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Sunday, October 4, 2015

London on da Track Responds to Gay Rumors After Video Shows "Gay Porn" in Studio

London on da Track London on da Track responds to gay rumors following a viral video showing "gay porn" while he was in the studio. Earlier this week, producer Beatmonster Marc posted a seemingly harmless video of himself hanging out with a bunch of guys, one of whom happened to be London on da Track, while a Young Thug song plays in the background. During the clip, though, the camera passes over a TV monitor, on which there appears to be video of two men hooking up. Of course, there have been gay rumors surrounding Young Thug ever since he got big, and, upon hearing the Thug track in the background, social media instigators and thirsty media outlets assumed that the Slime Season rapper must have been involved. They also extended the gay rumors to Thug's primary producer, London on da Track. London has since angrily responded to the questioning of his sexuality. "Y'all n*ggas really miss me with that gay shit...Y'all fuck n*ggas know I ain't motherfucking gay. Y'all n*ggas better check my motherfucking face card. Real savage, n*gga," said London in his response video. Beatmonster Marc has also responded to the controversy, telling VladTV that Young Thug wasn't at the studio at which the video was shot. Instead, everyone was gathered to work on a record for Kid Ink, who was, apparently, present. He also said that the HBO series "Game of Thrones" was what was on the television at the time when the camera spotted the homosexual love scene. Any Thrones heads out there that are willing confirm this? In any case, WorldStar has just uploaded the video with a rather misleading title, which you can see below. Regardless of whatever was on that screen, the most valuable information we've gotten from this ordeal is that there might be a forthcoming collab between Kid Ink and London on da Track.

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