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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Danny Brown Says His Verse On A$AP Mob's "Hella Hoes" Was Cut Without His Knowledge

Danny Brown tweets that he took time out of his "busy ass schedule" to lay down a verse for A$AP Mob's "Hella Hoes," only to have it taken off without being notified. This week, A$AP Mob got back on track with their upcoming collaborative album by releasing the posse cut "Hella Hoes," which featured verses from A$APs Rocky, Ferg, Nast and Twelvyy. Apparently though, the track wasn't originally supposed to be an exclusively A$AP affair, as Danny Brown is now saying that he recorded a verse for the song. As he received no notification about his guest spot being cut, Brown took to Twitter to air his grievances with A$AP Mob's lack of professional courtesy. Danny Brown ✔ @xdannyxbrownx Follow if u took time out your busy ass schedule to do a feature for somebody and they cut u off the song without telling you .. would u be hot?? 9:57 AM - 6 Jun 2014 Danny Brown ✔ @xdannyxbrownx Follow or does that mean my verse was wack? 9:57 AM - 6 Jun 2014 Danny Brown ✔ @xdannyxbrownx Follow or maybe niggas just don't fuck wit me no more .. fuck it all this rap shit fake anyway 9:58 AM - 6 Jun 2014 Marco @AyyThatsMoney @xdannyxbrownx get on the hella hoez remix Danny Brown ✔ @xdannyxbrownx Follow @AyyThatsMoney thats the song I'm talking about .. they cut me off it and didn't even tell me 10:01 AM - 6 Jun 2014 Skinny Fat Nigga @tribecadreams @xdannyxbrownx @AyyThatsMoney damn, what was the purpose then? Danny Brown ✔ @xdannyxbrownx Follow @tribecadreams @AyyThatsMoney exactly bruh made me waist a day off going to the studio i was on the road at the time had to pay for studio 10:08 AM - 6 Jun 2014 Brown, who has collaborated with A$AP Rocky on "Kush Coma," "1 Train," and a hilarious interview with Kathy Griffin, later said that there was no beef between him and A$AP, but also made his position on cutting guest verses without artists' consent clear. Skinny Fat Nigga @tribecadreams Mann, @xdannyxbrownx too fuckin real, I love this nigga yo, hopefully no beef erupts tho Danny Brown ✔ @xdannyxbrownx Follow @tribecadreams not at all them brothers they got me hot tho 10:09 AM - 6 Jun 2014 Skinny Fat Nigga @tribecadreams @xdannyxbrownx word, I'm sure it was just a fucked up executive decision Danny Brown ✔ @xdannyxbrownx Follow @tribecadreams i wanted to cut "Way Up Here" from OLD at one point of time but i didn't cause i know Soulo took time out to work on it 10:13 AM - 6 Jun 2014 Let's hope his verse sees the light of day on a "Hella Hoes" remix.

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