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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Mac Miller Says He's Working On Nine Different "Things" Right Now

Mac Miller speaks on what he's creating right now and having a home studio all his rap homies want to record in. Mac Miller has kept a relatively low-key profile this year, since giving fans a free mixtape Faces in May, we haven't heard much else from the Pittsburgh native. Nonetheless, he's got a lot on his plate at the moment, which he discusses in a new interview with Complex. At the top of the year, Mac revealed he had four albums in the works. Well, so far we've received one project, so what's coming up next? "There’s like nine different things being created, but I’ve realized I have to time my things properly," Mac tells Complex. "I want to make sure I give everything its proper due and let it get to the world. Right now, I want to get Faces all the way out there before I make my next [move]. I’ve always been the type of artist where I work and I’m on to the next, so I want to let me work in my own capacity. When it comes to the world, I want to make sure that they hear the whole project before I drop another one. But you never know. Maybe the full album already came out and no one knows about it. But right now the name of the game is Faces, that project was super long and I want to let people peel the layers off and let it marinate. I record now how I used to write. When I was younger I just wrote notebooks full of rhymes and now that I have my own studio that’s how I record. Faces was like—I wanted to compile everything and put it into a story. It’s not B cuts, it’s real things in there that could be discussed entirely too. Before I’d jump on to the next, I have to let people get into it. It’s a blessing for me because I think the people are waiting on a shorter statement. Before I do that, I wanted to give them a trip inside my head which is anything but precise and short." When Ab-Soul was promoting his new album These Days... he revealed the majority of it was recorded in Mac Miller's home studio. As for how Mac ended up with the hottest recording studio in L.A., he says, "Because they’re the homies. As far as creation, that was something that was beautiful because my philosophy on creation is that you need time. You have two hours in the studio to come in and there’s all these other things. Like, “Oh I gotta go to the studio for two hours and if I do that, it’s gonna come out my budget and boom, boom, boom.” I’m not speaking on anyone but myself here. I’m always down to let the homies come through and work to create because I like being around music. And two, it’s letting people create freely. We all just ended up hanging out and I just had this spot. We have a lot of fun at that spot, in the studio and outside." Mac wouldn't reveal what he's got lined up next for us, but he's definitely got something up his sleeve, so stay tuned.

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