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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Lupe Fiasco Tweets Photo Of Himself In KKK Robes, Freddie Gibbs Responds [Update: Gibbs Apologizes]

Freddie Gibbs calls Lupe Fiasco a "bitch ass nigga" after he tweets a picture of himself wearing KKK robes. Lupe Fiasco's taking a strange approach to the promotion of his upcoming album, Tetsuo & Youth. This afternoon, he tweeted a photo of himself in full KKK attire with the caption “The friend of my enemy is my enemy. Tetsuo & Youth 1/20/2015" (view it below), a still taken from his 2013 video "1234." Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow http://vimeo.com/69667098 1:41 PM - 23 Dec 2014 It wasn't long before outraged responses popped on Fiasco's feed, including ones from Freddie Gibbs. Read his posts below. Freddie Gibbs ✔ @FreddieGibbs Follow I agree with some of the positive things lupe says, but the way the nigga try to prove a point is senseless and irresponsible. 3:44 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Perhaps some of the holiday spirit got to Freddie Gibbs, because after lashing out at Lupe Fiasco yesterday afternoon, he's issued an apology via Twitter. After Lupe responded to Gibbs' complaints about his KKK photo, the Gary, Indiana rapper admitted that his comment was "out of line." Read their exchange below. Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow Its funny how niggas build they careers off the death of their own kind but when I put da real enemy in ur face its a problem @FreddieGibbs 6:16 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow If you took the time to watch the video and listen to the songs you would have seen what the scene from it meant @FreddieGibbs 6:18 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow I never been a bitch nigga. EVER. From the streets to this rap shit. I try to uplift the niggaz out here really doing dirt @FreddieGibbs 6:21 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow I watched all my niggaz die or get locked up. It made me cold so I could two fucks about a niggaz feelings about how I chose to express mine 6:23 PM - 24 Dec 2014 So again before u judge a nigga off what you think is happening do yo research first @FreddieGibbs Here's the video http://vimeo.com/69667098 6:27 PM - 24 Dec 2014 Freddie Gibbs ✔ @FreddieGibbs @LupeFiasco u know what bro, I was out of line for calling you out your name just cuz I don't agree with you. For that I apologize. Lupe Fiasco ✔ @LupeFiasco Follow All good...ain't shit...much success to you in your endeavors "6 wings with da mild sauce" #RNS @FreddieGibbs Freddie Gibbs ✔ @FreddieGibbs Follow @LupeFiasco Fasho my nigga 9:18 PM - 24 Dec 2014

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