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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Migos & Lil Wayne Spotted In Studio Together

Lil Wayne x Migos chill in the studio. Although Lil Wayne has been facing a setback or two when it comes to his new album Tha Carter V, he's not letting that hinder his work process. The rapper recently hit the studio with Migos, presumably cooking up a hot collaboration or two. There has yet to be a Weezy F x Migos collaboration, so fans of either should be excited. No word on what project they were working on, it could very well be for Lil Wayne's Sorry 4 The Wait 2 mixtape, his anticipated Carter V album, or a new project from Migos. DJ Stevie J was also in the studio, so it could even be for one of his projects. Migos posted a picture of the them late last night on Instagram, and we got another picture from LilWayneHQ. View both below.The latest development in the ongoing Lil Wayne/Cash Money feud is that Weezy threatened his label with a lawsuit if his album doesn't drop soon.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Young Thug Walks Back His Diss Of The Crips In The Video For ‘Bloods’

Young Thug, who has been known to rep the Bloods in his songs, touched off controversy by appearing to give the middle finger to the Crips’ sign in the video for the Dej Loaf track ‘Blood,’ which features Birdman and Thugga. LA emcee Glasses Malone, who was a member of the Crips as a teenager, called out Thug’s disrespect on Instagram.

The-Dream Reveals Single Art For "That's My Shit" Featuring T.I.

The-Dream reveals artwork promoting a new record featuring T.I., "That's My Shit." The-Dream says he's going the traditional route when releasing new music off his forthcoming album, the title of which remains unknown. After first servicing the single "Fruition" to radio stations, a smooth, classic r'n'b-flavored joint, The-Dream appears to have revealed the next single we can expect to hit the airwaves: "That's My Shit" featuring T.I. The-Dream and Tip have collaborated on dope records in the past, including "Make-Up Bag" and "No Mercy." "That's My Shit" sounds like it could be a banger from the Radio Killa, let's hope so. For now, peep the single art revealed on The-Dream's Instagram below. Stay tuned for details on The-Dream's new album, which is hopefully arriving in 2015, and of course, keep your eyes peeled for "That's My Shit."

Khloe Kardashian Says She Dated French Montana When She Was "Lonely & Destructive"

Khloe Kardashian on why she dated French Montana. We know this is the news you've been dying for today. Why was Khloe Kardashian dating French Montana? We can finally answer the question that's sure to have been bubbling in your mind for awhile now. Or not. Either way, Khloe revealed why during last night's episode of "Kourtney and Khloe Take The Hamptons," and given how slow the news cycle is this holiday season, well, here you go. It sounds like it was what we all thought it was: a rebound. Khloe said, "It’s nothing against French." She continued, "I just think I don’t want a boyfriend. I jumped into something because I was just, like, lonely and destructive. But now I’m like, I just want to be alone." She added, "I gotta grieve. I’m still married." Well, if anything, this brief relationship probably widened French's fanbase to stay-at-home moms (or whoever watches the Kardashians). [via NYPost]

Tracklist Revealed for Nipsey Hussle's "Mailbox Money" Album

After revealing the December 31st release date for Mailbox Money a few days ago, Nipsey Hussle decides to come through tonight and share the official tracklisting via Instagram. Laced with 15 tracks, the project will feature guest appearances from K Camp, Rick Ross, Dom Kennedy, J Stone, Buddy, and Trae Tha Truth. Meanwhile, production will be handled by the likes of Hit-Boy, Sap, DJ Mustard, 1500 or Nothin, DJ Khahlil, and others. Check out the official tracklist below. NIP HUSSLE THE GREAT ✔ @NipseyHussle Follow #MAILBOXMONEY TRACKLIST 12.31.14 http://instagram.com/p/xNnfkVpyzS/ 7:40 PM - 29 Dec 2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Fabolous Says Drake Apologized For Diss In Rolling Stone Article

Fabolous says that Drake apologized for the quote in the Rolling Stone article that put him in a negative light. Drake was not happy with the way his Rolling Stone article came out back in February. Whether it was an issue of Drizzy not quite grasping the concept of "off the record", or the journalist twisting his words, there were a couple quotes included that the rapper was not expecting to see. One in particular seemingly took jabs at both Kanye West and Fabolous, as Drake shared his thoughts on Yeezus: “There were some real questionable bars on there, like that ‘Swaghili’ line? Come on, man. Even Fabolous wouldn’t say some shit like that.” While Kanye responded shortly thereafter, naturally blaming "the media" for turning artists against one another, Fabolous remained silent (which seemed uncharacteristic of the guy who at one point would've found the nearest studio upon reading the story). Fab has finally broken his silence on the matter, revealing that Drake approached him and apologized for the situation. “He apologized that I was even brought into that whole mess," Fab told MTV. "I was shocked. Out of that conversation where they were talking about Jay and Kanye, for my name to come up in that mix, it definitely seemed like it was spoken up. It’s over, it’s under the bridge. I got a lot of respect for what Drake does and he’s expressed to me personally, so we move on from there.” Watch the full interview below.

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YG & DJ Mustard Are Dissing Each Other On Instagram

YG and DJ Mustard are beefing on Instagram. YG and DJ Mustard proved they were an unstoppable team with the former's debut album, My Krazy Life, but many great creative partnerships end ugly, and things may be going that way for these two judging by their recent Instagram quarrel. While it's not entirely clear how things got started, the first (now deleted) post found Mustard addressing fans, requesting people stop asking him about "that YG shit", and then accusing the rapper of not paying him for work on My Krazy Life. YG retaliated with claims that he was never paid for Mustard's album or his iconic "Mustard On The Beat, Hoe" drop. The two then decided they weren't for "this internet shit", seemingly making plans to meet up and settle things, the last post being a screencap of YG's call log, claiming Mustard wasn't picking up his phone. We'll keep you posted on what's going down. Check out all the posts so far below.

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Riff Raff is apparently Hulk Hogan's new Tag-Team Partner in WWE

Hulk Hogan has announced that RiFF RAFF will be wrestling alongside him in the WWE. If you've been paying attention to RiFF RAFF's social media accounts, you may have noticed he's traded drugs and alcohol for regular workouts. The NEON iCON has been (literally) flexing every chance he can get, and it seems the motivation for his sudden goal to become a beefcake has been revealed. Wrestling OG Hulk Hogan has announced that RiFF RAFF is currently training to be his tag-team partner in the WWE. Through a series of videos, tweets, and Instagram posts, Hogan has also confirmed that RiFF will participate in the next Hulkmania event. RiFF has echoed the wrestling legend's announcement in his own tweets and Instagram posts. So far, that's all the info we have, and while it could be some sort of publicity stunt, we wouldn't put it past JODY to pull something like this.

Nipsey Hussle Announces Official Release Date For "Mailbox Money"

Nipsey announces the release date for his next project, "Mailbox Money", via Twitter. With a December release date previously announced for his next project, Mailbox Money, Nipsey took to twitter to announce the official release date for his upcomihng project, December 31st, making it possibly the last release of 2014. As previously announced, fans who purchase one of the 100 $1,000.00 hard copies will be invited to a private listening session for Nipsey's 2015 release Victory Lap at a secret Marathon store Hussle will be opening the day of the listening session. NIP HUSSLE THE GREAT ✔ @NipseyHussle Follow #MAILBOXMONEY 12.31.14 #proud2pay $ 1,000.00 #itunes. $ 10.00 #datpiff.com $ free 11:04 PM - 28 Dec 2014 This is Nipsey's second "Proud2pay" campaign, the first coinciding with the releases of his last project, Crenshaw. Fans who purchased the $100 hard copies of Crenshaw were granted access to a proud to pay concert. The project was announced as a success, with Nipsey reaching his 1000 hard copy goal. 100 copies were reported as being purchased by Jay-Z. Excited to close out the year with new music from Nipsey Hussle? Check out his first single off the project, "50 Niggaz"

Swizz Beatz And Alicia Keys Welcome Their Second Child

Alicia Keys announces the birth of her second child with producer Swizz Beatz via Instagram. Grammy Award winning singer Alicia Keys and super producer Swizz Beatz welcomed their second child, Genesis Ali Dean, into the world early yesterday morning. "The joy of joy is joy!! It's a boy!!๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ we are so grateful!! #blessings!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️" Keys wrote on her Instagram this afternoon. Genesis Ali Dean was born 1:52 AM on the morning of December 27th. This is their second child together, following their first son, Egypt, who was born in October of 2010. News of Alicia and Swizz second child got out to the public back in July. Swizz Beatz, commonly known as Kasseem Dean, is currently enrolled at Harvard Business School

50 Cent Accuses "Empire" Of "Copying" The Marketing Of "Power"

50 Cent suggests that the Fox show "Empire" ripped off the ads for his own show, "Power". 50 Cent has never been one to hold his tongue, but in the past, his criticisms have generally been aimed at figures in the world of hip hop. As he expands his focus, Fif has now opened himself up to beef if all different markets, and his most recent target is FOX Television series, Empire. Taking to Instagram, 50 criticized Empire's advertising campaign, suggesting that it was a rip off of Power, the show he happens to executive produce. He also posted a photo of a character from his show, contrasted with Terrence Howard, and asked his female followers to choose who they thought was better looking. Of course, he kept it all pretty light-hearted, but definitely put it out there that View 50's posts below.

Royce Da 5'9" Doesn't Think J. Cole's "Fire Squad" Was An Eminem Diss

Royce Da 5'9" weighs in on J. Cole's "Fire Squad", where he mentions Eminem's name in a line about white privilege. It's a combination of rap fans' thirst for beef and media's thirst for clicks that often turns ordinary statements into "shade". In the case of J. Cole's "Fire Squad", the speculation around a line made the rounds before many even heard the song themselves. If you're not familiar by now, Cole addressed white privilege in rap, name-checking Iggy Azalea, Macklemore, and most notably (only due to the respect he holds with hip hop heads), Eminem. While Cole himself has gone on record saying the song was not a diss, and has always been vocal about his Em fandom, it seems some fans still took the line personally. The most recent rapper to weigh in on the verse is frequent Em collaborator Royce Da 5'9", who also felt that perceived animosity in the line was most projected by listeners. "It got blown out of proportion before I could hear the record," Royce told Vlad TV. "You know what I mean? The fire-fuelers got a hold of it before I could actually hear it. So by the time I heard it, I actually read the line and Tweeted about it before I even heard the song. It sounded to me like an observation, an observation of an artist being vocal with something he's observing. He may not have used the best words." While he revealed that he had not spoken to Shady about the song, Royce was not personally offended, and he seemed to think Em would feel similarly. "I haven't spoke to Marshall about the song at all," he said. "If there was to be some offense taken, I could see why. Did I listen to it and get offended by it? No. Also, did I feel like he was trying to diss my guy? Absolutely not. If there was some offense taken or if there's anything that leaves any kind of question or doubt as to what whether he meant something by it, then maybe an apology may be in order. But that's not for me to decide."

Game, Tyga & DJ Mustard Take Part In "Millions March Los Angeles"

Game, Tyga, and DJ Mustard marched against police brutality in Los Angeles today. Following the growing number of incidents in which police have killed unarmed black men in the U.S. this year, protesters have gathered nationwide to fight for change. The "Millions March" in New York a couple of weeks back collected a massive turnout, and now other cities are following suit. While we saw Nas and Russell Simmons among the protesters in New York, L.A.'s march today also drew in some rap icons. Game, DJ Mustard, and Tyga joined the thousands who gathered to stand in unison for Eric Garner, Mike Brown, and the many others who's deaths have gone without consequence. Check out some photos from the march below.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Vote for #BestIndieAlbum2014 Nominees @FreddieGibbs @2Piece_TX @AbdashSoul @JodyHighRoller @ILoveMakkonen5D

Below are Mixtapedrop.info Nominees for #BestIndieAlbum2014 We have listed Each album cover art with a streaming player in case you have not heard the albums. Place your vote in the survey and your votes will be compiled and Winner will be announced January 1, 2015. 2 Piece #FVCKJUDAS Cover Art Final
Which Artist Had The Best Indie Album on 2014? #BestIndieAlbum2014
Freddie Gibbs #TONITESHOW0%
2 Piece #FVCKJUDAS0%
Riff Raff #NEONICON0%

Bobby Shmurda's Attorney Speaks On Case, Says Bobby's On Rikers Island

Bobby Shmurda's attorney, Howard Greenberg, speaks on the case against Bobby, revealing that he spent Christmas in prison on Rikers Island. Since Bobby Shmurda and members of GS9's indictment last week, we haven't gotten much new information about their case, as no news about bail has surfaced. Yesterday, Shmurda's attorney, Howard Greenberg, spoke to The FADER about his client's whereabouts, potential release on bail and the (in his opinion) "bullshit" nature of the charges. Read his interview below. So where is your client now? He is on Rikers Island. I'm on my way up there as we're speaking. He was visiting with family today for Christmas Eve. [Note: in a follow up call, Greenberg said he wasn't able to see Pollard on Wednesday because he was busy with another visitor.] After Pollard was arrested, you said that Epic was working on putting up his $2 million bail. Is there any news on that front? There is no news. We're just trying to put something else together now. Can you tell me why you think the NYPD has gone after Bobby? The government hates rap and the government hates rappers. They construct a narrative and add rationalizations to make it seem true. They recruit guiltless and loveless people to whom truth is meaningless and convince them to say what they want to say. These people are jealous of a brother on the way up. Do you think the prosecution would try to use any of his lyrics or videos as evidence at trial? I don't put anything past these guys. Do you have any thoughts on the text of the indictment? I've analyzed the indictment down to the bone. It's just talking. Bobby shouldn't be charged with anything. I have told your colleagues in the media, the indictment is a bunch of bullshit. First 41 pages are just kids talking, in not even english. Bobby isn't charged with anything except talk in the indictment. The prosecutors have listed two social media posts in the indictment. Recently, police have leaned on social media heavily to prove young New Yorkers guilty of gang activity. Do you think they'll use social media posts at trial? Of course. It's just because they don't know how to respect a person. Any other thoughts? My guy's rich, he's busy. He's always on tour. He's supposedly leader of this crew, but he's not charged with any violence. Use your head, it doesn't make any sense. I'm not going to let them crucify Bobby Shmurda.

Ludacris Gets Engaged To Longtime Girlfriend Eudoxie Agnan

It was a #MileHighProposal for Ludacris on Friday. The sound of wedding bells is in the future for Ludacris. On Friday, he and his longtime girlfriend, Eudoxie Agnan, officially got engaged. While on a private plane to Costa Rica, Luda popped the big question in front of some of their celebrity friends, including Monica and Shannon Brown, LeToya Luckett, and Marco Andretti. As part of his #MileHighProposal, Luda had the words “Eudoxie will you marry me” painted on to the grass, and when the planed was ascending he told her to look out the window. The proposal looked to be quite the romantic moment, as Luda shared some of the photos and comments onto his IG tonight. Ludacris wrote, “She didn’t say yes. She said HELL YES!” The couple has been dating since 2008. Check out a photo from the proposal below.

Drake's Mom Explains Why People Think He Cries All The Time

Drake's mom shares some insight on why the rapper may be seen as someone who likes to have a good cry now and again. Though his music tends to be getting more triumphant and aggressive as he goes, Drake just can't seem to shed the joke that he's hyper-sensitive. While seemingly visiting his family in Toronto for Christmas dinner, Drizzy decided to get a hot take from his mom on why people seem to think he's always crying and feeling sorry for himself. "It's not that you cry at all," Sandi Graham said in a video that made it's way to Champagne Papi's Instagram. "I've never seen you cry on stage or even when the two of us are just together." Mama Graham then suggests that the fact that Drake is in touch with his emotions leads people to believe he's a crier. "They don't think you cry," she said. "They would imagine that you would be a person that would cry because you are a sensitive soul." Watch the hilarious clips below.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Hopsin Announces "Pound Syndrome" Album With Art

Hopsin announces his new album "Pound Syndrome" is complete. After revealing in a video yesterday that his "retirement" from rap was a hoax, and he's not moving to Australia after all, Hopsin is getting straight into the promo for his new album Pound Syndrome. At the end of the video from yesterday you may have noticed the art for something called Pound Syndrome, which Hop said was coming in 2015. It's Hopsin's new album, which the Funk Volume rapper says is already completed and awaiting release. Read his Instagram message below, and peep the album artwork below. "I'm extremely happy to announce that I have already completed my 2015 album "Pound Syndrome" for youguys! I didn't wanna tell anyone I was working on it because I didn't want ANY pressure at all. The Funk Volume team is about to come strong as fuck! Shout out to @threekingsdr for the artwork! #PoundSyndrome#FV2015" We'll keep you posted when he announces a release date. Are you excited for it?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lil Wayne Reportedly Threatens Cash Money with Lawsuit

Reports indicate that Lil Wayne may be threatening Cash Money with legal action if "Tha Carter V" isn't released soon. While it's not clear exactly what's going on behind the scenes at Cash Money, it seems that Lil Wayne may still be having some difficulty releasing his upcoming album, Tha Carter V. We've heard mixed reports from Wayne on his current situation, first airing out frustrations with the label on Twitter, and later stating that there was "nothing else" but Young Money for him. While Weezy's last public statement appeared encouraging (though it also could have been a backhanded remark on the "Cash Money" section of the label), sources close to YMCMB now tell otherwise. According to TMZ, Wayne may be threatening legal action if his album does not see release soon. The New Orleans rapper is apparently willing to go to court to get out of his deal if C5 doesn't materialize. The gossip site's sources also claim that Weezy and his mentor Birdman are not on speaking terms at the moment. We'll keep you updated on any new information.

Lupe Fiasco Tweets Photo Of Himself In KKK Robes, Freddie Gibbs Responds [Update: Gibbs Apologizes]

Freddie Gibbs calls Lupe Fiasco a "bitch ass nigga" after he tweets a picture of himself wearing KKK robes. Lupe Fiasco's taking a strange approach to the promotion of his upcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth. This afternoon, he tweeted a photo of himself in full KKK attire with the caption “The friend of my enemy is my enemy. Tetsuo & Youth 1/20/2015" (view it below), a still taken from his 2013 video "1234." Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow http://vimeo.com/69667098 1:41 PM - 23 Dec 2014 It wasn't long before outraged responses popped on Fiasco's feed, including ones from Freddie Gibbs. Read his posts below. Freddie Gibbs ✔ @FreddieGibbs Follow I agree with some of the positive things lupe says, but the way the nigga try to prove a point is senseless and irresponsible. 3:44 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Perhaps some of the holiday spirit got to Freddie Gibbs, because after lashing out at Lupe Fiasco yesterday afternoon, he's issued an apology via Twitter. After Lupe responded to Gibbs' complaints about his KKK photo, the Gary, Indiana rapper admitted that his comment was "out of line." Read their exchange below. Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow Its funny how niggas build they careers off the death of their own kind but when I put da real enemy in ur face its a problem @FreddieGibbs 6:16 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow If you took the time to watch the video and listen to the songs you would have seen what the scene from it meant @FreddieGibbs 6:18 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow I never been a bitch nigga. EVER. From the streets to this rap shit. I try to uplift the niggaz out here really doing dirt @FreddieGibbs 6:21 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow I watched all my niggaz die or get locked up. It made me cold so I could two fucks about a niggaz feelings about how I chose to express mine 6:23 PM - 24 Dec 2014 So again before u judge a nigga off what you think is happening do yo research first @FreddieGibbs Here's the video http://vimeo.com/69667098 6:27 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Freddie Gibbs ✔ @FreddieGibbs @LupeFiasco u know what bro, I was out of line for calling you out your name just cuz I don't agree with you. For that I apologize. Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow All good...ain't shit...much success to you in your endeavors "6 wings with da mild sauce" #RNS @FreddieGibbs Freddie Gibbs ✔ @FreddieGibbs Follow @LupeFiasco Fasho my nigga 9:18 PM - 24 Dec 2014

Photos: Jay Z Celebrates His 45th Birthday In Iceland With Beyonce

Check out some pictures of Hov & Bey playing in the snow in Iceland. To celebrate Jay Z’s 45th birthday earlier this month, Beyonce & Hov decided to cross the pond and takeover Iceland for some fun in the sun snow. Barring the freezing cold, hip-hop’s most powerful couple rode snowmobiles through the artic, jumped in a helicopter, and then later warmed up with a dip in the Hot Springs. Amongst all their fun though, the couple made time to pay tribute to Mike Brown and pose for a picture with their hands up on the snowmobiles. The Carters' are currently overseas still celebrating the holidays in Phuket, Thailand. It must be nice to just go where ever you want whenever you want. Check out some photos from The Carters’ Iceland trip below.

Nicki Minaj's "The Pinkprint" Debuts at No. 2 On Billboard

Nicki Minaj's "The Pinkprint" debuts at #2 on Billboard with 244,000 units. The numbers are in, and Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint comes in at #2 on Billboard with a total of 244,000 units. Nicki's third studio album sold 194,000 physical and digital copies, making it #3 in actual albums sold behind both Taylor Swift's 1989 (#1) and Pentronix's That's Christmas To Me (#2), however, under Billboard's new scale that counts in digital streams, Minaj placed second behind Taylor Swift. The Pinkprint outperformed prognosticator projections which originally had the Young Money emcee at around 165,000 sales with an additional 15,000 coming from album streams. Still, Minaj's third album falls short of the first week sales of her sophomore release, Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded, which debuted at #1 with a total of 253,000 albums sold in it's first week. Have you picked up a copy of The Pinkprint? Let us know what you think of the new album. [Via Billboard.com]

Wale Reveals Possible Release Date For "The Album About Nothing"

Wale hints at an album release date for "The Album About Nothing" on twitter. After gifting fans his Festivus mixtape with A-Trak yesterday, Wale was on twitter responding and interacting with his fans. During his many retweets, he happened to reveal what is presumed to be the release date for the follow-up to Festivus: The Album About Nothing. Wale is planning to drop the album in a few months, giving us enough time to fully consume and replay Festivus. Twitter user @SpenceAndWessun tweeted at Wale, "I appreciate the free music @Wale cause #Festivus sounding like an album.. Only sets the bar higher for #TAAN," to which Wale responded with a retweet and a date: 3/31. Let's hope that March 31st 2015 sticks as the drop date for The Album About Nothing. Until that time arrives, hit play on the Festivus mixtape in the Featured Mixtape Section, featuring Pusha T, Ab-Soul, Chance The Rapper and more. Wale Folarin ✔ @Wale Follow Lol 3/31 RT @SpenceAndWesson: I appreciate the free music @Wale cause #Festivus sounding like an album.. Only sets the bar higher for #TAAN 5:38 PM - 23 Dec 2014

J. Cole's "2014 Forest Hills Drive" Reportedly Goes Gold

J. Cole gets an early Christmas present with his brand new album already going gold. J. Cole's new album 2014 Forest Hills Drive already did great numbers opening week, debuting at #1 on the Billboard 200 and selling 371,228 copies, which includes streams. His second week on shelves is proving just as eventful, as Cole has quickly reached more than 500k units in sales, which equals gold certification. HipHop-N-More reports that Cole moved 135k units in his second week, which brings his total to just under 510k. This is not only Cole' third #1 album, but his third album to go gold too. Not too shabby for an LP that didn't even have an official single released. Watch J. Cole's recent visuals for "Apparently" off 2014 Forest Hills Drive here. Congrats to Cole!

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Nicki Minaj Covers January issue of Rolling Stone

Following the release of her album, "The Pinkprint", Nicki Minaj covers the January issue of Rolling Stone To start the New Year, Rolling Stone Magazine will feature Nicki Minaj on their cover with a feature article titled "Mad Genius, Manic Diva". Rolling Stone Magazine gave Nicki Minaj's The Pinkprint, a 4 out of 5, which matches up pretty well with the score we gave her latest project. While relatively critically successful, Minaj's The Pinkprint is scheduled to sell between 155,000 and 165,000. Nicki recently told Billboard Magazine "The Pinkprint will be important to Hip-Hop," but what do you think? Will it have a lasting impact on the genre as a whole or nah? Although her sales aren't extravagant, they do put her near the top of major label releases from 2014.  The Jamaica, Queens-based emcee recently released a short film to coincide with the release of her third studio album, The PinkPrint. Check out the cover shot of a barley-covered Nicki below.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pusha T Comes At Wale On Twitter Over "Festivus" Mixtape

Pusha T calls out Wale for not letting him he hear his final verse on the "Festivus" mixtape, calling him his "rap friend" not his "real friend." As you may know, Wale got in the holiday spirit with A-Trak and recorded a new mixtape to precede his upcoming Album About Nothing, called Festivus. The mixtape is scheduled to drop this afternoon, and the MMG rapper has already delivered two tracks off it, "The Chess Match" over the weekend and "Loyalty" with Drew Baby and Fat Trel last night. It appears as though one of Wale's featured artists, Pusha T, is upset with the rapper for not letting him hear the final version of his contribution, on a track called "Drown." Pusha Ton calls out Wale using the hashtag: #WaleJustMyRapFriendNotMyRealFriend, and: #WaleTreatPushaLikeRegularFolk, as well as: #WaleRudeLikeTheBlogsSay. The tweets started about thirty minutes ago, when Pusha tweeted at Wale, "Aye @wale why I gotta wait til 3:31? #Festivus I did my verse for #Drown and u ain't even let me hear final!! #WaleRudeLikeTheBlogsSay." He continued to @ Wale in the tweets that followed. Check them all out below. Tune in at 3:31 PM for Pusha's verse and the rest of the Festivus mixtape. PUSHA T ✔ @PUSHA_T Follow Aye @wale why I gotta wait til 3:31? #Festivus I did my verse for #Drown and u ain't even let me hear final!! #WaleRudeLikeTheBlogsSay 6:56 AM - 23 Dec 2014 PUSHA T ✔ @PUSHA_T Follow #WaleTreatPushaLikeRegularFolk @wale #Festivus 6:57 AM - 23 Dec 2014 PUSHA T ✔ @PUSHA_T Follow #WaleJustMyRapFriendNotMyRealFriend #Festivus @Wale 6:58 AM - 23 Dec 2014 PUSHA T ✔ @PUSHA_T Follow Guess I'll be tuned in like all of yall at 3:31 for #Festivus #RegularPush ๐Ÿšถ@wale 7:00 AM - 23 Dec 2014 Wale Folarin ✔ @Wale Follow Yo @PUSHA_T .. I just sent U that joint .. Was thinkin bout writing Ur email adress on this tweet but I'm not petty ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ check Ya mail 7:32 AM - 23 Dec 2014

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