of the employees of his current ventures, including his Poppington studio, are unpaid interns. The normally effusive businessman, sounded uncharacteristically defensive, actually citing the hearsay rule, leaving these as the only questions to go unanswered during the interview. Even with all of the behind the scenes information that was shared in this classic Combat Jack episode, including stories about him going upside Steve Stoute’s head for not paying up on an $18,000 bet, the most interesting part may be the details behind Dame Dash’s independent philosophy. Dash’s interview gives much more of the thought process than one could glean from his mini diatribes and hashtags on Instagram. Dash stands fearless, sincere, and confident in his belief that true independence is the only way a man should live. Love him or hate him, if you have a couple of hours to spare–and even if you don’t–this is a must listen. You can stream or download the interview below.

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