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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Robin Thicke reveals tracklist & cover art for his new album "Paula"

Robin Thicke has shared the cover art and tracklist for his upcoming album, "Paula". Let's get this out of the way-- no, Robin Thicke's new album cover is not a picture of Paula Patton. You may have expected it to be, after Thicke essentially turned the record into a concept album about winning back his estranged wife. Perhaps he felt the title, Paula, and lead single, "Get Her Back" were clear enough, or maybe he just couldn't get clearance to use a photo of the actress. Either way, we now have the cover of the project, which is simply a photo of a very sad and regretful Robin Thicke, along with the tracklist, which appears to contain plenty of more songs that focus on Paula. Titles like “Too Little Too Late” and “Love Can Grow Back” definitely lend themselves to the concept. Thicke has apparently gone back to his roots by writing and producing the entire record himself this time around, which once again enforces the personal nature of these songs. Check out the full tracklist below. Do you think this is a winning gameplan for working things out with Patton? 1. “You’re My Fantasy” 2. “Get Her Back” 3. “Still Madly Crazy” 4. “Lock the Door” 5. “Whatever I Want” 6. “Living in New York City” 7. “Love Can Grow Back” 8. “Black Tar Cloud” 9. “Too Little Too Late” 10. “Tippy Toes” 11. “Something Bad” 12. “The Opposite of Me” 13. “Time of Your Life” 14. “Forever Love”

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