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Friday, October 31, 2014

Wiz Khalifa says he would like to "Break the Stigma" of his stoner image

new interview, Wiz Khalifa opens up about is "stoner" image, saying he'd like to "break the stigma" that surrounds it. When you hear the term "stoner rap," Wiz Khalifa's certainly one of the first artists who springs to mind, and the vice versa of that is true too -- one of the defining characteristics of Wiz's music has always been his affinity for marijuana. But now, years into a career jump-started by the 2010 mixtape Kush & Orange Juice, Young Khalifa seems like he's ready to be defined by other aspects of his music. In a new interview, the Pittsburgh native opens up about what it's like to be constantly referred to as a "weed head," and says he'd like to get to the point where he could make movies without dragging that image along with him. The full quote is below: "I was just talking with one of my homies yesterday, I kind of want to break the stigma of everything I do is like a 'stoner this' or a 'weed head' that, which is cool, that's what I built my marketing and my brand, but at the end of the day, everyone who is successful in film or in music gets high and they don't look at them as the stoner. Once I get past that point I think I'll make more movies so to people it doesn't look forced or look like I'm trying to change lanes or change gears. It'll just be people ready for me to do that anyway." Doesn't sound like he's quitting smoking or anything, but don't be surprised if the weed talk takes a backseat in any new music from Khalifa.

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